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    I love emo girls.
    Stocks, motorcycles, and Halo lore.


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    MSI 970
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    EVGA SSC 8GB - 2400
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    Zotac GTX 950 2gb
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    Thermaltake V3
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    240 PNY SSD
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    500W Crossaire
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  1. WANT. If I could afford all the new tech, I could keep up with all of it, but I can't even afford the newest fone. :,(
  2. ive once had some cheap headphones have noise cancellation, and it sucked. does that stuff really even work?
  3. try replacing the battery?? i've had a multi meter increase voltage readings wrongly because of a dying battery.
  4. muchi is just rice goop... mochi ball ice cream though.... mmmmmmmmmmmmm
  5. its odd that techlink gets a longer ad for a short video, but linus only puts a 10 second ad in his longer videos.
  6. in general i dont play as much as i would love to. hell ill play console again if i can!
  7. waiting for the price drop, or new iteration.
  8. I rarely drink. I don't have any drinking problems, I can control myself. If you can't trust your self then that sucks. Nothing wrong with being straight edge though.
  9. I'd rather drink with your autistic ass than some one who can't take a joke
  10. Because I'll be damned if I stand around for hours doing nothing. I tried, I could have ended up in a fun relationship with her. I'm socially inept. Knowing that I refer to her as my bitch jokingly, but still being disgusted by is the reason why it's a joke. Besides, she even calls her self my bitch.
  11. Holy crap well we stayed in silence for like 4 hours, waiting in line. I didn't like it last year, I sure as fuck am not going to sit through it this year
  12. What else is there to talk about. I already know her aspirations and all that small talk.
  13. Hahahahahaha at least being burnt is something than nothing.
  14. Ok, well I left a lot of stuff out to keep to story short. I've already know about all that shit and it's so fucking boring. I wanted to have a laugh and share awkward stories with her to make her laugh and keep the night fun. The reason my gf didn't talk to her is because she doesn't have much in common either. She said they can talk about make up and stuff but only talking about that all night she said would be dull. So because no one had anything to say, it was terrible. We're 25 and her cousin is 21 by the way, so I figured shed be mature and see it as a joke. Also, I'm not standing in silence for hours and not do anything, that is bullpoop.