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  1. https://www.amazon.com/NavePoint-Server-Cabinet-Locking-Lockable/dp/B009WS7TSW/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1488600992&sr=8-11&keywords=server+rack+2U would this work with the system?
  2. ok is there a certain versian of linux ive never used the os before
  3. oh and what version of linux should i get for this?
  4. ok so do you know of any videos i could watch because i'm a first time server builder / operator
  5. so if i got linux would it have it?
  6. so where would i get that?
  7. which is better the card thats in it now or software raid?
  8. ok so do i have to purchase the raid card sepretaly or is that in the system already?
  9. Do i have to have a rack for it?
  10. So basically i just get a system install an os and owncloud on that system?
  11. Ya i would like to host it myself but i'm not sure how the whole server thing works. Like i dont know what hardware i have to have or anything. I mainly just work on / build PCs not servers.
  12. Hey just a quick question, I was wondering if there's a way to create a "cheap" cloud server for me and my friends to store things on. Cheap meaning a max of about $200.