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    Hamburg, Germany
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    Started with computers at the age of 6. An Atari 800XL with tapedeck. Then a C128, Amiga 500, Amiga 1200 (which I still own and care for, moved from the keyboard to a tower, 2 CPUs 1 FPU, 1 MMU, FastSCSI II, 2 CD Drives, 3 Harddrives, 10 megs ram). Then later switched to PC and windows/linux. Build my own firewall/router on linux and used it until it hardware died. Found a wife that was handy with computers as well, and who joined me in my online gaming hobby. We both were an awesome duo, but then 15. April of 2016 she died of a heart attack. Now I'm a solo camper again missing her very much. Else I still like to create computer builds for me/her, friends regarding budget and what it's used for to get most bang for the buck invested. Most times the systems I configure outperform more expensive ones. I like to use midrange hardware like GTX X60 versions, and on the intel side the I5, and then mostly using things, one generation old. Why that you may ask, if there isn't a change in the cpu socket type in the next one or two generations, you can easily upgrade. And to be honest, from the I5 3570k to the new I5 6600k the performance gain is measurable, but do you really feel it in the daily use?

    So that's for now =)
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    IT System Architect


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    Intel Core I5 3570K @4.3 GHz
  • Motherboard
    Asrock Fatal1ty Z77 Professional
  • RAM
    2x 8 GB ADATA AX3U2133W8G10-DR, XPG V1.0
  • GPU
    Gainward Phantom GTX 760
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define XL R2 Titanium
  • Storage
    Crucial MX100 256GB, ST2000DX001, WDC5002ABYS
  • PSU
    CoolerMaster V550
  • Display(s)
    Benq GL 2460
  • Cooling
    EKL Alpenfoehn Gotthard
  • Keyboard
    Microsoft Sidewinder X4
  • Mouse
    Logitech MX Preformance
  • Sound
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    Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit

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  1. Good pizza?

    who the hell has leftovers from a pizza? what are leftovers? why? ARGH...
  2. Zombee Scorpion Gaming Mouse driver needed

    sounds like the microswitch is dying... can't really drag and drop too? just double clicks? Then the switch is dying... no software will fix that...
  3. Using LGA 1151 Cooler on 775 socket

    shouldn't fit... the spaces are a little different... he won't get around picking up a cheap cooler... there are some good ones between 10-20 bucks...
  4. Using Enterprise drives in main PC

    Keep in mind... the 24/7 Enterprise/NAS/Surveillance drives don't like shutdown and spinup a lot. Means if your machine is running 24/7 and the drive doesn't shut down in idle, then go with an enterprise 24/7 drive. Else just get a barracuda or black. If the money is burning a hole in your pocket you can as well get an SSD... but the price difference will be a bit for 2 tb drives/ssd
  5. German Talk

    ab und an hat alternate.de ein paar refurbished schnapper...
  6. How good are tech support jobs ( within an Office?)

    Everyone you will support is or will be your customer... only in house... And well... it really depends... sorry if I sound harsh or mean, but being 20+ years in IT makes you so.... It really depends on how the "in house staff" is... you can get a nice staff and want to get old in your job... or you can drop into tech support hell... toner explosions, cups on dvd trays, not able to click on start because the table is ending... and so on... people that call you with the same problem (which you did show them how to fix for themselfs in just 2 clicks) over and over again because you are support and they are too lazy or just don't want to learn... So there can be this, or that, or a healthy mixture...
  7. Better Router = Better Ethernet connection?

    Quote:"It depends" UnQuote... when the old router just has 100 mbit ports and the new one gigabit, then the ethernet will be faster locally. Just by switching the router you won't speed up your internet connection. Faster Wifi, faster Ethernet, yes possible if the old one is really old, but else... /shrug
  8. How good are tech support jobs ( within an Office?)

    It kills your soul veeeeeeerry slowly... depending on the "customers"... you will get bitter, sarcastic, and lose faith in humanity.
  9. German Talk

    klingt wie normales bayrisch =P Hurmpfschnaduddldingerkummsumanand
  10. Used Server SSD's?? Used Pro vs. New Consumer

    well well well... it depends on how much scrubbing has been done to the SSDs (tb written of total spec max written data). If they were 24/7 in full tilt, I would rather buy new ones than put used ones in that could go from fast to brick in a week...
  11. How much download/upload internet speeed do I need ?

    you should be good with 10 mbit =) the speed isn't that much of an issue after a threshhold is reached. Afterwards the latency is what matters. Or the so called Ping Times. Even 1 gbit internet sucks with gaming if the routing to the servers gives you a 300+ ms ping/latency.with every 2nd packet dropped.
  12. Why do people like first 2 witcher games so much?

    I did so... got a bundle at GoG and only played witcher III with all DLCs. Some backstory will be explained in the game, for others, youtube is your friend =)
  13. Rattling noise from msi gs70 fan

    the fan bearing is defective... in the future it will stop working entirely due to that. Try to get it replaced.
  14. Why do people like first 2 witcher games so much?

    Just keep in mind how old witcher 1 and witcher 2 are...