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  1. Well bath doesn't teaches computer architecture in Electrical and Electronic course doe Warwick and Southampton do I will check out Newcastle as your suggestion thanks
  2. What are your views about Newcastle their engineering department and placement cell?
  3. I don't think I will be doing that I was also looking at Nottingham and Bath, But intel doesn't comes to Nottingham and Bath is ranked too low
  4. Get a 2060 super and some good 80+ gold PSU like corsair RMx series maybe 650 watts
  5. Btw these unis are also choosen on the basis of which of them gives me the best curriculum and placement, Intel comes in these universities to give placements for people of the course Electrical and Electronic engineering. (Also I am not very sure right now I will be applying in them with my 1st term and predicted grade marks for finals)
  6. Surrey is actually my last point if I don't get into those listed the decent one's, Also I don't go out much not much of a guy who has a lot of friends and stuff I keep a small friends group and ignore going out most of the time, Also yes Warwick is actually nice the Electrical and Electronic course is really fascinating out there while Scottish universities you said about don't actually take my board in I am studying from RBSE state board of Rajasthan those mentioned here accept my board and I can't do A-levels and stay back one year.
  7. The only drawback I am having if I don't choose computer system engineering are- 1. Not getting to study advanced architecture of processors 2. Not getting to learn advanced C++. Advantages of Taking EEE- 1. Better job chances 2. Getting to study much more widened course and much more practical work with projects and internships also as companies like Intel/AMD/Nvidia prefer Electrical and Electronic engineers Disadvantage of taking double major rather than a single major like Electrical or Electronic in particular:- 1. Too much homework and classes.
  8. Well I had a internship in my town building computers and stuff I also did some basic work over OEM motherboards as they had no warranty and customers wanted the same thing repaired so yeah I do have the experience...
  9. Well I have some Unis on the list- 1. University of Warwick 2. University of Bristol 3. University of Surrey 4. University of Southampton 5. University of Birmingham And also I want to ask what do you think of Electrical and Electronic engineering?
  10. My school does not have any that sort of counselor tho I did try to talk to some counselors but they weren't helpful
  11. Well I won't be doing my masters for atleast 5 years because I will be already having student loan of around 60k pounds on my neck
  12. The Electrical and Electronic courses do teach computer architecture while CSE teaches on advanced but I was thinking of taking a major with number of things so that even if I don't get a job in computers I can atleast be employed with my skill and knowledge
  13. So I am basically a tech guy since grade 8th(first year of junior high), Now I am in grade 12 (final year of highschool)will graduate in 2021, And I am looking to work in fields of CPU chips designing and architecture of its I was told that I should follow the path of Electrical engineering but I also like the field of electronics (seriously in love with PCBs). I was able to find a major (a double major) it's BE in Electrical and Electronic engineering while I was happy with this choice but at an instance I was told that this is a double major degree and you can also end up extending one year of college or have a overall low GPA, This is scaring me since yesterday I just wanted some honest and mature advise as I am looking at UK universities and have a couple of them shortlisted because of this particular course, I cannot take risks as I will be an international student and will be going on study loan. Ps: I am from India.
  14. All about the motherboard you need is in the video ig plus you will need two HDDs and two SSDs getting that from used hardware shops or Craigslist can be a steal deal
  15. Maybe those are statics send it for servicing they have good after sales service