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    I love emo girls.
    Stocks, motorcycles, and Halo lore.


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    MSI 970
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    EVGA SSC 8GB - 2400
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    Zotac GTX 950 2gb
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    Thermaltake V3
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    240 PNY SSD
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    500W Crossaire
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  1. apologies in advance for sloppy post but anyone think it i could use this HDD for an NVR surveillance or should i stick to this one??
  2. Call me retarded but I don't think your vape pen is going to use 30W when charging
  3. A lot of these video's look like my recommendations.
  4. I say racist things..... They just hang up.
  5. That's a scummy move... I'm saying because there are people that don't know about computers and may end up buying it.....
  6. Music people make about our state https://youtu.be/OsCfufAp2tM
  7. I use to care about privacy a long time ago. I would use add-on like better privacy which would delete all cookies after closing firefox and ghostery to block trackers as well as never remembering history. Didn't do much as there was much more I could have done as mentioned in your post. I stopped doing it because it's such a hassle to remember and retype emails and user names every time I open my browser! Even when I missed the password. I also don't care if they know I like to watch lesbian cat porn. I'm not an interesting person. Please know this though, if you ever find yourself some how an enemy of the U.S. they will look into all your data. All of it. And run smear campaigns against you. I also remember when google+ was a thing and I was active on it I posted a comment on some post basically quoting julian assange that "the government and Google work hand in hand to spy on you" I'm not sure if that's the exact quote, however some guy thought I was conspiracy nut. XD then like a year later edward snowden leaked the prism program. Guys, when that shit was big news, a lot of people didn't even care and we're oblivious to what NSA gathers. Complete computer illiterates.
  8. If I was underaged, I'd upload nude pics then hand them over all my accounts and start sharing those nudes and persecute and sue the school for child porn possession and mismanagement of data and "leaked nudes" $$$$$$$$$$$
  9. Sup HOMOSapiens So I have an old PC only being used for plex CPU: FX-8320 MOBO: MSI 970 GPU: Zotac gtx 950 2gb And I made a previous post about how fugly it looks but now I want to change that My only question. Is it worth it? I want to get the NZXT H510 case More fans And better heat sink (currently has stock) or an AIO I want to be proud of how it looks to other people considering it's at my dad's office and basically on display. What do you yall think?? I'd like to know personal opinions
  10. I used to think the same way when I was 18. I wanted to move to Canada honestly would still consider it for the weather. I use to be left leaning as well. I'd honestly recommend you learn basic economics and why health care is hard to achieve in america.... Obama tried, its not so simple.
  11. Sorry OP Off topic: How does pi hole work for you? I still get a bunch of ads every site I go And blocks a lot of websites. I had to remove it.
  12. 1st. YES sleeping pills. 2nd. IDK
  13. I'm currently riding the bike and it seems fine...
  14. Isn't seated correctly? Don't want to open bike forum account. This place has divers interests, not just tech