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  1. The reason people want the new thermostats is because most of them can learn your usage and help you save energy. Especially when you leave the house or have it set cooler at night while sleeping. (This makes more sense if you are a southerner like myself.) Our Houston summers are brutal and it can be 98 degrees at night until 4am. granted none of that requires internet use per se... But it would need local storage otherwise. Easier for it to get weather data to plan out usage via the net/cloud.
  2. dantesan

    What should I review next?

    For the love of god would someone PLEASE show me a Wooting One keyboard ACTUALLY WORKING in ACTUAL GAMES (that weren't just set up for the express purpose of demonstration at some trade show!) (Or other than their advertising videos made by Wooting themselves.)
  3. dantesan

    Case Design Idea -- any advice?

    What I'd really like to do is just figure out how to get with a company that already makes PC cases and just give them the idea and take 10%
  4. dantesan

    Case Design Idea -- any advice?

    Might do that, thanks.
  5. dantesan

    Case Design Idea -- any advice?

    No. Not even sure what kind of lawyer would be required.
  6. dantesan

    Case Design Idea -- any advice?

    Actually... that's part of the "disruptive" aspect. It should be adaptable to any size. It's almost completely modular.
  7. I have a design for a case design that I think very well could disrupt case design for the forseeable future. (As hyperbolic as that might sound I believe it might be true.) I've done some rough 3d modeling of it in sketchup and now I need to figure out a way of turning it into a product without having it cloned before I can ever get it there. Which means I need to get people involved but protect my design. Can you use a 3D general concept model as "prior art?" And how would I go about protecting myself?
  8. I know that Synaptics and Elen touchpads don't work for Windows 10 precision gestures. Has anyone figured out a hack or some kind of wrapper? Perhaps some company is making one? Win 10 has been out for two years and we only have precision touchpad on laptops. When do we get this on desktops!? I seem to remember reading something to the effect that Wacom bamboo tablets might do win10 gestures.
  9. dantesan

    Vector Desk Mini Review

    It fails as a PC desk. I mean... you don't buy a pc desk for portability. They could have made fold out flap/leaves to function better as a desk. It fails at being small and fails at being large. Is there any way it doesn't fail? If it had retractable legs or something maybe it could be worth it.
  10. dantesan

    Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

    "The state of thunderbolt on modern pc motherboards."
  11. dantesan

    What should I review next?

    Please review thunderbolt 3 on z170/z270 motherboards. Particularly these: Gigabyte z170x Ultra Gaming Asrock z170x UD5 TH Also any Asus and MSI motherboards that have thunderbolt. (I really wish I could find a board that was guaranteed to work with thunderbolt that had Aura/Mystic sync) But that might be asking for too much. It would also be good to test which of the new firmware thunderbolt updates for many of the new gigabyte motherboards actually work. So far thunderbolt is being treated as an afterthought on these boards. We need transfer speed numbers on supported drives too! Also... Any microATX boards with thunderbolt. (Do they even exist?) I was able to find an Asrock mini-ITX that says it supports thunderbolt 3. (AsRock Fatal1ty) But where is the MicroATX love?