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  1. Also, would the intel SSDs be any could. If they are, are there any specific models that are better?
  2. i guess the p1 is out of the picture. Would the Crucial MX500 be better than the Samsung 860?
  3. Why is the crucial p1 cheaper than the crucial mx500. I'm actually considering it because of its lower price. Would they make a difference compared to the Samsung ones?
  4. Hi. I have a Dell Laptop and I want to upgrade my SSD. Currently, it only has 128GB SSD which is basically nothing. My m.2 slot support SATA and PCIE SSDs. I've been looking at the Samsung 970 Series and the Samsung 860 Series. I would like a 500GB SSD as I think that should be more than enough. On my laptop, I do a lot of programming, light productivity use, light photo and video editing, and a lot of multitasking. First off, should I get the Samsung 970 Series or the 860 Series? And then, which specific SSD from that series should I get (Evo, Evo Plus, etc.)? Thanks in advanced.