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  1. Niccolo

    Backup program for windows

    Thank you, that might be a great option.
  2. Niccolo

    Backup program for windows

    Because my game saves are saved in program data
  3. Niccolo

    Backup program for windows

    Yes i tried using that, it works great. But as soon as you want to backup program files or any files that need admin rights it wont work anymore.
  4. Niccolo

    Backup program for windows

    Hi, I'm looking for a backup program with these features: - Backing up to a network drive - Having a file history, so i could acces a older version of a file - Automatic backup every hour or something like that - Automatic deleting of backups older than .... days I hope i will get some good suggestions. I tried the backup tool in windows 10 and it works great but there is one problem. I can't backup my entire c drive. Thank you!
  5. Great, thanks for you responces
  6. Hi, I just got my new dell xps 9370, a great laptop btw. It has a print screen key, that's very usefull but i actually want to trigger snipping tool with that button. Is there a possibility to do that? Thank you!
  7. Hi, Today i came across this video: It's rather interesting how cool the cpu gets. Would this be possible with newer cpu's or is their tdp to high? I think that i would be possible if you have a high end high wattage peltier element. Whats you thought on this?
  8. Niccolo

    Annoying friend at school

    I have a laptop
  9. Niccolo

    Annoying friend at school

    Hi, A friend of my presses my windows key all the time. Anyway i can disable it?
  10. Niccolo

    Why is cat 6 faster than cat5e?

    All right thankyou, I will be working there for the next 10 years so maybe it wil become usefull in the future.
  11. Niccolo

    Why is cat 6 faster than cat5e?

    Thay have the same cable and the conector. But why is cat 6 faster. And how does your switch know if it a cat6 of cat 5e cable? I was just wondering. And would you reccomend putting cat 6 or cat5e in my new office?
  12. Niccolo

    Realtek Microphone jack issue

    Hi, Can't you just disable the normal microphone and the anable the line in by clicking the properties tab or right click.
  13. Niccolo

    please help

    Why would you ever buy windows, just not activate it and remove the watermark.
  14. The virtual drive will only show up if you have both devices plugged in, so no.
  15. Hi, I just bought a peltier element to try it out and ik works really wel with a good cooler. And then i saw this video: . So i was thinking why is no one doing this. Because it should really work. I just asked some people and in theory it should increase the cooling performance quite a bit.