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  1. Do note that this for 4K gaming. I missed the part where you mentioned 1080p gaming at high frame rates. In 4K, the CPU matters less because the GPU is the bottleneck. In your case you might encountered some bottlenecks but you should still be fine and nothing stops you from upgrading your CPU along the way if this happens.
  2. Yes you'll be totally fine. The 9400F is a solid CPU so you shouldn't have any bottleneck. Even a recent Ryzen 3 performs decently on a 3080.
  3. There are ads indeed on Gmail, depending on your region.
  4. Gmail is part of Google, so they aren't out of money. Gmail is part of Gsuite, which is a paid solution for companies. Outlook doesn't have ads either but has a paid version. I believe there are also paid features on Gmail. There are ads!
  5. I think that's very far from happening here. I'm part of the target audience and I don't mind it, just like most people since it's been present for years and was actually seen as a cool "feature" 15 years ago. I think the problem here is that EA is paying for their bad reputation among gamers, so they don't get any "tolerance" and everything they do is seen as an attempt to grab more money. Product placements are way more present in other games like the 2K series and I'm pretty sure nobody would have noticed that if it wasn't an EA game. For instance, people were rather happy/amused with the Monster reference in Death Stranding because Kojima is seen as the cool guy.
  6. If you're solely using your pc for gaming, then the best thing you can do is googling reviews and check gaming performance videos on youtube for all the combinations you might be interested in. With that said, for gaming at 4K, the GPU is usually the bottleneck. For instance, with a 3070 you'll get fairly good results with even a current gen Ryzen 3. On the other hand, if you can afford a 3090 you might as well not cheap out on the CPU and get a Ryzen 7 or a Ryzen 9.
  7. How hard would it be for Sony to run some kind of virtual machine/emulator on the PS5 to run at least PS1 and PS2 titles? People are already doing that on PC so Sony could do it better if they wanted imo.
  8. Who would have thought that some places in the US have a worse network than an average place in Africa?
  9. I'm paying a little less but I have a phone line included with a few other advantages. TV is included too but I don't use it. I also have a capped 4G connection. Actually it's not too bad for me because it takes a lot of time to finish most single person AAA titles so by the time you're done you have another one ready. Problem is I have a ton of games I installed but never played so I'm good as far as game downloads are concerned.
  10. Indeed both are douche moves but one of them deserves prison more than the other.
  11. I get your point but I wouldn't compare someone restricting access to something that can save lives during a pandemic to someone hoarding a piece of gaming hardware.
  12. It would still be linked to your Uplay account in some way. I really wish the game could be played without it because to me Uplay is the worst launcher of all.
  13. Epic strikes again with Watch Dogs 2 this time: https://www.epicgames.com/store/fr/product/watch-dogs-2/home Some people will whine about Epic, others will just take the deal. I'm in the second group. Enjoy! PS: Sorry the link is in French but it should work in any country.
  14. I might sound philosophical but this is a clear illustration our societies with people rushing to buy a super expensive piece of hardware just because it just got released, and crying because they can't wait a few weeks or months to replace their "old" high end piece of hardware. Well I'm pretty sure these $1400 listings will find a lot of takers so GG.