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  • Birthday 2000-08-12

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    High end Laptops , and slim pc dreller OwO
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    mmm hallo :o
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  • CPU
    Intel Core i5 8300H 2.30ghz - 4.0ghz
  • Motherboard
    Lenovo -LNVNB161216
  • RAM
    DDR4 8GB 2667MHZ (1/2)
  • GPU
    NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 4GB
  • Case
    Lenovo Legion Y530
  • Storage
    ST1000LM035-1RK172(1TB HDD)
  • PSU
    Lenovo 135W Power Brick
  • Display(s)
    1080P ips Screen
  • Cooling
    Quadro radiators&pipes+Dual Fans
  • Keyboard
    Standard PS/2 Keyboard
  • Mouse
    HID-compliment mouse
  • Sound
    Intel{R) display audio
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home 64BIT

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  1. i legit was intalling ccleeaner tho it one of my daily utility but i down know how that thing got installed i didnt get any warning or anything e.e it get happened like that lol
  2. yah the way people do business here are pretty shit you know
  3. thanks for reply guys but i dont wanna do a window reintall on it its a brandnew laptop and that will breake tmy warranty agreement if i do that thank you sendka ill try my luck
  4. i dont know what happen i was downloading ccleaner and i dont know what the f got installed on my pc a trojan of some sort there is a cloudnet.exe that constantly reinstalling itselt each fking time im restarting my pc and i have a fake Csrss.exe in (c:/windows/sytem32/rss) i tried removed them manually they got deleted and i opened regedit to get rid of it but its locked in the windows defender / PATH key on it , i tried avast but its not doing anything help e.e i literally spend 5hours on my day off today but it just keeps coming back everytimei restart the pc
  5. hello guys i wouldlike to thanks everyone that help picked a laptop and the pc i got is the lenovo legion y530 cpu i5 8300H 2.3ghz 630uhd ram 8gb ram (1/2) gpu Nvidia gtx 1050 1tb HDD and im actually having some issues with my ram i have a 8gb stick running on one channel (the other one is unpopulated) and when i boot to windows it only detects 6.15GB out of the 8GB i know about the sharedmemory between the uhd630 and the rams but there is a secret bios on the legion where i can config that and the lowest i can get is at 128MB on the dvmt settings and on the shader setting i did get some rams back but its a mere 6.40gb so 250mb freed and i dont know whats using all that 1.5gb ram on it https://valid.x86.fr/jxuae4
  6. so a brief stuffs to my unfortunate self ,,i was using a dell 5547 with specs intel 4th gen i7 4510u 2cores (2.00ghz -3.10ghz turbo) ,amd r7 m265, 8gb ram(4x2) and a 1tb seagate hdd back in 2014 when it was retailing at 600$ and the laptop degraded and one of the hinge broke while i was closing the lid and it cracked my screen and the whole body like it legit broke and its costing me like over 300$ to repair it and the motherboard is shot which adds up 300$ more and i dont really wanna spend 600$ on an old laptop so was looking up at the new amd line up and picked quite an interest with the AMD Ryzen 7 3750H Cpu and i was hoping if you know any laptops with that same cpu i know about the asus one but its like 900$(100$ shipping included) since im from mauritius all the way in the indian ocean near madagascar so im looking for cheaper options t han asus it dont have to be slim or pretty i like the bulky looks just need good specs you know.. and im looking at the H processors cause i really dont care about the battery life cause im always plugged in to a wal to do my gaming/work etc.. and the U ones really gave me a bad experience. you can give your recommandations if you want my requirements : 2 Storage slot 2 ram slot Decent gpu processor 2.60ghz+ able to run Blade&Soul,GTAV,PUbG @ 60fps programming School Work Photoshop,FL studio 12,AdobeAftereffects,Blender Streaming/recording games @ Least 112/256gb SSD i was thinking of making a mini atx/itx too you can put some builds that you think it will work out for my needs my minimum is buget is 600$ - 1000 can stretch it to 1200$ and if you have any under 400$ laptop suggestion just list it also i dont care about batterylife or cosmetics or sound i just want a laptop that have that ummmfff you know lol
  7. im just confused at this point i dont know what to pick lol
  8. i know you guys makes a lot of desktop cpus comparison between amd and intel but what about laptops? are the amds new mobile ryzen cpus better then intels mobile cpus? on the gaming / productivity pursepective.im planning on getting a new laptop but now that amd launch theirs im a bit ...out of place or i simply dont know what to pick?i know most of you will tell me to use intel but whats the difference between the intel and amd mobile cpus?
  9. oh well thanks for the support guys ill try to do with that guy told me .. i just wanted to put some new paste lol and now the heatsink is stucked af e.e
  10. i know i was being dumb lol but man its the first time i experienced this too and i was doing it in the correct pattern also 6,5,4,3,2,1 order but the screw got so fragile from the heat for 4 years and r.i.p me lol
  11. if your task is rendering and 3d modeling then what you have to look for is for the idle processor for money (the higher ghz , generation and the more core you have the faster your rendering and work delivery will be) , gpu (make sure your laptop have a delicated strong High perfomance gpu for rendering and effective responsiveness) mostly, Ram is extremely important but ram has little role when you buying a laptop as they only will give you a specific number of ram when youll be buying it as they offer 4gigs and 8gigs but the recommanded minimun for modeling/rendering is at least have 16gigs of ram .. so when you buy the laptop remove the ram and sell it and get 16gigs of high speed ram installed on your laptop then youre good to go .....if you didnt get any of it .....just look for a laptop between 6th gen i5 i7 up to 8th gen i5 i7 with a high performance delicated graphics and with a minimun of 16gb ram and go with the ssd for fast storage instead of hard drives