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  1. This is a crazy price. I'm wondering what's the story behind that price cut? Are they struggling to sell it?
  2. The ROG Phone is huge. Actually the iPhone is pretty big too but still feels a lot more compact in the hand and in the pocket. The ROG is also a lot thicker. You can compare them here: https://phonesized.com/compare/ The original ROG Phone still hasn't received the Android 9 update and is barely a year old. The iPhone one on the other hand will be updated for like 5 years or so.
  3. You should also consider the way these devices can be handled on a daily basis. The Razer Phone 2 is just huge and definitely not as portable as the iPhone. Also in terms of software updates you'd be better off with the iPhone considering Asus' history with software in general and Android in particular.
  4. Then this is THE channel you need: https://www.youtube.com/user/hendrickson
  5. That's the key point here. Yes, it doesn't get updated as fast as the Pixel 4, but you can't say that the updates are "not fast" considering that it's faster than most of the other options. The same goes for all the other points. The Pixel 4's main feature is its camera, and is performing worse than the OP and most other phones at this price point in most areas, but still the OP 7 Pro managed to deliver "decent" picture quality when it was first released, and then got updated to improve the picture quality. Still not Pixel grade but definitely not "like watercolor."
  6. Considering how fast it charges most people can live with that.
  7. Much faster than 90% of the other phone manufacturers. I'm not sure what you're talking about? I have yet to see some negative reviews of the camera Still not sure what you're talking about but I guess this point is subjective.
  8. I wouldn't buy the Pixel 4, especially at the current price point. The OnePlus 7 Pro has way better specs and a very similar software experience and is currently on sale at $550 on the OnePlus website.
  9. Well being able to play AAA titles on your phone is one of the marketing arguments behind Stadia and game streaming services in general. I'm personally much more interested in playing mobile versions of such titles that are perfectly adapted to phones than carrying a controller with me and relying on the internet speed where I am. I'm also too lazy to install an emulator and stuff and I know that many people are.
  10. Posting about pirated content is against this forum's Terms of Use.
  11. Which payment method did they use for the transaction?
  12. Alright switching to "OS" didn't change anything
  13. Ok I just changed it from "BIOS" to "OS" but I don't understand what each setting means.