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  1. yeah i have a few spare coolers sitting around i can try but it's an ITX build so the cooler i go with in the end will have to fit, i know the Cryorig c7 (i think it's called) is the defecto cooler for ITX so i might have to spring for this it's just a shame to spend money on a "junk" PC like this. i will hook up a CM 212 EVO tonight and see it it helps. BUT!!! can we rule out the motherboard being the cause? Question: Can a motherboard be the cause of a CPU overheating? maybe poor VRMs, or power delivery? is that a thing? ALSO: the CPU is not overclocked (i think this model has an unlocked multiplier)
  2. yup fresh thermal paste application with Noctua paste.
  3. Hi Ladies and gents, I am trying to upgrade an old gaming PC i have sitting around for guests to use and my kids friends when they come over. It's older hardware but i like to tinker and it's fine for the low-end games we/they play. it had an i5-680 in it but i upgraded to an X3470 but now i think the temps are too high, wondering it it's the cooler i choose (mini-itx build limited on option) or if these chips just run hot. Here are the specs: Motherboard: Intel Dh57jg CPU: Intel X3470 Cooler: Reeven rc-1001b brontes the board was designed for a 73w chip as i've came to find out and i got a warning on boot that intel was not responsible for damaged because of a lack of cooling, however it boots fine and runs windows and games ok. the temps i'm getting are 80C during cinibench and approaching 90C with sustained gaming on open air bench. Assume higher in ITX case. is that too hot? is the board/cpu combo to blame? is the cooler not strong enough?
  4. Ok..... I must be old school raid is usually at the bios level, what form of wizardry is this you speak of. Do tell.
  5. I have a Gigabyte GA-Z170x Gaming 7 motherboard. I have a PCIE M.2 SSD in the M2H_32G M.2 slot so it can run at full speed, this is for Windows 10. I also have 2x Samsung EVO 500GB SSDs I would like to use for storage (RAID 0). I have followed a guide that stated to: 1) put enable Windows 8/10 and disable CMS support, reboot 2) change sata mode select to Intel RST Premium 3) in Intel rapid storage technology configure the raid. problem is I can no longer see the SSDs, I can still see the NVME drive I believe. the manual that comes with the board shows screenshots that look nothing like i have because i've updated to F22M. Reference Video:
  6. Ok guys new PSU and I’ll be taking a second crack at it finally. Before I do I wanted one last round of opinions as to what caused this before I hookup and possible fry another PSU.
  7. Hi Bl00dgod those are not RGB fans and if there is one thing that matters in computers builds it's RGB. GPU, Cooling....RAM optional. RGB required. lol. i an a huge fan of that...err fan... fan..fan... whatever... point is i agree its a much better fan that the stock ones.
  8. thanks Knight i appreciate it.
  9. but i gain RGB and really lets be honest thats all that matters anyway right? lol
  10. does the corsair H100i control fan speed or is the curve done via software. to be honest i installed it and forgot about it and i dont really notice them ramp up as i have other fans in the case.
  11. no, they are not RGB and as we know it's RGB or DIE!!!! all joking aside i would really like to use the RGB ones and have the fan controller that came with them control them as i can change the color of all fans at once.
  12. Hi Guys/Gals, I am building a new gaming computer and would like to replace all the fans with RGB fans. This problem is i have a Corsair H100i AIO and I noticed the fans were connected via pump connector. The fans came with a controller which allows me to control the speed and color of the lights but i would need to disconnect them from the pump to connect them to controller, will the H100i even power on without the fans connected, also this will mean the pump wont control the fan speed which i'm assuming it's currently doing so i would need to manually ramp up speed as needed. thoughts?
  13. Thanks for the tips Angry yeah i was thinking the same about the CPU upgrade. and to be honest i have not fully tested the PSU as well as i could, i smelt that familiar burning smell but wasn't able to isolate it, it could have been a cap on the motherboard and not inside the PSU, i'll have to investigate more tonight.
  14. So we all agree? it was the SATA to 6-PIN adapter that caused the issue most likely? I ask because i'll be getting another PSU and taking another kick at it tonight. Any suggestions i'd love to hear them, and yes i'll need another mobo so it wont be Dell/HP.
  15. i know, it's a PSU i had sitting around and a stack of modular cables for it, and couldn't find another 6 pin cable so i used used adapter (stupid me)