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    Used Part hunting, Fiddling around with broken parts, Great Deals!
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    I come from a poor family, Got my first Pc for Christmas on 2010, it was a beast Gaming PC. To this day the PC stands in my room as honor roses upon it as being my first and only PC.
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    Jobless 15 year old


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    AMD Athlon II x3 450 @ 3.2 GHz
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    Some Generic AM3 Mobo from a prebuilt
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    Random stick from my schools PC's
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    ASUS Radeon HD 7850 2Gb (OC)
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    Old Server case From ML
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    Random HDD from a School PC with WIn 8.1 On it. and a 750Gb HDD
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    Generic Prebuilt 500W PSU
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    LG IPS237L-BN
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    Ganeric cooling fan for a hot summer day ducttaped to the side of the case
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    Generic Logitech Keyboard
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    Generic Logitech Mouse
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    Generic Genius speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1 Unregistered (Stole a HDD from school and got WIn 8 with it)

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  1. [EU] Just5 Cosmo L707

    Hej, so about 2 months ago, I managed to smash my old phone to bits and I was desperate for a new phone on a budget. Started looking for one and saw those xaumi phones or stuff, my brother had just gotten a Xaumi M4 or something and the android on it looked horrible so I skipped it. My budget was around 150- 170€ and my selection was slim, I remembered there was this Latvian phone brand Just5 who made budget phones with decent specs, not the best though. I looked into them, was thinking of getting a freedom X1 or just a regular freedom phone. Then I noticed that they had released a new phone, actually a line of new phones, Freedom C100, C105, Cosmo L707 and Cosmo L808. I was looking for a phone with a decent amount of storage, big screen with a FHD display, a decent back and front camera. The C10x's were out of the deal, because they had a HD display. Which I also got to use because my other brother got a C100 I think or a C105, I can say that it's disgusting to use, my eyes could see the pixels from about 10 or so cm (~5") away. I was left with the choice of the L808 or L707. I compared them, the L707 had a 5.5" FHD display, L808 had a 5" FHD display. L707 had a dual camera (13MP and .3MP), L808 had a single camera (16MP). L707 had only 3 sensors, that I tested and barely worked... The L808 was packed with sensors everything you need. Both had a finger print sensor at the back of the phone. The L707 was made of hard plastic, that I actually like more than the aluminium feel, because I need to work outside and it gets really cold where I live so the aluminium will get cold, and I never have gloves. L808 had a aluminium body. So I decided to buy the L707 for a bigger viewing area but sacrificing the PPI a bit. So I got it. Unboxed it, and turned it on, and was greeted with a create account sign on my phone. At first I was thinking "why?" So I created the account. And it wanted me to choose which one I want to sign into, the one I just created or guest. I didn't know why I'd need this, but I just continued. Signed into Google and stuff, downloaded necessary apps. After a few weeks i got used to the feel of the body, and all of my friends said it's really close to a iPhone, and one of my friends had an iPhone so I tried he's case on the phone, and surprise surprise, the case actually fit. So. Instead of getting the silicon case that is designed by Just5 for l707 I got a iPhone case. Ohh and that silicon case is the only case actually designed for the l707, so no variety unless you buy an iPhone case. When I had had the phone for a month, I started to experience some issues. The fingerprint sensor didn't work at times. A straight line from, as thick as my pinky finger, it started to malfunction, I can't press there, it throws the tap somewhere above or below where I tapped. So I let it slide, thinking it was because of the brutal cold I've been putting this phone through for the whole month. After that, sometimes the camera didn't want to turn on, and said that some other app was using the camera. Didn't pay attention to that, but it cleared away after the first few times it happen. Until recently the SIM card/ Carrier card had started Poppin in and out constant requiring me to re-enter the pin every time it did. Later I found out that the pins had pushed my SIM card /carrier card so much that it came out of its micro card holder. So, fortunately the phone and a micro and nano SIM slot, and I just made the card into a nano card and put it there, no problems so far, though. Now I can't add an extra mSD card because the SIM slot is on the SD cards slot. Otherwise, I did a geekbenchmark it did not turn out the best. Go figure. YouTube video watching is impossible in 1080p, it's too stuttery and laggy to watch, so 720p was the sweet spot. In games it couldn't Handel well, though I don't play a lot so it didn't bother me. Taking pictures to me looked fine, and I am not really that person who takes a lot of pictures anyway. But I sometimes do so I could remember beautiful times. The android does come stock so if your into that then that's a plus. All in all, I might have gotten a bad phone build whise, with the screen not working properly at one area and fingerprint sensor malfunctioning. Otherwise I was happy with it, but not the happiest. If you're looking for a phone in the EU that you only use for surfing the interweb and watching Netflix on the go, then this is a good phone, but there are probably better ones out there. If you want a solid "gaming" capable phone. Then you're out of luck.
  2. Would it work if I got the female Micro-USB to lightning adapter and got a female USB to Micro-USB adapter..? And the adapter works if the device is jailbroken. Though I'm not sure if it works the way I'm describing it..
  3. Wait... How do I get the external power to the drive if it only has the female usb end and the lightning end..?
  4. Hej, so I was wondering could I somehow connect my 128gb usb drive to my iPad via adapters? Or does it have to be a drive that is made specially with the lightning end?
  5. Is it worth the cash?

