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  1. is this a scam or not?

    If they gave you a rock in it then they're generous
  2. To add to this, this kind of thing is to be expected whenever an embargo is lifted on whatever product the youtubers were paid to advertise; everyone wants to be the first to post their vid
  3. Problem is, consumer satisfaction is subjective and no matter how hard a company tries to appeal to/please their consumers there would always be a group of people who wouldn't like it. Yes there were more ads than usual but my point was that you don't have to watch them, no one is forcing you to watch their sponsored vids. As someone said earlier in the thread, "vote with your eyes"
  4. I get what you're saying, I used floatplane as an example because the person I was replying to used something you have to buy (a game) an theirs I said Linus gives us free content, meaning youtube videos.. I guess I wasn't that clear
  5. But you don't have to get it, that's what I'm saying. You will get all the content floatplane users get, just a week or so later
  6. I kinda get the analogy, but you can't compare something we get for free with something you have to buy. You don't have to pay for floatplane, for example, but you have to buy battlefront in order to play; the reason people don't like loot boxes and micro-transactions is because they [EA] want you to pay for more things even though you already bought the game, while Linus doesn't force you into paying for his videos.. we are defending free content.
  7. He has to pay the bills and pay his employees not to mention supporting his family. If you don't like it then don't watching those videos
  8. Sexist loading banner?

    Why tho..
  9. Background music has got to go

    Muting and enabling captions might work for those you REALLY hate the background music
  10. discord.gg/LTT doesent work

    https://discordapp.com/invite/ltt try this link instead EDIT: just realized it's the same .-. EDIT2: found the problem (maybe) you wrote LTT instead of ltt, it's not capitalized EDIT3: that doesn't seem to be the issue..
  11. New mouse (I play fortnite)

    Suggestion* I was giving you a suggestion not a recommendation. I cannot tell you to buy products that I haven't used; that wouldn't be an honest suggestion
  12. New mouse (I play fortnite)

    Turtle beach grip 300 This is what I use, but I don't know how it performs in fortnite
  13. Shifting numbers in a list (Python3)

    Solution provided by @Meic Note, the first code provided has been changed to make it work for my case, from: print(" ".join(lst)) to: print(" ".join(map(str, lst)))
  14. Shifting numbers in a list (Python3)

    I get errors when I try this, "TypeError: sequence item 0: expected str instance, int found" The error goes away if I write "print(" ".join(str(lst)))" but that still prints the results with brackets The other two solutions work well, thanks EDIT: I solved the problem by writing this: print(" ".join(map(str, lst))) Thanks a lot!
  15. Hello, I'm trying to shift numbers in a list to the right 'n' times, the program I wrote shifts it to the left instead.. How to it to make it work the other way? I also want to print the answer without the brackets This is what I get: But I want to get this: I tried doing this to make it shift to the right but it didn't work