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    An usual day, was finding a good place to talk tech with other people
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  1. I was shocked today by the news that Koduri is "betraying" Radeon Technologies Group (RTG). But i am still optimistic this is the way that AMD can really make good ecosystem


    But does that mean intel will hold Koduri's Profit? Also i hope that if DDR5 is out at Zen 2 they should make motherboards that are the same chipset but made for DDR5 only and DDR4 only (like the old LGA 775 days)

    1. Zando Bob

      Zando Bob

      Is DDR5 that close, and is it any better than DDR4, or for that matter DDR3? AFAIK DDR4 and DDR3 are pretty much the same in real world use, except for on Ryzen that loves fast RAM (but it can only use DDR4, so we have no comparison there). Most Hardware, especially Intel CPUS, that’s a few gens old still performs very well and is relevant to day. 

    2. Ordinarily_Greater


      Yeah that is the question that we need an answer

    3. Zando Bob

      Zando Bob

      By all accounts seems it may come in 2019, if they finalize it this year (since it'll take manufacturers a year or so to integrate it into their products): http://www.techradar.com/news/full-speed-ahead-with-ddr5-faster-system-ram-is-on-the-horizon


      Every other article I read is basically the same as this one ^^^