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    i7 860 (1.Gen)
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    Gigabyte GA-P55_UD3
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    1x Kingston 8GB DDR3 2x No Name 2GB DDR3 (12GB Total RAM)
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    Logitech G600 w/ Corsair MM300 Mousepad
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  1. Ok but technically there is no issue with combining two 3200mhz dimms with two 3000 mhz dimms? What do you mean it doesn´t play nice with 4 dimms? Is it usable? Am I better off buying a set of two 16Gb dimms instead?
  2. What are the drawbacks of buying different speed ram? I have 2x8GB of 3200mhz vengeance LPX and I want to put in 2 more sticks but thanks to mining I would be inclined to buy the 3000mhz DIMMs. Also Ryzen doesn't like anything above 2933mhz. No-go or who tf cares? Speed is going to be limited by the slowest DIMM ofc but that's alright.
  3. Ok guys, If you do any amount of serious work on a PC. Be it media production or just accounting. The stream deck is a divine invention that deserves its spot up there with the wheel, Steam Sales and Porn. Yea. It´s that good. It should be on every desk. There should be way more manufacturers doing one of these. Come on Logitech. Put some RGB on it while you´re at it. It should be on your parts list before the damn CPU. For people like me, who forget shortcuts and honestly can´t be bothered learning them, it´s pure bliss. Can you run two of these simultaneously? They should make Keyboards like this. You know, Keycaps with screens in them. See I had so much time since I bought the Stream Deck I can write a post on the forum and get work done.
  4. Update: 3133 works But above that it locks up... Also at that Speed Cinebench Drops about 300 points to 1500 Ryzen is weird sometimes Anyway thanks guys
  5. So I just updated the bios of my ASUS Prime Pro x370 board. Now I tried to run my two 8GB sticks at 3200MHz. This hasn´t worked since Ryzen launch and I gave up trying. But then I thought maybe now with the BIOS update it might finally work. ...BSOD (DRIVER_IRQL_NLOE). Blah blah stupid win10 recovery setup kicked in and everything went haywire. Now I reset the BIOS and dialed it back to 2133. WTF is up with Ryzen and 3200MHz...Is it that f-ing hard. I don´t buy a 3200MHz stick to run it at 2933...I know it makes next to no difference and I´ve been using it at 2933 for a year now but still. Is it that hard?
  6. So I´m editing stuff on my: 1700X + 1060 (6GB) + 16 GB 3200 Vengeance LPX - Rig and timeline scrubbing and playback is just horribly slow...Task Manager says I´m using 10-12 of the 16 GB. But is that just going to jump to 26-28 GB as soon as I put 2 more DIMMs in there? It´s GH4 4K Footage so a 100Mbps Bitrate and also some GoPro stuff also at 4k or . Also when I move the Stuff I´m editing on my NVMe SSD AKA my boot drive it is definitely faster but only marginally... I proxy at half res. Also my MacBook from 2012 has no problems whatsoever doing the identical workload...-.- and that has only a 3rd Gen i7 with 8 GB of RAM... PC stuff is weird sometimes
  7. UPDATE: I cleaned the PSU. It works like a treat. But I have already bought the other one... So i guess I can sell the old one on ebay as "professionally refurbished" now. Image below is the amount of dust that has been inside the PSU. This doesn´t include what ended up on my floor and had to be vacuumed.
  8. Yup, I have 3x120mm as intakes on the front. 1x140mm on the top and 1x120mm in the back. So the air pressure inside should be positive. I might have to move...looks like the easiest solution
  9. Oh ok. Thanks. My apartment is like the epicenter of dust I don´t know what to do... every fan is filtered but it doesn´t help...
  10. UPDATE: I have a critical event called Kernel-Power happening when this occurs. CPU 45 GPU 70 Nope heat is all good. I´m using all that.
  11. Hi guys, I have the following scenario. (This has happened more than once) I´m playing GTA V, and after maybe 15-30 min. during nothing special (e.g. driving, cutscenes, walking, shooting...anything really) my PC just cuts and reboots. NO BSOD. My RGB lights stay on. It just zaps and reboots. I have already ordered a new PSU. So that would sort that. But I´m thinking that it´s something else... What do you guys think? Specs: Ryzen 1700X GTX 1060 6GB (Gigabyte) Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz at 2933MHz because Zen is a dick (has that one been resolved yet?) Superflower 650W PSU (from 2009) ASUS Prime Pro X370 Mobo 2x1TB HDD 1x640GB 2,5" HDD 1x 256GB NVMe SSD 4x RGB Strips plus NZXT HUB 3x beQuiet 120mm fans 2x Noctua NFF12 1x beQuiet 140mm fan G810 KB 1x USB Hub 1x 4k Monitor 1x FHD Monitor Is it the PSU? It might be...There is much stuff plugged in but some website said all that stuff needs 370W. So my 650W should be fine? Pleeeeeeease help me. Oh and the CPU nor the RAM or the GPU is overclocked...because I´m a pussy. Don´t judge.
  12. Hey guys, I have a 1700X with 16 GB DDR4 3200MHz Corsair Vengeance LPX. Still Davinci Resolve is lagging massively when trying to edit some 4k footage of a DJI drone. Is it RAM related or does the CPU not have enough oomph to work properly? Shouldn´t be CPU as it is running at max 35%. But the RAM is at a solid 90% all the time. Will it be enough to upgrade to 32 GB or do I need 64 GB? Thanks
  13. How on earth is a 1700X more expensive? 400€ for a 1700X 379€ for a 7700K Given that it has 4 more cores I´d say that´s fair...