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    I'm a what?
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    Used Part hunting, Fiddling around with broken parts, Great Deals!
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    I come from a poor family, Got my first Pc for Christmas on 2010, it was a beast Gaming PC.
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    McDonald's jiggamabob


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    AMD Fx-6300 @ 4.2Ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asus M5a99Fx Pro r2.0
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    Nada idea, got 8gb.
  • GPU
    Sapphire Radeon R9 380X 4gb
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    Some tin can i found on the curb
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    aData su650 480Gb SSD
  • PSU
    Some generic 450W PSU
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    2x Viewsonic VA2246M-LED
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    Ganeric cooling fan for a hot summer day duct taped to the side of the case
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    Generic Lenovo keyboard
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    Generic Logitech Mouse (still the same after 2 years)
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    I ain't got none
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    Windows 10 S Unregistered

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  1. Have you both tried running the PC with one stick at a time to see if the sticks actually work, or if one is faulty. i had the same problem a few weeks ago, came out one of my ram sticks had gone bad, it was detected, but none of it was usable. once you've confirmed that both sticks are in working condition use this tutorial
  2. Hej, so recently i bought myself 2 new monitors, pretty budget, but you know, does the thing. Prior to these 2 monitors i had been using my TV for a screen, using HDMI, so the audio was routed through that. So i put em screens up, connected the DVI cables, since they don't have HDMI... plugged in the 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male cable from the of my MoBo to get audio through the screens built in speakers. Nothing, tried the front panel, nada. tried to use headphones, also nothing. no matter what port i plugged it in, nothing came up. at first i thought a restart might be needed. still nothing, uninstalled the realtek HD audio whatever thing, reinstalled it. At first, the realtek audio panel was there, but then i tried, reinstalling again, then the whole realtek program just disappeared, not in its place where it was usually. for some reason, always, no matter if i had the audio drivers or not i get 2 possible audio outputs "Realtek digital output(optical)" and "Realtek digital output", it shows me they are acceptable audio outputs, but both do exactly nothing and a half. kinda running out of options here. MoBo: ASUS M5a99fx Pro r2.0 Monitors: Viewsonic VA2246M-LED I might fear that the problem is in my windows, because I'm running Windows 10 S, but then again it can't since it worked with my TV.
  3. Id rather play it safe, and not take a rom all willy nilly and make a 300€ brick to add to my house. Barely know anything about flashing phones.
  4. Hej, maybe someone smarter can help me. Recently i got a Galaxy A8 (2018) even though i hate the Samsung experience UI it was the best phone. I tried getting rid of the samsung stock UI and make it look like the Stock Oreo, but alass, Samsung hates us and doesnt convert every Logo, even if i switched on the UI rendering thing that they have added, it only worked on the User downloaded apps to have their original shape... So i did a bit of research, either im dumb as a sack of nails or there is no such thing as Stock Oreo for The samsung i have. If anyone has or can find a stock oreo Rom for The SM-A530F then please give me a link, my mental state will thank you.
  5. Why don't you look up different GPU's on UK used sites like Gumtree or what else were there. i don't live in the UK. Also, you'll most likely find a card between the years of 2013-2015 at that price, those cards aren't bad, but be aware. those cards were a hot thing when the mining craze was. so some might be faulty, but sold as working. Mining aside! you will be pretty good with a R9 280(X), or a HD 7950, they are the same card, but the R9 Tends to be more costly. I had a 7950 once, a very rare version of it though, the 7950 usually 2x 6pin connectors i had a 6 and 8 pin connector on it, if you can find one like that, you can mod the GPU Bios to be a 7970. That my friend would mean a fuck ton. I think the 7970 was re-branded to a R9 290. Try to look for a HD 7950 like that, i think i have a thread on my wall where i was actually speculating about my card being a 7970 that was flashed to a 7950. Also, a great and cheap card is HD 7850 or 7870. they are beasts for their price, they usually go for around 40 euros. they should go for around 50 quid in the UK. No quirks to it like the 7950. it's just a good low end card. Nvidia side, i'm kinda blind on that side, i never saw any good deals on Nvidia card in my home country. but if i had to guess, the GTX 770 is about HD 7950 material, i think. if lucky you might find a GT 1050 used for 100 quid.
  6. Read the description, because the price was off in my opinion. First line made me cringe. But you know, gotta give him credit for trying to sound smart The Sapphire AMD Radeon R9 280X VAPOR-X OC is an expansion card which is used to create the images on your display.
  7. So, a few emails later with Hi3G's support. came out it is their sub-company called OiSTER, Sub company is pretty much a company that is written under the same name, but operates on it's own. One of the reasons Hi3G couldn't find the owner is because OiSTER and Hi3G have totally different systems. Hi3G can't access their personal info, only OiSTER can. Contacted OiSTER already. Also, now the logo makes a lot more sense. the Q thingi is actually the O with the i's dot connected to it.
  8. HEJ! THERE IS AN AWESOME UPDATE! So i contacted the company. they said they can give my contact info to the owner. they checked the sim code thingy, came out it isn't registered to anyone. probably because they already canceled the Card. but i'm working on finding out a lot more. Over-all, the owner and their phone will be once reunited again.
  9. Well, finding the owners info is one thing, but i live like 600 or so km away from Denmark. getting there would cost me more than this iPhone does, especially finding the owner within a country with more population in their capital than in Estonia in total.
  10. Yeah, contacted support about it.
  11. already found the origin of it, it's the Danish Hi3G carrier. sent an email to support.
  12. Hej, so i learned something new. LIKE TOTALLY NEW! So the first 2 digits of the code at the back are static (89), they never change the following 1-3 digits are the calling code of the country. in this example 45, is the calling code for denmark. and the two or 3 digits after the calling code is the number of the company, in this case the danish Hi3G or 3 in denmark. Break it down! 89 Is always static, 45 is the calling code. varies from the contry calling code and the 06 means the company. found it out from this page's download link to all the companies that provide a sim card http://www.itu.int/pub/T-SP-E.118-2013
  13. Looked at the vodafone sim cards, nothing. Though it does look similar, but that's not what i had in mind. and what is interesting this sim has a code behind it, but estonian sim cards have a estonian iBan behind it. maybe it's some bank account, though yet again, the usefulness of that is 0