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  1. Why do Americans use Fahrenheit per football fields instead of kilometres per hour?

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    2. dfsdfgfkjsefoiqzemnd


      As someone who uses both systems on a regular basis, I can't say I agree there.  Sure, as long as you're talking full inches it's convenient, but no more convenient than using cm really.  The number will simply be 2.54 times smaller. 


      But I much prefer working with mm than with fractions of an inch, not just with measurements but especially with tools.  If my 12mm wrench is a bit too small, I take a 13mm or 14mm one.  Larger number, larger wrench, real simple.  When your 1/4" one is too small, you're going to a 5/16" or a 3/8" instead.  Much more need for mental gymnastics if you don't know them all by heart. 


      As for decimeters, we don't really use those outside of school and perhaps certain scientific settings.  What's actually used are millimeters and centimeters for measuring small or precise stuff, or meters and kilometers for larger and less precise measurements. 

    3. lewdicrous


      It's better to use a unified system when doing an international project, the mars climate orbitor crash is a good example of why, but if it's just a local project (only US) then using one or the other is okay I guess.

    4. lewdicrous