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Status Updates posted by Ordinarily_Greater

  1. I kinda feel bad and sorry for those posts that's about giving help to their problems but end up just roaming to other posts


    that's me thinking that i'm knowledgeful, arghh

  2. Any ideas leading this to be a flagship killer that we've wanted or just another "OnePlus"? (Realme Global CEO, Sky Li)



  3. Chrome was full of problems for my Galaxy Camera, so I used Opera to enter the forum again like i used to. 

    -Not a sponsored status update

  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 complaints = Battery is too big for the phone, the battery has no room to dissipate heat!


    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 complaints = Why no big battery? Why it has around the battery size of a S8?!


    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 complaints = (was fine... until a case "one explodes") Make it a bit thicker please... So we don't get this exploding thing again!


    Mankind what do you want?

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    2. razor007


      goody boy

      how ya mate 

    3. razor007


      man im lookin for cheap controller for gamimg ..razor n xbox 1 are costly 

      do u know any in d market ?

    4. Ordinarily_Greater


      im good, just got interested to car mods. how about you?


      anyways maybe i can give you an idea for the controllers on amazon, its xbox layout




      Edit : check out the amazon basics one if you want other options as well, as it might be better than the Gamesir

  5. Anyone from Southeast Asia? Just wondering is the Price in Newegg includes everything that you need to pay to get the product to you? like dealing with customs and local taxes?

    1. bry.yyyy


      i would recommend u to ship it to sg and personally hand carry it back to id

      cause bea cukai will fucking up your product 

  6. Man, i hope both of AMD and Intel aren't gonna do the Z490 and the Z390 thing because if they do that then the stability of the Chipset naming ecosystem wouldn't be as simple as before.


    I mean why tho? just extra PCIe lanes on AMD's Z490 and more USB 3.1 on intel's Z390? Childish chipsets.


    Now i know they might be appealing for enthusiast but why didn't they make it at the first place of this year?

    1. panther420


      I'm getting real sick of this chipset copycat bullshit AMD has been pulling. AMD is like that kid in 1st grade or whatever that would repeat everything you said just to annoy you and "stop" meant nothing to him. Gamers Nexus summed it up pretty nicely in their video:


  7. X499 for AMD's next gen threadripper socket? X599 for Intel's next HEDT?


    and i think we won't see lower ryzen 5 and 3 without integrated graphics anymore

    1. dizmo


      I could see Intel rebranding its HEDT platform. It was so immature and frankly pathetic that AMD named theirs in the same manor.

    2. Ordinarily_Greater


      yeah, they are supposed to have different naming. i mean they suddenly just did the counting method

      i am expecting Intel to go back to the X58 naming scheme

  8. I wonder, if this PC can receive a Graphics Card Upgrade


    is this PC possible to get an upgrade by adding GPU?

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    2. Jamiec1130


      That's not good value. Those CPUs sell for around $40 USD on eBay, that computer itself isn't worth near enough to make it $363 (I get systems like that for free all the time, you've just got to look), and a NIC isn't going to bring the value up. 

    3. Murasaki


      What do you want to do with this thing anyway?

    4. Ordinarily_Greater


      umm gaming and making it usable for modern gamers

  9. aren't you gonna stay with 7700K until the 9700K? I mean it was on your signature before the coffee came out

    1. Princess Luna

      Princess Luna

      I never owned a Kaby Lake processor, I had a locked Skylake i7 6700 [:


      Here's the entire story:



    2. Ordinarily_Greater


      oh yeah i forgot about the processor before...

      it is still the same UHD graphics anyway...

    3. Princess Luna

      Princess Luna

      Well not like I'm using the iGPU of it :P

  10. I was shocked today by the news that Koduri is "betraying" Radeon Technologies Group (RTG). But i am still optimistic this is the way that AMD can really make good ecosystem


    But does that mean intel will hold Koduri's Profit? Also i hope that if DDR5 is out at Zen 2 they should make motherboards that are the same chipset but made for DDR5 only and DDR4 only (like the old LGA 775 days)

    1. Zando Bob

      Zando Bob

      Is DDR5 that close, and is it any better than DDR4, or for that matter DDR3? AFAIK DDR4 and DDR3 are pretty much the same in real world use, except for on Ryzen that loves fast RAM (but it can only use DDR4, so we have no comparison there). Most Hardware, especially Intel CPUS, that’s a few gens old still performs very well and is relevant to day. 

