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  1. AMD: You could not live with your own failures, and where has that brought you? Back to me.
  2. And people wonder why google failed at fiber, spoiler it aint due to lack of lawyers. They just dont wanna do anything right. If it costs money to support and doesint make instant profit they dont wanna try it.
  3. all articles indicate it was a beta INSIDE the existing M77 and M78 systems. It was dormant. But google decided and admits they decided to activate it simply because the 1% of users beta testing had reported no issues after 5 months. This was not a patch or update it was literally a switch from off to on.
  4. This was done by google without informing IT departments, they were not informed nor given a choice it was done by google on it's own decision. No time was given to test it it was flipped on.
  5. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/software/google-fixes-white-screen-problem-in-chrome-admins-furious/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/daveywinder/2019/11/15/google-chrome-white-screen-of-death-browsers-crash-as-google-tests-new-feature/#6075518c1188 So to summarize Google tried out a new function causing many Citrix and similar VM systems to utterly fail at loading chrome pages. IT departments are furious that this was done without telling them. This is concerning that Google apparently things making multi million dollar or larger company servers into test beds without consent. To my mind this should end in Google being fined very harshly and informed if any further instances occur it will be bankrupted and liquidated. May sound harsh and I love free markets but this is playing with other company assets without permission and should be a fast track to bankruptcy. Googles apparently lack of ability to grasp that it is not used solely by windows and android users in desktop markets is staggering. The fact is any IT admin knows once you hit enterprise level things change drastically and single changes can throw entire sections out of whack if done in a ham fisted manner. This is to me a dangerous president for them to go thorugh and it makes IT admins now have to question if they trust google in their high stakes equipment where stability is a MUST not just a nice feature in their system. I just find this to be very scary that Google apparently thinks there is nothing wrong with this behavior. Edit: edits made to try to better comply with posting guidelines.
  6. some VPNs have been blocked newer ones come online but China is constantly trying to drown VPNs.
  7. Thankfully my company implemented V6 years ago and only uses v4 for specific things.
  8. I think they realized regulations would come the moment a problem occured and that a problem WOULD occur.
  9. @Jurrunio ah ok thanks wondered about that. appreciate the clarification.
  10. Where ya place my X470 Taichi Non ultimate I believe the VRMs are same as ultimate.
  11. @5x5 I am kinda on board with ya. I got my 3900X and love it. I never expected I'd regularly see 4.6ghz mostly cause few things are gonna use on a system ONLY one thread and lets remember background functions still run and COULD hit another thread. when I hoped for and GOT in spades was improved performance over my E3-1270vs ivy bridge xeon with 4c/8t and max of 3.9ghz [which I despite having better cooling than needed also NEVER got! I hit 3.81ghz but also all cores in use so meh] and guess what it is vastly superior to my ivy bride CPUs and it's great. My HAF 922 replaced by a H500 case with front mesh panel is comparatively dead fucking silent. I think people are griping over something small. And AMD looks to be addressing it anyways. This feels like the 5ghz rumor pissing match that occured at launch. For refrence my old rig used a Hyper 212 evo, my new rig uses a Dark Rock 4.
  12. I managed to Snag my 3900X on Bestbuy during a weird string of availability at night. but yeah hard to find outside scalpers in the US here.
  13. The the tom a fiddling fuck is this?
  14. So I left Intel finally and built a brand new Ryzen 3000 rig. Parts in use are as follows. Ryzen 9 3900X Asrock X470 Taichi Motherboard Be Quiet Dark Rock 4 Cooler [non pro] 16GB [2x8] of G.skill Ripjaw V DDR4 3200mhz RAM with CAS of 14 [Samsung B die] Boot Drive 970 evo NVME m.2 SSD 2tb WD gold HDD GTX 1080 Super Clocked by EVGA [reused from last rig] Corsair RM 850 Watt 80+ Gold PSU Cooler Master H500 Mesh from Case Screens 2x 1080 60hz 22inch monitors on side and central monitor is AOC Agon 24inch 1440P 144hz monitor. Keyboard is a Corsair K55 and Mouse is a Corsair Harpoon RG Speakers: 18inch Sound Bar OS: Windows 10 Pro Below are some along the way pics including some of the parts and besides the driver by Be Quiet I used the I fixit driver kit.
  15. had some arctic silver cleaner get on my pins used iso 99% and soft tooth brush my 3900x works fine. Also used it when some thermal grizzly got on a pin on motherboard.