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  • Birthday 1976-02-17

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    Hamburg, Germany
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    Started with computers at the age of 6. An Atari 800XL with tapedeck. Then a C128, Amiga 500, Amiga 1200 (which I still own and care for, moved from the keyboard to a tower, 2 CPUs 1 FPU, 1 MMU, FastSCSI II, 2 CD Drives, 3 Harddrives, 10 megs ram). Then later switched to PC and windows/linux. Build my own firewall/router on linux and used it until it hardware died. Found a wife that was handy with computers as well, and who joined me in my online gaming hobby. We both were an awesome duo, but then 15. April of 2016 she died of a heart attack. Now I'm a solo camper again missing her very much. Else I still like to create computer builds for me/her, friends regarding budget and what it's used for to get most bang for the buck invested. Most times the systems I configure outperform more expensive ones. I like to use midrange hardware like GTX X60 versions, and on the intel side the I5, and then mostly using things, one generation old. Why that you may ask, if there isn't a change in the cpu socket type in the next one or two generations, you can easily upgrade. And to be honest, from the I5 3570k to the new I5 6600k the performance gain is measurable, but do you really feel it in the daily use?

    So that's for now =)
  • Occupation
    IT System Architect


  • CPU
    Intel Core I5 3570K @4.3 GHz
  • Motherboard
    Asrock Fatal1ty Z77 Professional
  • RAM
    2x 8 GB ADATA AX3U2133W8G10-DR, XPG V1.0
  • GPU
    Gainward Phantom GTX 760
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define XL R2 Titanium
  • Storage
    Crucial MX100 256GB, ST2000DX001, WDC5002ABYS
  • PSU
    CoolerMaster V550
  • Display(s)
    Benq GL 2460
  • Cooling
    EKL Alpenfoehn Gotthard
  • Keyboard
    Microsoft Sidewinder X4
  • Mouse
    Logitech MX Preformance
  • Sound
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit

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  1. Anghammarad

    German Talk

    the M is for mobile site... when the webserver thinks you are coming form a smartphone or tablet.
  2. Anghammarad

    Lag in VNC Viewer

    As for teamviewer, you can install the teamviewer service on your computer, and set a password. You will get a unique ID for your Windows machine to connect to.
  3. Anghammarad

    Lag in VNC Viewer

    What are you connecting to? your windows desktop? I rdp to the one I'm writing on right now... But it would need to be a Pro edition... home doesn't want that. As for teamviewer, there are android apps too. just don't nat the 3389 from your machine to the internet... use a highport like 61004 (random pick) and nat that to your machines 3389 port =). And there is an Android RDP Client from MS. So only VNC is compatible with android... big fat FRONK! (wrong) MEEEEEP https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.rdc.android.beta https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teamviewer.teamviewer.market.mobile
  4. Anghammarad

    Lag in VNC Viewer

    VNC isn't really optimized like for example RDP or CTX or Teamviewer... which use better codecs to compress the images send, as well as some of them only transmit changes from the screen and not the whole screen as refresh.
  5. Anghammarad

    which system to sell and which system to keep?

    The question is : what do YOU want to do with the system you keep. If you want it building your own server, keep the intel xeons stuff. If you just want a allround machine with a little gaming in 1080p (depending on the gfx card), websurfing, office work... keep the I5.
  6. Anghammarad

    We are doomed!

    And to put in a lighter note... have any of you heard about the 10% rule for implementing a change in the world? I once read an article that if you want to change the world, you would only need to have 10% of the population sharing your thoughts about the subject you want to change, and carry it on, so not just thinking the same, but communicating the same outwards. Then change will come.
  7. Anghammarad

    We are doomed!

    And with infrastructure, even in a quite modern country like here in germany, where we have a kind of stable electricity grid, going for example from fossil fuel to e-cars couldn't be handled by the grid. even where do you want to charge your car for example... not everyone has their own house and garage, and all the electricity needed would be needed to supplied. which in this case a full switch by law, wouldn't be the case right now. So there are many good ideas, big business has ignored them mostly (with them I mean the electricity providers like EON/RWE etc...) Haven't upgraded the grid, didn't make any changes etc... like big companies do, as soon as they have their infrastructure up... less maintenance, just raking in all the goodies (currencies) they can and let the infrastructur left to decay... for example "Deutsche Bahn". Now they are surprised that they have to move and change and whine "we got no budget for that! it would ruin us!" well these were changes that could be anticipated...
  8. Anghammarad

    Squid proxy

    For Windows Update you would need to set up a WSUS server installed (on MS Server 2012/2016). For Steam there is a different product to install... there was an LTT video about that a few weeks ago...
  9. Anghammarad

    How should i connect this?

    This depends on your PSU. I personally would go with 2 cables from the PSU to the GFX Cards 2 plugs.
  10. to use that to the fullest you will need to build yourself a router for in between both connections and your machine. on that router you have to configure static routes for your games and everything else... so that games go one connection, everything else the other.
  11. you will ever need a second gpu... the virtualization platform will always need a own one...
  12. Anghammarad

    Dvd drive crashes my windows pc!!

    See that wall over there? hit it with your head... downloading drivers is instead of using the dvd that came packaged with the hardware... due to being outdated anyway... for example buy a geforce 1060... the dvd with the drivers included are way older than the one you get on the nvidia website... same with intel and so on... So forget the DVD, download the drivers/tools fresh out of the interwebs.
  13. Anghammarad

    Dvd drive crashes my windows pc!!

    broken dvd, or broken drive... get a new drive, or check dvd/cd in other drive... no other way to fix... but download drivers and utilities form the interwebs... which I would point to, because software dvds coming with hardware are outdated 99% of the time.
  14. Anghammarad

    What could be the cause?

    They don't fix them anymore... just check if they are broken, if yes they just send a new pair... fixing would be too expensive... Just for the future, if you know, your cpu or ram is defective, shut the system down and get a spare part/rma the broken thing. With that you mostly ever keep your system. When your HDD is dying, don't shut your system down, disable energy savings for the hdd (spinning ones not ssd) so that they don't spin down to save energy when not in direct use... get a new HDD as soon as possible and then copy over the data. Because each spin up/spin down might then be the last for the dying HDD...
  15. Anghammarad

    Ram usage INSANE pls help

    Those Ram leaks were sometimes due to faulty KILLER NIC drivers... got one of those NICs onboard?