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  1. So my fiancée has been having issues today. Her computer has suddenly stopped working normally, what I mean by this is even since she booted it up today, it's been hanging/freezing at the simplest of tasks and barely function for more then a short period of time. The description she has given me is that nothing works, ctrl+alt+del doesn't work, can't bring up task manager, and have to hard shut it down and try to restart it that way. She's tried giving the computer time to think and nothing. When it does work, it barely works, super slow and unresponsive and she's tried everything to check to see what the issue is and can't find anything as to why or what is causing all of this. My first theory was that it might be RAM related but I am unsure myself and without being able to go see her as she lives quite a distance away, I am basically stuck being phone support. Can point me in the right direction to try and figure out how we might be able to find the issue so we can try to figure out a fix? Some background of the computer, Windows 10, Intel i7-3770k (yes she's still rocking a 3rd gen chip) mobo is a generic but decent one (I think gigabyte but I can't remember for sure) GTX 970 gpu and 16gb of ram ( I don't know speeds or make/model) she has multiple HDD's and a SSD(OS) I hope I have given an adequate explanation as to what the symptoms are and if there are any further questions, I will do my best to try to answer them. I really appreciate any help because I really don't know where to start with this one. Thanks guys
  2. wow I am dumb. I even looked at that and double check but my brain didn't catch on I suppose >.< Well I guess I am SoL
  3. I only had a few thousand points before the event started because I just did a test run to make sure it would work, even then, I should have more then just a thousand points because even today alone I had my computer running while I was at work and nothing was counted.
  4. so I don't know what's been going on but I have over 750k points earned on my end but you guys seem to have only ~1000 recorded for me? Can someone point me in the right direction to help get this resolved because I would like to be counted in for some of the draws that are going to be going on.
  5. yeah I mean, I had a 660 Ti last me more then 6 before so I was hoping the same would be said for my 970... kinda sucks that it's happened 6 (3?) months before the release of the 1100 series of GTX cards so if I get anything now it wouldn't really be worth it but at the same time, I can't game on this RX 550.
  6. I didn't mine on my 970 for 4 years, just a few weeks back in Jan/Feb
  7. no the AMD card I have is an RX 550 1GB (or 2GB, I can't really remember) so it doesn't require the power cables. I can't see the power cables being an issue though nor the PSU as it's a 750 B2 EVGA 80 plus Bronze power supply. Though my GPU is roughly 4 years old so I can kinda understand it crapping out... =\
  8. So there I was, playing Wow with my roommate, having an alright time, learning the ropes as I just started playing and then BAM! right in the middle of moving items around in my inventory my computer hard crashes and turns off. No blue screen, no warning, just auto off. The lights on my Asus Maximus code 9 MOBO are still on so I know my computer didn't lose all power however it didn't even attempt to turn back on, not even a postcode light attempted to turn on. I cleared CMOS and reset the BIOS back to default and still nothing. I unplugged the power cables to my 970 and extracted the AMD card I had in there ( I was playing around with crypto's a few months back) and Bang! it came back to life. so I plugged in my power cables back into my 970 and nothing. Not even an attempt to turn on. So I take my 970 out and replace it with the little AMD card and then it turns on. I am starting to think my 970 had an aneurysm and now it's an expensive paperweight. Can I get some help confirming this and would anyone know why it would just out of the blue die like this with no warning. Like everything was perfectly fine and suddenly it died or something. Thanks, guys
  9. UPDATE: Went through my different cords and still nothing, even tried doing it one drive at a time and the only thing that the MOBO picks up is the SSD. However that being said, I did update the BIOS Firmware I believe and still no success, I know that the SATA and Power cables are not the issue and it's not the board either since the SSD works in the same slot as I tried my hard drives and I used the same power cable to run the SSD. At this point, I think the drives are dead but I don't see how that's possible when they were working before my motherboard died. EDIT: Like how do 2 hard drives just magically die along with the motherboard? like this doesn't make anysense.
  10. Pictures from the BIOS 170711074804.BMP 170711074812.BMP 170711074905.BMP 170711075409.BMP 170711075511.BMP 170711074644.BMP
  11. The MSATA is now in a 2.5 in drive case like any old SSD. I also have tried the other sata ports and even the one sata port that picks up my SSD is not seeing my HDD
  12. Not being detected by the bios or OS and I'm sure they're being powered since it's the same cord that's also powering the SSD. I'm sure it's got something to with the cords or the ports. I'll look at using different cords when I get home from work.
  13. Hi guys, so last week I had some issues with a dead motherboard, so I went out and got a new one along with the other parts that would be required to get up and going again. However, when I finally got everything up and running, I noticed that my 2 mechanical hard drives were not being seen by windows and neither was it being seen by the UEFI Bios on my new motherboard. I have not done anything with drivers yet because the hard drives should be able to be seen by the mobo without having to do any software changes. Any ideas and suggestions would be helpful. Side note, I am using the same cables like I did in my old build when they worked so I think it's something to do with the motherboard and not the HDD's themselves. Is there some BIOS setting I am missing? Specs: CPU: Core i5- 7600k GPU: EVGA GTX 970 FTW edition RAM: 4x 4GB of Ripjaw Series V @ 2800 MHz PSU: EVGA 750W B2 80+ Bronze. MOBO: ASUS Maximus IX Code Storage: SSD: 128 GB mSATA in a 2.5in converter bay HDD (Not seen by the BIOS): 1x 500GB WD Black and 1x 1TB Toshiba 7200 RPM?? Thanks.
