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    AMD Athlon II x3 450 @ 3.2 GHz
  • Motherboard
    Some Generic AM3 Mobo from a prebuilt
  • RAM
    Random stick from my schools PC's
  • GPU
    ASUS Radeon HD 7850 2Gb (OC)
  • Case
    Old Server case From ML
  • Storage
    Random HDD from a School PC with WIn 8.1 On it. and a 750Gb HDD
  • PSU
    Generic Prebuilt 500W PSU
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    LG IPS237L-BN
  • Cooling
    Ganeric cooling fan for a hot summer day ducttaped to the side of the case
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    Generic Logitech Keyboard
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    Generic Logitech Mouse
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    Generic Genius speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1 Unregistered (Stole a HDD from school and got WIn 8 with it)

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    Used Part hunting, Fiddling around with broken parts, Great Deals!
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    I come from a poor family, Got my first Pc for Christmas on 2010, it was a beast Gaming PC. To this day the PC stands in my room as honor roses upon it as being my first and only PC.
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    Jobless 15 year old

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  1. Would it work if I got the female Micro-USB to lightning adapter and got a female USB to Micro-USB adapter..? And the adapter works if the device is jailbroken. Though I'm not sure if it works the way I'm describing it..
  2. Wait... How do I get the external power to the drive if it only has the female usb end and the lightning end..?
  3. Hej, so I was wondering could I somehow connect my 128gb usb drive to my iPad via adapters? Or does it have to be a drive that is made specially with the lightning end?
  4. Is it worth the cash?

    Ye, They were around 45-50C
  5. Is it worth the cash?

    The dude who is selling me it, has the I7 clocked at 3.8Ghz, Would either of those be enough to keep the CPU cool at 3.8?
  6. Is it worth the cash?

    I'll probablt even OC the I7 on it, but i'm not really sure on the cooler... He offered me the H100I With the Combo, but... He rised the price about 150 euros, form 80 to 230 euros... Don't know if all coolers would go, but i did find a 60 euro one that has LGA 1366 support, It's the H80i. Don't know if it's any good...
  7. Is it worth the cash?

    On my Profile you can see, that my MoBo is a generic Prebuilt AM3 Board. And CPU is a Athlon II X3 450 (3Cores/threads) and 4 Gb of ram, because the Board doesn't support more than 4Gb.. I'd say the most expensive thing in the system is The ram, that i'll probably sell if i do get the LGA 1366 board with ram.
  8. Hej, so i was wondering. I recently Got a offer of a LGA 1366 MoBo, I7-920, and 12 or 16 Gb of ram (Don't remember). Don't remember the exact model of the MoBo, but i know it supports triple channel Ram, like most LGA 1366 MoBo's. The offer was 80 Eur. When i asked if the dude was selling parts or not, he said he didn't but now he does, when i asked i was into gaming and stuff, but now i'm doing more 3D modeling and such. maybe once in a while gaming. Should i go for it?
  9. Moving Windows Onto SSD for Free?

    Make sure that you have enough space on it, because if you don't it wont let you copy, and you'll have to wipe the other drive that you copied from, because 2 windows OS with the same key don't work well...
  10. Moving Windows Onto SSD for Free?

  11. Moving Windows Onto SSD for Free?

    Erm, i remember i copied my windows on to some drives and stuff for free with MiniTool Partition Wizard, it free and it did everything it needed to do. https://www.partitionwizard.com/
  12. Where are the custom cooled Vega?

    Jay made a video about Some Custom RX Vega, It sucked, or he just lost the silicon lottery really badly.
  13. What am i doing wrong here...?

    I thought id use it, since it was just laying around unused.
  14. hej, so recently my motherboard started killing the audio so i opted to a soundcard, i had one old one laying around in my room, that is identifying it self and stuff, i have installed the Drivers and stuff for it... but when i try to play music from media player to test if the audio actually works or not, it says the card is faulty or something... Device manager finds it, knows that it has the latest drivers. The card is a Creative Lab SoundBlaster X-Fi XtremeGaming (https://asia.creative.com/p/sound-blaster/sound-blaster-x-fi-xtremegamer)
  15. Is my crazy idea possible...?

    Hej, So i just recently got a old Pc that had some Pictures on it, that i need to retrieve... I was wondering if transplanting those data disks from one Drive to another would work. But the drives i'm trandplaniting into are different. but the capacity is the same, or would any capacity drive work with it? the broken drive, starts spinning for a few seconds, clicks a little while and then fully stops. the other one is in working condition.