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  1. This is why Im really hoping for (as I mentioned earlier) that the base bluetooth audio spec gets updated. (An "SBC 2" basically) Ive read some stuff indicating it might happen next year. Im not really that happy about Qualcomm's stranglehold but... Right now it seems the only psuedo-standard we had that isnt locked to a particular product line. (LDAC can be licensed but so far very few companies have wanted to pay for licensing on the device/headphone end.) UAT, the new asian standard codec proposed by Hiby audio is superior to LDAC but has range issues with the current BT spec. I dont know if it requires a license to use in headphones like LDAC does. (LDAC does require paying royalties to manufacture compatible headphones.) So, its not a cure-all.
  2. Its expensive... But this exists if you are interested. https://drop.com/buy/topping-dx3-version-2-dac-amp And yes Im really annoyed at the lack of current windows support of aptX HD and AptX but... That's a whole other ball o' wax.
  3. About cheap true wireless earbuds... There are a tiny few out there for that price that are beginning to show up with at least AAC or regular AptX (or even more rarely, both) that actually sound acceptable. Yes I know it isn't common but it is what we should be striving for. At the very least I'd like to hear about the sound characteristics... meager as they might be. (To be honest he really should have done "under $100" (Under $50 is usually trash) But even plain old SBC can sound BALANCED (If not terribly detailed) and thats the kind of info I want. When comparing cheap earbuds I want to hear about the EXCEPTIONS. The ones that punch above their weight class in sound quality for the money. I mean... That's kinda why Im bothering to watch reviews. At least let me know what the CREAM of the CRAP is. Otherwise, why talk about any of them if they aren't even usable? Like any completely new market segment I expect we will see commoditization over time. Like when regular wireless bluetooth headphones came out they were VERY expensive. Now they are pretty reasonable except the best noise cancelling models for the most part. I expect to see the same happen to true wireless over time. By this time next year I expect to see a $50 true wireless set that meets or exceeds this year's $100 sets. Creative's new true wireless are supposed to be at least acceptable at $70. But hell even linus' (now ancient) reviews of wired headphones and IEM's never talked in much detail about bass or imaging or really anything but "Sounds ok to my top-40 ears" <shrug> (So why even bother reviewing it?) As a side note I've read some stuff lately indicating that future theoretical versions of Bluetooth itself may have features/bandwidth that may allow for higher bitrate audio while ditching all the aptx/aac/ldac stuff. Ditto about the non-removable phone batteries. That's total BS. About the headphone jacks... To tell you the truth Im not as bothered by that as my android phone DAC/Amp is probably never going to live up to an external one anyway. At least with good wireless headphones there's usually enough battery and dac/amp circuitry inside to get loud. Even the quad-dac phones Ive heard dont get loud enough. If I want to drive more than 32ohm cans with my phone I use my Topping NX4 type-C DAC/Amp using OTG. My phone CAN drive up to roughly 80ohms but not very well. If they DID decide to make my phone 8mm thicker just to add more battery and a really good powerful dac/amp I would be pleased as punch and buy it in an instant... But they wont. So I am hoping that wireless audio tech continues to improve and get cheaper over time. I foresee a day... Probably in 5-8 years when its gotten at least close enough to wired that most (even really picky people) won't care.
  4. I mistyped and then corrected myself but didnt correct the second mention of AptX HD. In my first draft I erroneously said LDAC was removed from Samsung. (I corrected the first half but not the second) At any rate I would like midrange or better android phones to be very loud and clear about supporting formats. The fact we have to rely on AOSP for these things is silly enough. I want AAC, aptX HD, aptX LL and LDAC listed on the webpage and on the box and on the TV ads and on all the retail store stands. No joke. Most importantly I want phone reviewers to start paying attention to it and shouting at companies who don't. Too much emphasis on how many megapixels and not enough on audio. Im tired of buying expensive D.A.P.s with shitty interfaces. Its 2019 I want it all on the phone.
