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  1. None of them. Go for a better speced but lower prized alternative such as the Oneplus 3t. From experience honestly
  2. Nowadays, I have reached the point where I realized that if Google really want to see my data they will no matter my security. So I leave everything open and synced...not that I have any important stuff tho
  3. If you had a restore backed up via your gmail account, you can recover most of the data I believe.
  4. Hello nice people who probably have a much higher IQ in these things than me (more of a smartphone enthusiast myself), I have rubbish Windows Hybrid which is more formally known as the Asus T100TAM, I can't seem to get any type of Linux OS on the machine. The closest I have ever gotten was an image of Linux (Can't remember which) that had no network support for WiFi or Ethernet connection via cabled. I am kind of stuck here. Put it back on Windows 10 for the time being but honestly the lag is unbearable. (I did not buy the laptop myself, it was a gift from my father, I would have definitely got a Chromebook for less money.) Thanks Guys, Techmnine