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  • CPU
    AMD Athlon II x3 450 @ 3.2 GHz
  • Motherboard
    Some Generic AM3 Mobo from a prebuilt
  • RAM
    Random stick from my schools PC's
  • GPU
    None, wainting for my new one to arrive.
  • Case
    Old Server case From ML
  • Storage
    Random HDD from a School PC with WIn 8.1 On it. and a 750Gb HDD
  • PSU
    Generic Prebuilt 500W PSU
  • Display(s)
    LG IPS237L-BN
  • Cooling
    Ganeric cooling fan for a hot summer day ducttaped to the side of the case
  • Keyboard
    Generic Logitech Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Generic Logitech Mouse
  • Sound
    Generic Genius speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1 Unregistered (Stole a HDD from school and got WIn 8 with it)

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    Used Part hunting, Fiddling around with broken parts, Great Deals!
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    I come from a poor family, Got my first Pc for Christmas on 2010, it was a beast Gaming PC. To this day the PC stands in my room as honor roses upon it as being my first and only PC. Large Portion Of my PC is stolen From my School.
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    Jobless 15 year old

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  1. My PC wont boot up

    Wait, but wasn't 2400MHz the sweet spot for ryzen. Or am i mixing it up with something else.
  2. Handheld console that can play darkest dungeon?

    Tho i don't know if it can play darkest dungeon, or if it has it on it... But on the second look a raspberry pi is a great thing, if you have the money and time to make a console then you can make omit into one. A lot of people have done it so I can't see why you couldn't, if you believe in yourself then you can.
  3. Could it work?

    Yes, tried as old as possible, still the same results.
  4. Handheld console that can play darkest dungeon?

    You could get a emulators paradise, the PSP 3000. or get a raspberry pi hand held console.
  5. Could it work?

    It's one of my favourites, The HD 7970 by GIGABYTE.
  6. My PC wont boot up

    He said the ram is running at 3000 MHz
  7. Could it work?

    Heh, so i was wondering if i could fix my semi-broken GPU that for some reason starts to crash after the drivers instal... So my idea was to heat the GPU die so it would remelt the solder between the die and the board, but i don't want to do it right of the bat, anyone else got any idea what could be done to fix it. Let's start with ones that don't require physical stuff, and then let's get to the physical stuff. Things I've done: Uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers on a different card of the same series (No results) Tested the card in different systems, 3 to be exact (no results) Installed the drivers with the card in the system, it gives me a perfect picture before the drivers but after the display drivers are installed, it crashes (So no results) Inspection over the whole PCB to see if there is any physical damage (no damage) Modded the vbios to have lower clocks and lower VDDC, yes i checked comparability (No results) Tried running the system off of integrated graphics, 2 systems. The GPU bricked the PC after it stopped loading into windows (So no results) What I've noticed is that the GPU slows down the Windows loading time, i haven't times it but it is slower than it should, if I'd have to say how slow I'd say about 5x slower. So yeah, throw me possible fixes and if they don't work, give me advice on how to resolder the GPU die...
  8. Has she gone loco?

    Parts to test with i have an ass load. I think like 3 or 4 PC to test in and Every last one is different from CPU to hard drive. No parts are similar.
  9. Has she gone loco?

    Currently I'm reinstalling the OS after that is done. I can do everything properly.
  10. Has she gone loco?

    Look at my post from above. And it can't be a Mac since i bought it from a person who had it in their system that was with windows.
  11. Has she gone loco?

    The mobo is a Asus something, can't remember. But i know it is a am3 board with UCC (Unlock CPU Core) and i actually am using 2 PSUs to power it, since the one connected to the mobo isn't powerful enough and doesn't have the required connectors. Don't know the exact model but a 80+ PSU is connected to the mono and 80+ gold 800W is connected to the Card. I'm doing this Frankenstein thing where I'm to lazy to take out my original PSU from my rig since i rented my ram to a friend. Yeah, worth the rent.
  12. Has she gone loco?

    That was without the drivers after the drivers came in to play the card started to do.
  13. Has she gone loco?

    Checked the caps, and stuff. The card is alive, since it does give me a picture before it goes to the login page on windows. It might be the drivers that are screwing with it, since i got it to work somewhat normally but the screen was going stretching outside the visible area of the screen.
  14. Has she gone loco?

    Like i wrote, i could only see the series of the card, no clocks or anything. And the card won't even boot anymore.
  15. Has she gone loco?

    I tried flashing it to a hd 7950's voltages and clocks but it didn't work either.