  5. Wrong. Samsung deliberately disabled AptX HD from developer settings. (AOSP) I agree its SUPPOSED to support it but it doesn't. As far as adding AptX HD by sideloading/rooting etc... Aint nobody got time for that. I want it built into the OS as standard. I do not want to jump through hoops and only to "maybe" have it work. (And likely get broken by updates) I want it official, advertised and GUARANTEED. (So that I can take legal action if it doesnt work) I didnt buy a $350 set of LDAC headphones to get dicked around. My $500 OnePlus 5T can do AAC, AptX HD and LDAC with no questions asked and its a three year old phone. There's no excuse for 2019 $1000 phones (especially flagships) to make that a problem. Your comment about "People who settle for bluetooth audio" is also false. I have many wired high end headphones and good DACs to go with them for when Im sitting at home. When I am walking/running/cycling/mowing or doing practically anything else I don't want wires. (And by the way most of the time those activities generate too much microphonic cable noise to tell the difference anyway.) I am also an ex studio recording engineer, by the way. Note: Even Oneplus phones have been losing "official" support for codecs. Look through these. https://bluetoothcheck.com/search?q=Oneplus
  6. Did you see the silly "50 earbud" video? Sound quality wasn't even mentioned and he eliminated many of them for the most superficial reasons. Audio codec support would have been an actual reason in any kind of world that makes sense. Even some of the shortest most inane wireless audio product review on youtube in "Engrish" inform you which codecs the phone (or device to use with a phone) supports.
  7. What on earth are you talking about? Codecs arent even relevant to analog audio except for file formats. We're talking about codecs that travel over bluetooth not DACs. Like AptX HD, AptX LL and Sony LDAC. (On supported devices) We're talking about the new generation of phones LOSING those codecs (that they previously had in earlier generations of the same company's phones)
  8. More to the point... They never include audio codec support in LTT phone reviews. WHY!? James did that "50 true wireless earbuds" review and both sound quality and codecs were never even mentioned. Although I guess I shouldnt be surprised no one does anything more than "cursory glance" evaluations of phone cameras at LTT either despite having several photographer/videographers in the building.
  9. Audio codecs have been disappearing from many high end phones? Go to Bluetoothcheck.com and look at Samsung's or Motorolla's new models. (I even read they removed some codecs from the S9) What is going on and why isnt LTT reporting on it?
  10. Not an ad. (I just really REALLY hate lightning cables and having to have 2 chargers on every outlet for my wife's iphone) If it had been an ad I probably would've included a link. (But that would encourage people to buy them from the website instead of Amazon which is cheaper) If making lightning cables irrelevant in this way is what it takes to get Apple to drop Lightning for type-C I'm all for it! Generic magnetic connector all the things! (Previous attempts at these magnetic connectors either had connectors that were too bulky, didnt support data or didnt support FAST data... So it wasnt worth it before.)
  11. They are magnetic. They sell extra tips now and they support OnePlus dash charging and other fast charging standards. They carry data at gen 2 speeds. Im replacing all my cables with them. They deserve an LTT review. Im adding magnetic tips to all my game controllers. (Play and charge is back!)
  12. The reason people want the new thermostats is because most of them can learn your usage and help you save energy. Especially when you leave the house or have it set cooler at night while sleeping. (This makes more sense if you are a southerner like myself.) Our Houston summers are brutal and it can be 98 degrees at night until 4am. granted none of that requires internet use per se... But it would need local storage otherwise. Easier for it to get weather data to plan out usage via the net/cloud.
  13. For the love of god would someone PLEASE show me a Wooting One keyboard ACTUALLY WORKING in ACTUAL GAMES (that weren't just set up for the express purpose of demonstration at some trade show!) (Or other than their advertising videos made by Wooting themselves.)
  14. What I'd really like to do is just figure out how to get with a company that already makes PC cases and just give them the idea and take 10%