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  1. Hi All, I'm after a bit of pre-sales help on this case - if anyone has this case can you tell me how the front IO is mounted to the chassis? is it riveted or screwed into the case? also the feet - are they stick on, riveted or screwed? i really like this case but my desk layout basically demands i have an inverted layout and i'm just trying to gauge if it is worth trying to convert this one or not. Cheers, Steve
  2. Does your BIOS/UFEI see your SSD? windows installer can only see things the BIOS can see.... because thats a pretty old motherboard/cpu combo (circa 2013 release dates when new) so it could just be that the motherboard might need a BIOS update to recognize the SSD - if no updates exist (i.e you're already on the latest version) then you might be out of luck. IF your BIOS does see the SSD plugged in - then you'll probably need to contact Samsung for a solution.
  3. some things i noticed immediately on those sets of specs. 1 your 7700k is not 8 cores its 4 cores and 8 threads 2 your friends cpu is an 8700k which is 6 cores 12 threads so that alone is a performance bump in your friend's favor 3 you're running 2 2tb mechanical HDDs - you're friend is running 2 SSDs which again is a massive performance bump for your friend. putting an SSD in your system as the boot drive will improve your performance a lot - get a 480gb SSD (m.2 nvme if you can sata if not performance will still increase) and stick windows and your most played games on it - use your mechanical drives for mass storage and you'll be good to go
  4. 2 options come to mind 1 - get a PCI-E riser cable and vertical mount one but you'd probably need a case with more than one compartment like the corsair carbide 540 but you'd still probably need to make some modifications to the power supply chamber side to house a card or 2 - alternatively you could just liquid cool your strix cards and then they'll all be single-slot (ish) rather than basically triple slot cards pretty sure EK do blocks for the strix cards either way its going to cost you more than the additional card + mobo
  5. as long as the cable is of decent quality it'll work for 3.1 speeds - if its a cheaper one - maybe not
  6. either your PC is having issues with the transcoding of the video (not enough hardware grunt) and/or your network can't handle the bandwidth of the files (usually happens with 4k and up video) i would suggest getting plex media server on your PC and grabbing the plex app for your xbox one s