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  1. I feel affected by this, I'm hurt OP
  2. i like steel
  3. so what's the problem ?
  4. The back plates break off, so would like some help on which slot would would be best for the wifi card. Sorry for shit post, kinda in a hurry.
  5. What is it you draw?
  6. You can try a tote bag.
  7. Do you have a computer? You can compare other hardware with what you have. You can start off by learning about processors.
  8. ........ Your going to buy 100 units for 5 cent's cheaper, pay shipping costs to each customer, and offer refund for defective units?
  9. -YouTube (But obviously not very promising at the moment for new YoutubeYoutuber) -Twitch If you're going to do this, make sure you're already making money with it before you quit your job. -Online Reseller (Purchase goods wholesale from Aliexpress/Costco etc, and resell on sites like Ebay) Why would some one buy it from you when they can buy it from AliExpress/Costco for cheaper? -Offer a computer repair service Maybe -Offer a video editing/photoshop service of some kind Why not get a job doing this professionally? -'Playing the stock market' (High risk) Do you have at least $30,000? -Professional Online Poker (High risk) NO -Data-entry surveys (Not worth it, in my opinion) like you said, not worth it -Private Investigator (I can't drive You can't drive
  10. Cause you're old, deal with it Gramps
  11. Here in the us we have an app called letgo... Try the app store
  12. Shouldn't it still have warranty?
  13. No. I understand 343 put a lot of work and effort in Halo, but I'm still pissed about, halo 5... Cunts....