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  1. brownninja97 Banned for Banning Himself
  2. You need special USB Drives which I don't happen to have. And I Don't want to pay anything
  3. Can you install windows on a USB Stick? If you can, How?
  4. I'm looking for ones that are from prebuilt PCs
  5. Is AcBel/Delta a reputable brand in terms of power supplies?
  6. I settled on 3 7870s at last mining monero. Got them used for $200
  7. I have 2 polaris RX 4 series cards on my mining rig. will I get any problems if I try to add in a 7970? Using AMD Blockchain Beta Drivers.
  8. You can see inside my signature that I already have a Media PC that can pull double duty as a NAS
  9. I have a motherboard/cpu/ram combo from very old system: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ 2C2T@2.11GHz Gigabyte GA-M61SME-S2 (Nvidia Nforce 405 /Geforce 6100 chipset) 2x AMD only DDR2 4GB sticks (max supported 8GB) has: 4 USB 1.1/2.0 ports 2 PS/2 ports Realtek audio Realtek 10/100 Lan 1 PCIE 16X slot 1 PCIE 1x slot 2 PCI slots 2 DIMM Slots Google the model number for more info What can I do with it other than recycling it? P.S. I have an AMD stock cooler on hand.
  10. I can get an LSI 9260-8i for like 15% of the MSRP BRAND NEW but there aren't any PCI-E slots on the board (except the one with the GTX 1050) that would fit the RAID card.
  11. I just want to run RAID 1 Even Linus was using software RAID to stripe his RAID 5 arrays together
  12. Motherboard doesn't support RAID according to the ASUS website I can use software RAID in windows though
  13. I'll go with the HGST drive because it is freaking cheaper.
  14. I have a PC with the following components. ASUS Prime B250M-A intel Core i3-7100 intel stock cooler 8GB of Crucial DDR4-2400 Windows 10 PRO GALAX GTX 1050 Kingston 128GB M.2 SSD Hitachi 250GB 7200rpm Hard drive EVGA 450W 80+ Bronze Non Modular Power Supply Fractal Design Node 605 Sony Blu-ray Optical drive 2 Noctua NF-F12 ippc 3000RPM fans I want to add 2 H3IKNAS600012872SWW HGST 6TB Drives to double it as a nas Will it work? Local Network Speed: 1Gbps connected with a Netgear GS308 8 port switch
  15. 8+ is too expensive for me I said 8 or razer phone is because they are priced similarly in my country.
  16. I don't know if I should get a Razer phone or an IPhone 8.
  17. Microsoft and Quallcomm got the full-fat windows 10 running on a snapdragon 835 (which is an ARM CPU) with programs designed for x86 working fine
  18. And task manager shows that the program "system" using up the most cpu resources at idle. Is that because of the Meltdown fix?
  19. I never had this problem until I updated 2 days ago. And the CPU of another computer (Core i3-7100) with all of these programs wasn't even hitting 10% at idle on any of the cores.