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  1. boltoflightning

    Corsair K95 Platinum Problem

    Hey guys, I've been having a problem with my K95 Platinum since this morning. I fixed the problem of the scroll lock key flickering, but it's still in the default spiral rainbow lighting scheme. On iCUE, it shows the keyboard, but I can't access it, and there is a small red triangle with an exclamation point in it. What should I do? Thanks.
  2. boltoflightning

    PSU causing instability?

    Hey all. So a while back, (April 2016,) I had bought a prebuilt as my first true gaming PC, just to get me into the scene. I went back to it yesterday, and was gaming all day (about 12 hours) nonstop. I had replaced the GPU with a 1050 TI, and the case with an S340 Elite. This is my main rig, I scrapped all my other plans, so I need this system to be stable. Yesterday, I had noticed the slightest frame drops. I normally wouldn't care too much, but this is in TF2, a game I run completely fine. At one point, the whole computer just restart itself. To cap things off, at some point in a TF2 game, it froze, and went into that half second audio loop type of lag. In this prebuilt, it came with one of those PSUs you want to trust, but don't know if you can. It's something like 330 watts, and with the new GPU it really pushed the usage close to that mark. Could this be causing my instability? Sorry for ranting, haha. Thanks all.
  3. boltoflightning

    2 phones at once

    Somehow I didn't think about that. Thanks ;D
  4. boltoflightning

    Phone with best AMP/DAC

    Well I read that wrong. My bad haha. I was thinking of something else when you said adapter.
  5. boltoflightning

    Phone with best AMP/DAC

    Nah, I don't use an adapter.
  6. boltoflightning

    Steam sales

    Strange, I refund garbage all the time and get it within a couple days. You should still get it, like @mmCharles said.
  7. boltoflightning

    2 phones at once

    Hey all. So at the moment I have an iPhone X which I love. I went to Best Buy the other day because they had an incredible Black Friday deal going on for 400 dollars off a TV I've been eyeing for awhile now. While I was waiting for an employee to come back from finding the tv in the back, I decided to take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It took some strength to not say screw it to the tv and buy the phone. I was wondering if it's possible to use my iPhone X for all calls and texts and things like that, but also have the Note 8 with just service, no number or anything like that. Can someone confirm? Sorry about the rant. And if you don't understand I can clarify. Thanks guys!
  8. boltoflightning

    Steam sales

    At 60% off, just get it. If you don't like it you can get a refund. Now is the time to buy because if you enjoy it, you got yourself a great deal.
  9. boltoflightning

    Phone with best AMP/DAC

    I'm not sure about your exact question but I'm am definitely an Apple fanboy but seeing both the Note 8 and Pixel 2 XL in person was a treat. They're both incredible phones, but my iPhone X has excellent audio through the lightning port.
  10. boltoflightning

    Which mobo should I get?

    Alright, thanks guys. I got a good idea of what I need now. Thanks again!
  11. boltoflightning

    Which mobo should I get?

    Hmm, they don't seem like they are as good as i9 processors even though they are likely to be cheaper. Is it worth it? The budget isn't as big of a priority to me as I'm just going for a quality build that can last a long time.
  12. boltoflightning

    Which mobo should I get?

    Ok I will wait. Do you know the lineup of chips or where I could find it?
  13. boltoflightning

    Which mobo should I get?

    Think waiting would be better?
  14. boltoflightning

    Which mobo should I get?

    Eh, I mean a newer i7 or an i9 instead of z270 chips.
  15. boltoflightning

    Which mobo should I get?

    Mostly. He has a Surface Book but he wants a desktop for work as well. He also uses some 3d modeling software for his job, and the surface book can't handle it at a decent speed. Would rather have x299. The build is all white, I would like 3000 or 3200 mhz memory. m.2 support is necessary. Doesn't need RGB lighting, it would be ok to have but it's not on the list. Ethernet will be the connection, because of course wifi will be slower than it.