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  1. DRAM at 2.0 V

    got it to 3200 after bios update higher than rated speeds on ryzen! had it at 2v 1 time bc I forgot it set to that and they didnt get fried so idk
  2. Ryzen 5 1600 Problems!

    K now im a little confused, but btw 1.45v is fine, I'm running my 1600X at that at 4 GHz its just a little bit more stable than 1.4, Most cpus are fine at 1.5 as well, 1.55 is the max without killing it but will cause damage, and some guy just got a 2700X (12 nm ryzen 8 core/16 thread) to 4.5 GHz at 1.68, whcih is likely to hurt it, esp since it was just on water not liquid nitrogen.... but was nice of the to release that before launch to see that voltage scaling is working a bit better now, hoping to see Zen 2 (7 nm) reach 4.8 without hurting it, as just 14 to 12 went to 4.35
  3. Ryzen 5 1600 Problems!

    I had the same problem, just flat lined and then set last to be higher because command center seems to try preventing it to get to the next stage up, it would be at the speed for 70 C when it was at 50 C etc, And its not actually the temp, just the fan speed. happy to help someone running into the same problems I did wth my Msi x370 pro carbon. Also, sucks that it only gets the gaming app cut down version of mystic light, not actually mystic light sync.... cmon msi its just software wth....
  4. Need recommend 4K Monitor for productivity and gmae?

    also, the aoc udSomething28 it a good 28 inch 4k display with a low response time and freesync, not ips but should be good, just make sure its not the older one which Ive seen some negative reviews on, but this one has had good reveiws on newegg
  5. DRAM at 2.0 V

    Has anyone ever tried running their DRAM at 2 volts to overclock it, MY trident z has a decent heatspreader and never really gets that hot at all, just wondering if it causes an issue somewhere else, or if it would even help
  6. Fan Speed Fluctuation

  7. Fan Speed Fluctuation

    Hello, one day at what seems to be random, my case fans and CPU fan started to run a consistent amount higher than what I had set the fan curves to be. While in the bios, they still follow it perfectly, but while I run in windows they speed up, also while in windows they always accelerate to a point, then once they reach it drop, then accelerate again. I never changed anything from before and after they did this I've tried turning off and deleting all software that con control the fans but it still happens. I'm on the X370 platform with an msi gaming pro carbon, if that helps. Also, if any of you know, is there a way to change my 1080 Ti strix oc's colours without an asus motherboard, or change my corsair sp and hd120s to any colour without a commander pro/lighting node pro
  8. 2 different brands of 1080 tis

    I'm on the x370 btw
  9. 2 different brands of 1080 tis

    I'm planning to run a ftw 3 elite 1080 ti since I can get one at a decent price as an elite member, with an asus strix oc 1080 ti which I already have, will I run into any problems in gaming? Also should I go with an asus or evga bridge? Thanks
  10. What is 1800r

    maybe If I just keep to a lower fov in games it'll be good tho
  11. What is 1800r

    hmm I see, just have been looking at the massdrop vast thanks for the help
  12. What is 1800r

    Does anyone know what an 1800r curvature is in degrees?
  13. Best RGB light strips

    Oh sleeves are more expensive than I thought, the psu has all black cables so ill leave it at that, and the cablemod strips seems to be brighter
  14. Best RGB light strips

    There is a comparison but the guy speaks german, know if bitfenix or cablemod has sleeves for the evga supernova nex 650w
  15. Best RGB light strips

    oh they also have sleeves perfect