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    Photography, video editing, gaming, drone flying, cars
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    I'll be building a proper rig soon.
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  1. ArduinoBen

    Strange behavior with 90W Dell Charger

    I'll look into the 130 Watt model but I think it's most likely a defective charger. I'm going to try recording the charging speed using this charger with my father's Dell laptop versus the 65W one his laptop came with. Also, I have tried this charger in multiple outlets and my laptop still charges as it used to with the OEM charger, so I don't think my laptop has been damaged.
  2. ArduinoBen

    Best Phone for Photograpy? ( Under 200$ )

    I have a Redmi Note 5 Pro (called the Redmi Note 5 in China) which is under $200 dollars for two of the three models and slightly over for the 64GB model. It has an amazing camera.
  3. ArduinoBen

    Used Mining RX580 yay or nay

    I don't think there will be significant damage done to these mining cards, but don't cards make for mining not have display outputs?
  4. ArduinoBen

    Strange behavior with 90W Dell Charger

    USB-C is the only charging port I have on my laptop.
  5. ArduinoBen

    Switch my Mum from apple

    I agree with LukeSavenjie's suggestion of a Dell XPS. I think the power, portability, battery life and design would be perfect for her needs.
  6. I have the origional top spec model of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro with a i7-8550U, MX150 and 16GBs of RAM, which only ships with a 65W charger. Unfortunately, the components draw too much power, meaning that when I'm gaming while plugged into this power supply I will slowly lose power. Therefore I bought a 90W USB-C Dell charger last week, and tried that one out. It turns out this charger charged my laptop even slower, with it requiring around 6 hours to charge my laptop when it was idling instead of less than 2 with the OEM charger. Additionally, when gaming it very quickly loses power, with my full battery fully depleted after just half an hour of gaming. My only idea to what could be causing this would be if the computer wasn't communicating for the right amount of power to be supplied to it, as USB-C is universal and I've been told that the device being charged will measure temperatures and such to determine what voltage and amperage it should ask to be supplied, and when nothing was communicating the charger would default to supplying the lowest amount of power it is capable of in order to avoid damaging the device being charged in case it wanted very little power, therefore my laptop could not be communicating properly with the charger, causing the charger to send less power than it was capable of. Do any of you have an idea of what the problem is or how I could fix it? My dad tried it with his Dell laptop and said it worked well, and I'm going to try and record the charging speeds of his laptop with this 90W charger compared to the speeds with his OEM 65W charger.
  7. ArduinoBen

    Casual couch gamer with kids: Best option?

    OP said that he will not be buying Playstation Online, so there wouldn't be much of a difference between playing together with PC and console.
  8. ArduinoBen

    Casual couch gamer with kids: Best option?

    Even when not buying used, you can build a much lower spec and therefore cheaper PC that costs less and still performs well above consoles.
  9. ArduinoBen

    Casual couch gamer with kids: Best option?

    There's no reason you can't build a small budget PC for this, and use a PS4 emulator to get better performance and price.
  10. ArduinoBen

    Will GPU prices ever go down?

    With most blockchain algorithms, there is a limited number of coins that can exist, so you won't be able to mine anymore at some point.
  11. ArduinoBen

    1050 ti vs 1070 ti for 4k editing?

    You should go for the 1070, unless you want this to be a temporary card until prices return to normal, based on the software you use, the CPU could be very important. You would also want lots of RAM and an SSD to edit the footage off of.
  12. It could be a dead card, I don't use ebay so I don't know how their return policy is. Can you detect it just in windows if you boot only with that card? You should also do some stress testing and stuff to see if it works. If the price was too good to be true it is likely a dead card.
  13. ArduinoBen

    Looking for laptop <$2000

    The games you mentioned could run fine on a 1050Ti and nicely on a 1060. If you want to keep it for longer I'd go for your Max-Q laptop of choice, preferably with a nice screen.
  14. ArduinoBen

    Random color crash

    I think he was suprised by the potential risks of running furmark if you don't have good temps.
  15. ArduinoBen

    GTX 1060, 1070 or 1080? Or should I wait

    I'm personally waiting for prices go down, yes, I know that could be years, but you should at least wait until the Volta cards come out, that won't be in a very long time but the Pascal prices will go down, then you'll also have the option to go the Volta route.