    2. Ordinarily_Greater


      Yeah that is the question that we need an answer

    3. Zando Bob

      Zando Bob

      By all accounts seems it may come in 2019, if they finalize it this year (since it'll take manufacturers a year or so to integrate it into their products): http://www.techradar.com/news/full-speed-ahead-with-ddr5-faster-system-ram-is-on-the-horizon


      Every other article I read is basically the same as this one ^^^

  11. Ehmm, was just typing with an old 2013 motherboard

    1. Ordinarily_Greater
    2. wkdpaul


      BTW, you can edit your status updates now :)

    3. Ordinarily_Greater


      really? new feature finally! thanks for telling me!

  12. hey  there

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    2. Sleeper PC 2016

      Sleeper PC 2016

      can you push 144 hz through hdmi 2.0b Ordinarily?

    3. Koxicain


      No you cannot. HDMI goes only to 60hz as i know. You would have to use DVI to benifit from 144hz

    4. Ordinarily_Greater


      sleeper, koxicain's statement is right

  13. How good is X79 Platform's Support for newer Xeons? i am getting a E5-2650 v1 with X79 ITX Board from Power Xtreme and the total parts PC Price is $765.30

    1. Herman Mcpootis

      Herman Mcpootis

      the 2650 is an older sandy bridge xeon, should work just fine with any x79 motherboard.

  14. Are there any consoles rated at $800 price?

  15. Surprised that bitwit uses gaming motherboard in their Ryzen Workstation build log, i think there is no workstation boards for ryzen yet (why is there Asus WS X79?), can you bring it Asus?


    Because of them now i know how it feels to build on Fractal Design Focus G

    also they are pretty honest for the Ryzen review, much more reliefing

    1. Zando Bob

      Zando Bob

      Hmmm. I need to watch that vid. Got a link?

    2. Ezzy-525
    3. Ordinarily_Greater
  16. @kingfurykiller Needs your Experince using Rosewill Stealth

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    2. Discowarewolf69


      Also Rosewill cases will last depending on how well you take care of your things

    3. kingfurykiller
    4. Discowarewolf69


      Thank you sir!

  17. Your profile picture looks classically amazing

  18. Hi there!

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    2. Ordinarily_Greater


      Oh dude, just telling you that i need used local gtx 970

    3. DerekHarris


      Oh, well I don't imagine you are close

    4. Ordinarily_Greater


      Yeah, i am in southeast asian

  19. Nice profile picture!

  20. Just a random greeting

  21. Hi there

    1. Skaring
    2. Ordinarily_Greater


      Can we talk in private message? I will make one compose for you if you want!

    3. Skaring
  22. I just caught an idea, intel's X series is lame by naming, and wrong.


    why they are using i5, i7, i9 naming again! That is Core i series


    It should be X5, X7, X9. That is cool!



    1. Zando Bob

      Zando Bob

      Defo! Would sound a lot cooler, almost as cool as Ryzen or Threadripper. 

    2. Ordinarily_Greater


      Yeah, and at least with using those naming the imperfections can be covered hah

    3. Sleeper PC 2016
  23. I wonder if the Kabylake-S is actually the good thing, because the motherboards are not expensive


    now that i see the X299 craziness everywhere i feel that they are getting worse because the motherboards are just for enthusiast that is ok spending money on everything that they look at is good.


    I mean, see at MSI X299 Raider. It Does have a shocking 128GB Maximum Memory, but it only supports 3 way SLI! That is actually perfect for three GTX 970. But again look at the price as it is the cheapest board in X299 kingdom, $229 US...


    and last thing, does intel already have an iGPU to start? Well they are imitating ryzen for not having an iGPU.


    -My personal opinion

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    2. Ordinarily_Greater


      Yeah guys, intel is imitating ryzen. While AMD was the "student" of intel until Athlon XP