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  1. @5x5 I am kinda on board with ya. I got my 3900X and love it. I never expected I'd regularly see 4.6ghz mostly cause few things are gonna use on a system ONLY one thread and lets remember background functions still run and COULD hit another thread. when I hoped for and GOT in spades was improved performance over my E3-1270vs ivy bridge xeon with 4c/8t and max of 3.9ghz [which I despite having better cooling than needed also NEVER got! I hit 3.81ghz but also all cores in use so meh] and guess what it is vastly superior to my ivy bride CPUs and it's great. My HAF 922 replaced by a H500 case with front mesh panel is comparatively dead fucking silent. I think people are griping over something small. And AMD looks to be addressing it anyways. This feels like the 5ghz rumor pissing match that occured at launch. For refrence my old rig used a Hyper 212 evo, my new rig uses a Dark Rock 4.
  2. I managed to Snag my 3900X on Bestbuy during a weird string of availability at night. but yeah hard to find outside scalpers in the US here.
  3. The the tom a fiddling fuck is this?
  4. So I left Intel finally and built a brand new Ryzen 3000 rig. Parts in use are as follows. Ryzen 9 3900X Asrock X470 Taichi Motherboard Be Quiet Dark Rock 4 Cooler [non pro] 16GB [2x8] of G.skill Ripjaw V DDR4 3200mhz RAM with CAS of 14 [Samsung B die] Boot Drive 970 evo NVME m.2 SSD 2tb WD gold HDD GTX 1080 Super Clocked by EVGA [reused from last rig] Corsair RM 850 Watt 80+ Gold PSU Cooler Master H500 Mesh from Case Screens 2x 1080 60hz 22inch monitors on side and central monitor is AOC Agon 24inch 1440P 144hz monitor. Keyboard is a Corsair K55 and Mouse is a Corsair Harpoon RG Speakers: 18inch Sound Bar OS: Windows 10 Pro Below are some along the way pics including some of the parts and besides the driver by Be Quiet I used the I fixit driver kit.
  5. had some arctic silver cleaner get on my pins used iso 99% and soft tooth brush my 3900x works fine. Also used it when some thermal grizzly got on a pin on motherboard.
  6. why my place for eating is on the opposite side to avoid that very issue with food and drink.
  7. Recent new rig, GTX 1080, Ryzen 9 3900x, H500 mastercase from CM, 1440P 24inch center monster 144hz, two side ones are 22inch 1080P 60hz. upgrade from older rig.
  8. Thanks for liking my Meme lol. just makes sense to me they got SOME raking system and it can be altered.

  9. You can buy some remaining WD Golds [what the Ultra star replaces] but there is not much difference besides the pricing scale shoots up fast.
  10. True to get larger projects done eventually decisions have to be made and groups can struggle. If nobody can have final say and votes end badly you end up with no progress.
  11. I think if we want to end these we will have to accept higher costs, it is a paradox. Consumers want cheaper prices at all costs. Until they talk of condition and pay but dont wanna pay for it. They expect companies to just eat into profits to do it. You will have to decide eventually if you want cheap dont get upset where or how it is cheap,. You want responsible PAY for it!
  12. Worse than even ALL the aforementioned ones I did read on this list, Cisco's LEO back-doors have already been found and used by hackers. It will happen the more we put in so we will see governments hacked MUCH easier and companies ruined for it. This is hilarious. They dont even recognize it'll happen but seem to assume ONLY they will know of them.
  13. Sorry spell check apparently got it wrong.
  14. I dont get the reference or joke.
  15. Lets remember they also run a clean room likely for sedative parts. This means they have to restart and ensure the airs dust free and continent free during this time. I;ve gotten to go inside once to a small fabs clean room long ago for production. They are VERY particular about what gets touched by what to ensure no damage to sensitive parts. Likely now they have to check any salvageable pieces or parts for continents that may now have ruined material.
  16. Sounds like a episode of Sliders, you get hauled off if you try to pay in cash and not credit of some sort or a loan.
  17. So this is on a LAN then? If so and no access to your modem for internet it could be the NIC on either side, could be the CPU the HDDs are very much slow down points and how great a distance is it and what type of Ethernet you using? Is one machine older than the other?
  18. Well first how may rooms away are you? is it on the same circuit? are other items plugged into the outlets the adapters are in?
  19. Also are you hopping between wifi extenders? Like do you go from the one oyu connect STRAIGHT to the modem or does it have to bop one or two of them before it reaches it? latency and bandwidth loss can happen if it has to hop, also using 2.4ghz or 5ghz bands for radio?
  20. so they plan to tier off higher resolutions to subscriptions only.
  21. Actually anti monopoly laws ensure there are places ISPs cannot expand unless they give another place up. It isint some special agreement from ISPs it's government telling us you cant go there. You think Comcast likes not being able to expand?
  22. if you can find some WD golds are ok and probably close to silent but expensive as their basically enterprise drives.
  23. actually we havint been backed by gold since Nixon.
  24. @Tristerin actually most US debt is held by US citizens we own more of china's debt. They aint doing shit. Also china has been spending liek us in some places creating problems. I still hate thess tariffs but the debt threat is a joke in so far as china goes.