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  1. Because NVidia works fans more and bugs out with different res/refresh and I like symmetrical forms.
  2. Ok so I have run a 3 monitor set up at this time center oen is 1440P 144hz two side ones are 1080p 60hz. Center is 24inch others are 22 inch I want to upgrade the two sider ones or all three if needed to 1440P high refresh. trying to see what I have for best options because I cannot use an arm on this desk. I also am unlikely to upgrade it any month soon due to work requirements. I can push the center one back some to make more room between bezels so theres SOME room to maneuver I likely will move my modem thats behind them at some point too. But ideas would be welcome within the limitations I have. I prefer 24inch ones but finding them when I got moeny is hell. 27 seems more common but then space makes me wonder. Widest point I have measured of my desk top is about 48 inches or so.
  3. @DeScruff Not jsut credit, it's often in many companies including my own for hourly employees as stealing company time/moeny. Because you see if they work off clock and are not salary they can claim they were not paid and get apple into deep shit. My own Company would be royally upset at me if I worked off clock as an hourly. Because they have to pay me for that time! So somebody doing official work with company tools or data off hours means their on the hook for it still and with an employee they have to pay possibly OT for work they did not sanction.
  4. I suspect this was a guy trying to give a customer an exception to help them. But this is precisely why we as employees usually won't when we tell you we will get fired for breaking policy WE AINT FUCKING KIDDING. @mr moose Nope in all likelihood since he was fired for breakign company policy he'll be denied unemployment too. This is really really why shouting at people to do what their told not to is a bad idea. And I promise you if this got out and is true it was allowed to so it'd keep others in line. Remind them that company policy trumps you being nice.
  5. Thata back to having a handful of options again. Hell I got more than most still doesint solve it if nobody wants to spend money to expand like my isp/employer does.
  6. These myths however don't come from the companies initially they come from consumers who dream up conspiracies on stuff. The companies sometimes pick up on it playing on fears. Now I wont claim I am unbias here as stated I work for one of the major ISPs. Fact is people also got themselves here by picking the perceived best and so a company grew larger. Until it could acquire others I really think if we want changes to ISPs we need to first recognize that if you want what europe has the government MUST spend trillions to buy upgrade and expand the networks. You have to then accept you will if treated like a utility be given a single ISP. Utilities in the US don't typically go free market they go government assigned/awarded regional fiefdoms. example I cannot get away from my country electric company now matter how ass they are many times.
  7. Ironically this is because basic networking is not taught, everyone thinks their sharing bandwidth, well yes but not where you think. I am not sapping off my neighbors internet if their Comcast customers. I am however sharing a node and possibly a pedistool. These choke points got limits to how much they can handle thats where it all shrink up eventually. So its easy with this and many myths about networks and ISPs for some ISPs to make up bullshit. Helps congress is made up of people who don't understand GPS.
  8. lets also remember every credible industry study points to growing data use speeding UP not slowing down any time soon. So given the next several years of likely growth keeping lower caps will be for fools.
  9. Yes Cell carriers still have absurd low ones in terms of GBs even on unlimited plans. ISPs are varied I work for one in question we do have them but ways out of them. Also Based on data and the market and what I see internally the company is moving off them in time. Eventually the caps will go up and up until they become pointless.
  10. its not working at the company I can tell you thats jsut the direction its moving in. Why we went from 1tb to 1.2tb its why they lowered the maximum overage charges the trend is there its not going away. codes for these are not promos their jsut plain codes.
  11. actually 30 if you dont rent a comcast modem it went down in cost. Thats the trend.
  12. meanwhile my company made unlimited data cheaper, while raising thew caps that are in place. Not perfect still ways to go but I don't get Charter. I still hold data caps will go away eventually but until then will over time go up to accommodate rising data use.
  13. Love the avatar reminds me of a vets day one a team did at my center. Says "Gofer heros, all gave some Some gave all!"

  14. Another issue is zuck wants employees to opt into being paid in it. So we go back to company money you can use only at the company store and they get to decide its value. Basically it's not good companies should never create their own legal tender in my opinion. History shows it goes bad.
  15. surprise network outages happen. News at 11.