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  1. Mine is too and I dunno why Maybe its time to upgrade to a SSD plus a bit of ram. Maybe build up a mini ITX Ryzen and have an entertainment system in the crew cab for the children. Keep em entertained for 5000 miles or more. I want the solid front axle Dodge Mega Cab next, maybe with some Rockwells.
  2. The thing with snowboarding is your knees and ass get sore real quick. Skiing is better anywayzzzzzz
  3. Yeah theres already a thread for Linus MeMe's You should look at the available topics before posting.
  4. I love diesels, they just got so much power. Plus I love the smell of diesels.
  5. Yes its way too much, plus your insurance is sky high. I would suggest a reasonable car, something like a Ford Flex, or a Ford Focus, Chevrolet Cruze/Malibu/Imapala
  6. Dexter Blue guy got his nickname changed. It was a letter or two that he had got changed. So something as trivial as changing a letter or two = you can do it, just depends on how the moderators feel any particular day. The only reason you do that is because you are fond of your post count and your perceived online rep.
  7. Then the only work around would be a Private Concierge Service.
  8. Does Microcenter ship? I could use one of them mail forwarders. But to drive across the border is a big no for me, unfortunately. Could do it, could even go border jumping, but it needs to be a big long trip worth doing.
  9. For $30 more its a good choice to get extra ram, I concure Captain Kirk!!!!!! How long before prices start to drop on AMD Ryzen? Maybe when Intel comes out, so a year or 2?
  10. I cant even get W7 from oem nor BestBuy
  11. The memory choice was one or the other, wanted to compare price. I am making a sarcastic joke in that why would I buy a 4G i7 refurbished system when I could buy Ryzen and have it more relevant and speedy then 4G i7 system. I need to sell my i7-920, X58 LGA-1366, 1TB, 16GB, 600W, W7 system. Hoping to make $50 off it so sell it for $250 as I never use it.
  12. Is it an oem pc?
  13. 4G i7 system for $625+(CAD) (8GB, 320GB, W7) or $510USD=$675CAD - https://pcpartpicker.com/list/xBCzr7