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    Video Games. Anime. Manga. Comic Books. Books (In General). Any Marvel movie. I also love to Hike, Go on Walks. Play with my Cat. Go out to dinner quite a lot as well as learn new recipes when cooking at home.
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    I am 21. New to the PC Building Game in a way and am eager to learn as I go along.
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    Moving and Storage


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    Intel Core i5 6600K
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    16GB HyperX FURY Black
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    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv iTX Case

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  1. Your right lol, they are fast enough already. Won't be shooting for RAID 0 than Thanks bro.
  2. Hello Everyone. I have a question that I cant seem to find a definitive answer on QUORA or GOOGLE. Ok I have 2 HyperX FURY 480GB SSD's in my PC. I saw a 480GB SanDisk SSD for $103. If I bought it would it be compatible within my PC, even though it's a different SSD from the HyperX ones?? Do they go hand in hand with one another without issues?? Now onto my Raid 0 Question. A few Best Buy friends on mine were saying they all had 3 1TB HDD's or SSD's in RAID 0 for Speeds (Primarily for Steam)... Should I do that with my 3 SSD's once I get a 3rd one?? I've seen a couple PC Gamer Charts of Regular vs. RAID 0 SSD's and well.... Transferring a 10TB File at once in RAID 0... Is so so quick. From the Testing they did. Thank You. All Opinions and Answers are Respected and Read
  3. That's great man, glad there working out for you. ^
  4. Lol no I understand haha. You post more on here than I do. I like those headphones you have, they are quite nice. I'm going with Sennheiser, just because I have used there HD 380Pro's before and they were solid. Don't own a pair. But the HD series of SennHeisers are cheap and won't break my wallet.
  5. @GDRRiley It's been awhile my friend. Haven't talked to you in a few months haha. Thanks for your opinion!!! I appreciate it highly.
  6. Thank you @bellabichon you helped me and I respect your opinion. What headset do you use?
  7. Hi Everyone. Came on to ask a simple question. All Opinions are Welcomed!!!! You can go into as much DETAIL for your choice as you wish. This will help me to establish a choice. Tried finding some Youtube Videos. But can't really find any good ones with a clear choice, so decided to ask the Community. I have a Gaming Headset. A Razer ManO'War Headset. ManO'War Headset LINK It's beautiful on my head. Sound's phenomenal and it allows me to chat with my friends via Discord while Gaming. BUT... I can't stand awful Gaming Headsets. It's one after another. I've gone through 3 Headsets in the last year alone. And this headset is getting to this point. So I was thinking of dropping about $200 on an Audio Setup. Mainly for Gaming. I'm not a Youtuber or Twitch Streamer. The Audio Setup Gear - Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone - Wanway Microphone Stand + Shock Mount + Pop Filter, Mic Microphone Studio Broadcast Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand Holder Etc... - BEHRINGER U-Phoria UMC22 (Links Below for ALL 3) Mic Stand + Holder ETC... BEHRINGER Now I ask this question... Is it better to use a Gaming Headset for Gaming/Streaming/Audio/Chat? OR Buy and Setup an Audio Setup for Gaming/Streaming/Audio/Chat?
  8. Thank you man. Ill be sure to contact you if I have anymore questions or concerns.
  9. https://www.amazon.com/ARCTIC-F12-Standard-Noise-Case/dp/B002KTVFTE/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1496114165&sr=8-11&keywords=Case+Fans These are those Arctic Case Fans I was mentioning. The MSI GeForce GTX 1070 is open-air fan style meaning it will exhaust air into my case, so what I should get are 2 fans that exhaust maybe on the top and 2 fans that inhale on the back. That may potentially work.
  10. I actually love the case I chose, so I am not planning on changing the case until I do a fully new Rig in the future. Cause the Phanteks case I got is very nice for my taste.
  11. Ok now for this next part. Best 4 pin fans in your opinion? My case supports... Front- 120mm x2. 140mm x2 (Included is a 200mm) Top- 120mm x2. 140mm x2 Rear- 120mm x1. 140mm x1. I was looking at the ARCTIC F12 PWM Rev. 2 - Fluid Dynamic Bearing Case Fan, 120mm PWM Speed Control For 120mm case fans.
  12. HAHAHAHAHAHA "Im Billy Mays and Ill Oxyclean that stain"
  13. Shhhh.... Zyndo, you'll piss the Ghost of Billy Mays off.
  14. Billy_Mays we don't want any of your stain cleaner!!!!
  15. In the image, I circled 1 and 2. Can you tell me what the first thing is... it's connected to the WIFI GO ports. Than there is the number 2. thing that looks like an M.2 SSD. It's looks to have headers on it.