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  1. actually we havint been backed by gold since Nixon.
  2. @Tristerin actually most US debt is held by US citizens we own more of china's debt. They aint doing shit. Also china has been spending liek us in some places creating problems. I still hate thess tariffs but the debt threat is a joke in so far as china goes.
  3. You really dont now. Its constently under siege and values are terrible. Crypto is dying as a money avenue. as a hobby sure the group here can tell you some good ideas.
  4. Retest after a while to see how my speeds are doing from my earlier posting. Still going strong!
  5. Tellos

    THQ nordic goes to 8chan to conduct an AMA

    alot of large ocmpanies and mainstream media dont understand these places, they think their just "more social media" outlets. This is why the guys at CNN and MSNBC think it's the provayer of internet culture. Not realizing it's jsut the Internets highest form of social underbelly. Not knowing this I'd tell them. "dont come here it's not safe." The internet is full of so much crap if you aint ready you will get shocked. Hell even if you ARE ready you can be depending how deep you go.
  6. Tellos

    mesh network on a budget

    Yeah repeaters woudl be a way I use them for my house but you can lose bandwidth depending on hops distance limitations of hardware and how much the actual repeaters max out at. I use Xfi Pods from work and their fine for most stuff weakest place I tested was like 75 to 78 Mbps down on the lowest level.
  7. @dalekphalm trouble is that is the stated POINT of cryptos, not to be like normal banking with regulations. So either you want crypto free wheeling and dealing or you want a bank pick one. Block chain tech could evolve to great things but crypto currency is a fools errand. This and other disasters and hacks KEEP happening but people keep thinking wide spread adoption is on the way. It's not. It's for idiots and morons and some con artists. Governments will demand control or ban it and in some places they already have.
  8. Tellos

    Intel to release 9990XE? Auction only part...

    intel is now beyond desperate, limited run auctioned CPUs. I think Intel is having more trouble then they claim.
  9. @Kaged Ok cool, but still separate devices will always create SOME latency. Your moving data through an extra device which has to process and route it to the next one before it goes out.
  10. Cat5 all has shielding, but also you seemed to indicate your router and modem are wirlessly connected?
  11. Owns a Agon AG241QG4....well that purchase just got better,
  12. can already on 2017 or newer models use Comcasts Xfinity stream beta app to stream live TV thorugh it. So this is all a natural progression.
  13. Tellos

    Chrome OS will soon block USB access when a device is locked

    ok how do we use our keyboard or mosue to wake it up in sleep mode? Or does it disquish between them.
  14. at 2133mhz MAYBE? but their mixed pairs so at best you'll get it but only at lowest RAM speed.
  15. This is why my company requires a RFID badge to get anywhere and it has to be set with permissions to get into places. I can enter the building for instance, go to most places but IT or second floor my badge dont work.Cause their not my work place.