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  1. So i have this program that i made that needs to be executed in real time asap. It makes much usage of the CPU, but it looks like my CPU is blocking it in some way. Even if i set it's priority to real time in task manager, it rarely lets it get to 100% and immediately reduces the speed to focus on other things. Is there any way i can make the CPU 100% dedicated to that specific task, also allowing it to go full usage?
  2. I have to say A8-7650K. I have an old rig that uses it as the CPU and i just can't complain. It's quadcore with 4Mb of Cache and 3.3Ghz of clock (Can oc to 3.8Ghz). Although it's possible that most people will just laugh at you if you say you will use that for gaming, this tiny thing is a monster, specially for it's price. With a 4Gb GPU and 8Gbs of DDR3 RAM, it was able to run the following games just like this: (Obs: The results may not be 100% precise as it's been some time since i played these games on the rig) GTA V - Ultra settings at a minimum of 40 FPS, never dropping below it. Most of the time you will find yourself with around 50 something FPS. Rise of the Tomb Raider - High settings and pretty solid 60 fps in most places, BUT some places will drop below 20. Fallout 4 - High settings (Godrays disabled), around 40 FPS at all times. Doom 2016 - Very High settings with some settings at Ultra buttery smooth FPS never drops from 60. You will generally get around 80-100 FPS just fine. Mad Max 2015 - Ultra settings 60 FPS buttery smooth no problems. The Witcher 3 - Around 40-50 FPS in Very High settings. That's all i can recall right now. It's cheap af, the power comsuption is very low, and the performance is 10/10. Of course there are some APUs that are better such as literally the best APU the A10-7890K but i don't have one so i don't know how does run. I hope it helped =)
  3. Hey guys! So i was reading about integrated GPUs like those that come generally in laptops but also in desktop APUs, but i didn't get something: From what i've got, it doesn't have it's own VRAM, so it takes what it needs from the PC's available RAM and the max ammount is limited in the motherboard. So if you have let's say 32Gbs of RAM and somehow configures the max ammount to be 32Gbs, can the integrated GPU possibly reach like 10Gbs or more? Does something else like it's clock limit it's performance?
  4. Oh this Aspire 5 one looks cool. Do you think it can run these games i've listed?
  5. So my brother decided to get a computer, but he doesn't want a Desktop because he wants something you can just carry around (Sort of), so i was looking for a Laptop/Notebook for him. The problem is... I don't know what's wrong with these things. I searched in lots of websites and lists, but i just can't find anything decent and cheap. 9/10 Laptops i find are like 4 or 8Gb RAM rigs with [Insert I7 CPU here] without a dedicated GPU. n°1- Why would someone want such a powerful cpu without a decent GPU? That's just straight up dumb imo. What am i supposed to do with it? Browse Google Chrome with 60 fps and feel like a boss? Since i don't have a decent GPU i don't see what benefit i would have in doing anything other than using CPU intensive applications, and that's stretching Anyway, i only found 2 decent Laptops, but what i am thinking of suggesting him to buy is this one: Name: Samsung Expert X23 CPU: Intel Core I5 5200U GPU: GeForce 910M 2GB (DDR3? I only found the 1GB version) RAM: 8Gb OS: Windows 10 SCREEN: 15'6 LED HD STORAGE: 1Tb It costs around 560 U$D. It's pretty cheap and looks cool, but i doubt that... that "GPU" will run any recent games with more than 30 fps... Anyway, i don't have much knowledge of PC hardware so i can't tell and i didn't find anything online, do you guys think it would run games like: GTA V, Fallout 4, Rainbow Six Siege, Far Cry 4 and Need For Speed Rivals? With this info in mind i could easily figure if it meets his requirements for the price ofc. Any help would be appreciated, tnks! In the meanwhile, i am gonna keep looking. There must be something decent out there...
  6. Thank you. It wasn't related to the PSU i guess. It returned an error, so i used System File Check and somehow it fixed it.
  7. I just took a look in my Hard Drive after i used Ccleaner and these files appeared. They are pretty annoying. Can i delete them safely? I don't have any idea of what they are and what are they doing...
  8. Sorry if i am in the wrong place, but i desperately need to find out if my PSU is overloaded. My PC was running fine till a week ago, and now it is frequently restarting without any kind of warning. I tried to diagnose it in every single way possible but i can't find an answer. I think the problem is in the hardware, but my CPU is new so i don't think that's the problem. It MAY be the PSU bcs i got a fan controller and some new fans, why not? But i didn't find ANY software that could check the load of your PC. Any hint?
  9. Hey guys! I am using the HyperX Cloud II as my headset, but i have been experiencing a weird problem recently. The headphones have a "small control panel" where you can enable and disable 7.1 Surround, microphone, and adjust the volume. The problem is, recently, changing the volume using the volume settings on the botton right part of the screen doesn't actually change the volume of the headphones, and vice-versa. WTF?! What do i do...
  10. After almost giving up, i tried one last thing: 1- Run Cmd Prompt as Administrator. 2- Type: netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt 3- Hit enter key. 4- Restart the PC. Then: 1- Run Cmd Prompt as Administrator again. 2- Type: netsh winsock reset 3- Hit enter key. 4- Restart the PC. And last but not least: 1- Go to Control Panel. 2- Internet Options 3- Go to the "Advanced" tab 4- Click "Restore advanced settings" 5- Click "Reset" right below it. Doing all these steps in sequence fixed the problem. Now my speed is back at 1.8Mbps and no problem has occured so far.
  11. Gotta be Castlevania for NES. The first one. Damn, that game was scary AND difficult back in the day. Now it's even more difficult because i lost all my "NES experience", and as i am often playing current gen games on a joystick, i am used to having smooth controls and all so it makes everything even worse. At least i don't get scared though. But still, best retro game IMO.
  12. They are all the same GPU,a and they all perform the same. The difference is in your needs. Want a small profile gpu? Get a mini. Do you want to overclock it? Get one with two fans. It's all in your own personal taste, but essentially they are all the same. Have a look in this video: A more detailed explanation of what i just said.
  13. I need help ASAP. I use Wi-Fi adapters on my PC. Everything was just fine till about 3 days ago when suddenly my speed dropped from the regular 1.8Mbps to around 20/30kb! I tried everything i could but nothing seems to help. Connection is always at 5 "sticks". I bought a new adapter and it's still the same thing. I tried scanning windows completely to no result, tried installing and reinstalling drivers, tried using windows' tools to find errors on the connection but nothing. On my phone or other pcs its working Just fine. I am using my phone to type this. Pls help!
  14. I never said i wanted an AMD CPU. I just said i wanted to know the difference between those 3 CPUs, and i never said Ryzen is bad or anything (At least i didn't want to), i wanted to know if i was missing another series of CPUs made by AMD that was suitable for gaming these days that wasn't a Ryzen.
  15. Simple question. I have some extra coolers in my case, and they are quite silent so putting them on low or off makes absolutely no "sound difference" but i just wanted to know if i should or not keep them on at all while my PC is idle / passive mode or while browsing the internet, because for me it makes no sense as my GPU is often at 27°C (i have no idea What's my CPU temp but it's cooler is like ALWAYS at high rpms so i don't really care). So, should i let them on or off?