  14. Hey guys, a few days ago I turned my PC off for the night since I was not going to use it for a full 24 hour period and this was after I had left it on for weeks with no problems. When I went to go turn it back on, it started up just fine and then about 15 minutes later it died. Lost power completely. I looked into and did a couple of things, basic troubleshooting things if you will and got it back up and running. Started playing some games (Dying Light Enhanced Edition) with a friend and about a couple of hours later, it just lost all power and shut itself off again with no chance of revival it seemed. Took it down to my grandmothers since I would be spending the weekend at her place and brought my old power supply. Went through, re seated everything and it was trying to come back to life, but it was a continuous power on and off like it was trying to get going but just didn't seem capable of it. So I switched power supplies (the first one being a 750W EVGA B2 80 cert bronze and the second one being an OCZ 600W 80 cert PSU) and still nothing, a couple of lights turned on and then nothing. Then I decided to take everything out except the CPU, a couple sticks of RAM, and the mSATA SSD that is stuck to the board because I don't have the screw driver to take it out (Where is that iFix it kit Linus always uses lol) and still nothing. TL;DR I think the MOBO is done (MSI Z87-GD65) and I need a new Motherboard. That being said, stores don't really carry LGA 1150 socket motherboard now so I am in the market for some new RAM, a new CPU, and a new MOBO but don't quite know what to get when it comes to the board. Any suggestions on what to look for would be greatly appreciated. also, if anyone could explain what or why this happened, that would be very useful to know and on another side note, the 750W psu is only a few months old because I was experiencing similar problems late last year until I brought it to a friends house and they swapped PSU's and it seemed to have worked. This has been an ongoing issue that I thought originally was a PSU problem but that is not the case anymore. For those who want to know my old specs: CPU - Intel i7 4770k Graphics - EVGA GTX 970 FTW RAM: 2x Hyperx and 2x Kingston 4GB sticks of 1333MHz MOBO (dead I think) - MSI Z87 GD65 PSU - EVGA 750W B2 80 plus bronze. Thanks guys.
  15. well what do you know, I tried this solution and it worked, thanks hopefully it helps the original poster
  16. So, I know I am going to be that guy and say that I am having the same problem here, there is something I would like to note and as this is a similar issue I don't think starting a new thread would be of much use. I have an Asus monitor of some sort (can't remember the model #) but last night I turned off my computer and then today when I went to go turn it on, the computer cannot detect the monitor itself, however it seems to know when the cable is being plugged in and taken out. I also have a 970 and have the latest drivers as of March 8th 2017
  17. Thanks dude, I will look at doing this. I appreciate the help
  18. Thanks, didn't know that it was that little that I needed to do. thought I don't know too much about overclocking and I am unsure on how I would do it properly. I know Linus has a video that briefly goes over the process but I am unsure where to look for a more thorough process on how to do it.
  19. According to Logitech ARX controller, I am running on average around 68 Centigrade and with the probe display on the front of the case I have 35 Centigrade on average
  20. Hi there guys, I just discovered LTT on youtube a few days ago, and being a computer enthusiast myself (not like super enthusiast but I know more than the average person) I was looking at trying to improve my performance with my computer but I don't have any cool gadgets like water cooling or the latest hardware. Also, overall my computer runs pretty good but I feel like I can squeeze more out of my computer then what I get. I will list the my specs below but I would like to say that I haven't really done anything behind the scenes as I just pretty much plugged in and downloaded the drivers so there is nothing impressive with what I have done. CPU: Intel i7 - 4770k base 3.5GHz (have it running at 3.96GHz with OC genie on my MoBo) GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 970 FTW edition RAM: 1333 MHz G-Skill x2 and 1333MHz Kingston x 2 (4x4GB DDR3) PSU: EVGA 750B2 supernova 80 cert bronze MOBO: MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming (MS-7845) Hard drives: 128GB mSata SSD 500GB WD Black HDD 1TB Seagate HDD OS: Win 10 Anniversary 64bit Home In terms of a cooling solution, I have a stock CPU heatsink and fan as well as a 90mm fan in the back, a 90mm fan on top, as well as a 90mm fan in the front of the computer. However, I also leave the side of the case open as I have a pretty terrible cable management solution which prevents me from closing the case completely. (plus I like to look inside once in a while and admire my comp xD) Cinebench R15 Results are attached and the link to my fire strike results are below. http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/18495675? My main questions are... 1) What can I do for overclocking my CPU 2) What can I do to better optimize my computer outside of the normal plug and play with components. now something that I noticed and I am not sure why it is but in task manager it says that the speed of the CPU is at 3.96GHz constantly even in idle moments like while I am typing up this topic, however, my maximum speed apparently is 3.50GHz. Now I do have the OC Genie feature enabled and running on my motherboard and I do believe I have Intel's turbo boost enabled as well which might have something to do with it but I don't know if I am actually getting 3.50GHz or 3.96GHz. My objective to make things better with what I have here is because I do tend to stream some games sometimes, even though getting a 6 or 8 core CPU would be preferred, I don't have the money currently to upgrade. The other thing as well is that I would like to see if I can make my desktop better for programming and rendering in Unity as I have some personal projects I would like to get started on. One thing I would like to add is that currently my machine is not bad, it runs pretty well, just after binge watching a large amount of Linus Tech videos on youtube, I am starting to feel like I can do more with my hardware without actually having to upgrade anything. If you need more information, I will try to get that for you if I can. Thanks everyone