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  1. Laptop with 930m can't be considered as a gaming laptop imo. my laptop is powered by 940mx and it's suitable for light gaming (dota,cs,LoL) but it barely runs BF1. On 720p with lowest setting it only gets 20-30fps My suggestion is get a ps4 and buy it's exclusives
  2. if you like ps4 exclusive games then buy it personally I'd go for ps4
  3. i think witcher 3 will be more than 100+hours gameplay, i will buy it for sure not sure if i will play it online because i need to pay for psn, for online games i will play it on my current laptop wow i'm gonna try it when i get my ps4, thanks for the help!
  4. Unfortunately my laptop doesnt support hdmi in wow thats a lot of games.... are you and your cousin can play the same game at the same time?
  5. i've played life is strange before..... damn, that definitely will get in my list
  6. yea i agree, being an international student means i will be moving a lot, and ps 4 is definitely easier to moved around I can play online games (dota 2, CS) in my current laptop. My plan is to buy: -Last of us -Horizon zero down' -witcher 3 - any suggestions for games? (great game story is my thing )
  7. where to buy cheap ps 4 and its games in Vancouver, Canada? Is best buy good? It's only 2km from my college
  8. yea i will definitely checking ps vita too btw for 1080p display is ps 4 pro really worth it compared to ps 4?
  9. i will be there longer than 4 years yeah ps4 portability is better too i have to considered that as a plus point i think i am leaning towards ps 4 pro now because it's initial price is cheaper and it's size is way smaller than pc, but i worry about the graphic quality.
  10. im checking freegeek right now thanks that is true, but ps 4 exclusive games make me confused (Last of us 2, horizon zero down)
  11. Hi, this is my first post btw, I am an international student who will study CS at Vancouver for this summer semester. I want to do some casual gaming in my free time and pretty confused between ps4 or budget gaming PC. Now I already have a laptop that is capable of doing college things, so the purpose of the PC is only for gaming. I have checked pcpartpicker and set the merchants to newegg and ncix so I can get free shipping option.https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/Nfs9BP After tax this PC costs CA$720. Is this build is good enough? Or should i get ps 4 instead?