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  1. Who is Lynda?
  2. Yeah looks cool if you are into circular shacks. I wonder how wind proof it is with all that foam. Puncture proof too. What about windows and doors.
  3. Do as Linus does @zelix
  4. I thought all these girl questions were really shy guys. But middle school makes sense. Middle school and shy is a communication nightmare. Whats middle school anyway? Jr High I think Cant remember when I got my first home run. Musta been Jr High or maybe slightly earlier. I know exactly where it was, and what school, but is it grade 6 or Jr High which is 7, 8, 9, then HS is 10, 11, 12.... out east they used to have (maybe still do) an extra HS grade.
  5. Yawn Yawn Yawn - But I woke up at the crack O noon - Tis what I do!

  6. Buy a used unit
  7. Bang some other broad. Jerk off lots to porn. Get drunk.
  8. Sausage link?
  9. Yes you need to redo the job properly.
  10. No you dont need ssd for gaming.
  11. You install card You turn on pc You install drivers You drink your 15 pack of tall can beers. Then watch your free porn video's in full hd.
  12. First of all WOW - At you reading the entire post. I thought I had time to kill. Props
  13. yes and same goes for cpu, but instead of motion, its "work" Your statement of claim was that 100% of the energy input is wasted output heat. Which is obviously not true at all. Sure there is heat, that is why they got coolers and fans. Which you know. Source to my claim - Common Sense LMFAO