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  1. Hi. Firefox has always taken just about 2-3 seconds to load, I made a new partition on my drive and uninstalled then re installed in the new partition. Now it takes over 5 seconds to load.. anyne know why this might happen? And why its such a substantial difference?
  2. Hello! So in my screenshots folder screenshot (229) is corrupted (fond out by trying to make a change in properties) I can put other files inside the folder as well. Any idea how I can delete the 1 screenshot to get the rest of my screenshots back? cant copy paste it unfortunatly
  3. New 960 Evo running slower

    Update: my random speeds are the same amount of iops, so Im guessing textures and assets (such as when Im entering a match in csgo) would fall under this area
  4. New 960 Evo running slower

    They put the 10 on both, I can't believe you done this Msi
  5. New 960 Evo running slower

    So basically would my OS be noticeably slower or no? Or would I even notice a difference in my game/application load times if I put my 500 GB ssd in the faster slot?
  6. Controlling rgb leds on Asus card with Msi motherboard

    Okay, I've just finished re routing cables and getting all the new updates besides my Bios bc they have just been for Ryzen 2000s, and uninstalled my Asus software (weirdly my trident Z rgb which it let me control in the barebones aura is still the colours I've set {maybe the ram has some permanent memory hidden on it?, not even anything strange shows up in my ram drive recovery..} idk) and I have a disk from my cards package That has gpu tweek II and aura and a few other things on it (Xsplit gamecaster might be nice). Ill get back to you when I get a disk drive bc the one from my dad's imac works but just doesnt let me put a disk inside (ejects fine though..). Hopefully its google chrome doesnt get annoyed with mine as I try do run the disk, I use firefox but sometimes it decides nothing will work on the disk because 1 thing has a problem. I also know Gpu tweek will interfere with afterburner as it did before, so hopefully I wont need to run aura trough it and ill be able to uninstall it later, and then have to fix my oc settings again ... but there is still hope!
  7. New 960 Evo running slower

    Found out from the msi forums that it uses chipset lanes that are gen 2 (cmon msi) anyways.. Here is my reply to the guy on the MSi forums: Prehaps you can answer it Do you also mean to say M2_2 uses a different one? It's running in 2x4 for me, which wold make sense why my new 960 Evo (Which is a larger capacity even) is half as fast I have my boot drive as my 250 which I got first... and I'm just planning on putting games on my 500, which one would you recommend I put into the faster slot? My games or Boot? Note: It takes longer to power on than to load windows anyways, I'm just wondering if my OS (Win 10 64b) will run slower?
  8. New 960 Evo running slower

    Hi, so I got a new 500 GB 960 Evo, and it is running slower than my 250 GB 960 Evo, Iv'e optimized both and it says its using the latest firmware like my 250 GB one. However, it says in samsung magician that its using the pcie 2x4 interface, not 3x4 as my 250 Gb one. On the MSi website it says he 2 on my motherboard should be the same, so how can I switch what version its running in?
  9. Controlling rgb leds on Asus card with Msi motherboard

    Oh good to know its just being dumb, I was looking into trading my strix for a lightning but aparently there are very few lightning out there
  10. PC freezes on stress test with the new CPU cooler?

    If it wasnt the fan speed which you should be able to adjust in the bios, it coukd be that the pump speed was very high, since the pump fan is small its usually high pitched
  11. Controlling rgb leds on Asus card with Msi motherboard

    Ive heard about a lot of issue with mystic light for almost all amd boards, but I dont really need that one
  12. Controlling rgb leds on Asus card with Msi motherboard

    X370 Gaming Pro Carbon
  13. PC freezes on stress test with the new CPU cooler?

    It would have ran cooler on liquid so it is probably thermal throttling, what type of sound was made on the old one? Usually aios are quieter
  14. Quick question about HDD vertical position

    Well the ones in my corsair 570x are like that, that is the only way the mounts can be in it, and I havent had anyproblems
  15. Hello, I have a Gtx 1080 Ti Strix OC, and I cannot control the colour of the rgb leds. I have GPU tweek ii and aura, but my graphics card doesnt show up in aura and the button for aura in gou tweek ii is locked. I read on some posts on toms hardware that you should be able to control the led colour with a different brand’s motherboard but I can’t find a way to get this to work. When Ive tride getting Aura VGA it crashes on isstallation. So I can only control my trident z rgb from aura so far. As for msi software, it says my system doesnt support mystic light even thought my motherboard advertises it on the box...