    Ye, They were around 45-50C
  6. Is it worth the cash?

    The dude who is selling me it, has the I7 clocked at 3.8Ghz, Would either of those be enough to keep the CPU cool at 3.8?
  7. Is it worth the cash?

    I'll probablt even OC the I7 on it, but i'm not really sure on the cooler... He offered me the H100I With the Combo, but... He rised the price about 150 euros, form 80 to 230 euros... Don't know if all coolers would go, but i did find a 60 euro one that has LGA 1366 support, It's the H80i. Don't know if it's any good...
  8. Is it worth the cash?

    On my Profile you can see, that my MoBo is a generic Prebuilt AM3 Board. And CPU is a Athlon II X3 450 (3Cores/threads) and 4 Gb of ram, because the Board doesn't support more than 4Gb.. I'd say the most expensive thing in the system is The ram, that i'll probably sell if i do get the LGA 1366 board with ram.
  9. Hej, so i was wondering. I recently Got a offer of a LGA 1366 MoBo, I7-920, and 12 or 16 Gb of ram (Don't remember). Don't remember the exact model of the MoBo, but i know it supports triple channel Ram, like most LGA 1366 MoBo's. The offer was 80 Eur. When i asked if the dude was selling parts or not, he said he didn't but now he does, when i asked i was into gaming and stuff, but now i'm doing more 3D modeling and such. maybe once in a while gaming. Should i go for it?
  10. Moving Windows Onto SSD for Free?

    Make sure that you have enough space on it, because if you don't it wont let you copy, and you'll have to wipe the other drive that you copied from, because 2 windows OS with the same key don't work well...
  11. Moving Windows Onto SSD for Free?

  12. Moving Windows Onto SSD for Free?

    Erm, i remember i copied my windows on to some drives and stuff for free with MiniTool Partition Wizard, it free and it did everything it needed to do. https://www.partitionwizard.com/
  13. Where are the custom cooled Vega?

    Jay made a video about Some Custom RX Vega, It sucked, or he just lost the silicon lottery really badly.
  14. What am i doing wrong here...?

    I thought id use it, since it was just laying around unused.
  15. hej, so recently my motherboard started killing the audio so i opted to a soundcard, i had one old one laying around in my room, that is identifying it self and stuff, i have installed the Drivers and stuff for it... but when i try to play music from media player to test if the audio actually works or not, it says the card is faulty or something... Device manager finds it, knows that it has the latest drivers. The card is a Creative Lab SoundBlaster X-Fi XtremeGaming (https://asia.creative.com/p/sound-blaster/sound-blaster-x-fi-xtremegamer)