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  1. Software and database development, large parallel data-set development. Simulation and simulation development - when I simulate an emergency that impacts all of the mid-west on software that detects critical infrastructure failures I absolutely kill 8/16 machines and wish for higher core counts. Clock speed doesn't matter as much when you have several thousand parallel tasks happening at once. That's just debugging, when we run we run on high end server hardware, but I have been pushing for TR workstations to develop on to cut down on the wait times and cost for shared VM space. Our cloud bills are ridiculous to try to run all of this I have been working up a proof that the cost of TR workstations for developers would cut cloud support costs by enough to pay for itself in a few months.
  2. I usually take any cards (i.e., GPU or networking cards) out. Then I put down a pad on the back seat, lay the computer down on its side with the MB side on the seat, then put a pad over it to keep it from sliding around. This has worked for 20+ computers over the years. On the other hand the great majority of these were before I started keeping the shipping box - I have the case box for my latest build so I will probably do the same but inside the case box this next time.
  3. All the time, it has been a revolution to be able to lookup/ask questions and actually get answers. For the first 25+ years of my computer existence it was either find the solution on your own or hope that the 2-3 other people in town actually had run into it. The last 20 years have been wonderful! before that it was lots of experimentation and learning the underside of software and hardware from a very low level - both in my hobby and my work. If I never have to write an Ethernet driver for some obscure board to run under a custom OS again it will be too soon.
  4. First computer - TI-99/4a with a whapping 4k of memory and a cassette tape drive for mass storage. First custom build - IBM PC "clone" 8086- 640k of memory, 2x 5.25 floppy drives and a CGA card. Later upgraded to a 5MB hard drive, then a 10MB HDD and a EGA video adapter.
  5. Yup, I am planning to...but 2 kids in college and home repairs come first. So right now I am looking at this fall for a CPU/MB/RAM upgrade.
  6. Okay what I can tell you is that a 3770 (non-k) with a GTX-1080 16GB of RAM, running games off of SSD is fairly good, but still gets dropped frames and stuttery in fairly heavy VR use (running Skyrim VR loads the system heavily in combat scenes.) I don't have the VR sickness issues so I can't speak to if it is bad enough to cause that, but I can say that the processor/memory is more heavily loaded than the GPU in my config.
  7. I like the Corsair Hx Gold/Platinum series, and I would probably get a 5-600w just to give a bit of growth room, but everyone is right that 450w should be enough. I tend to go a bit big on PSU due to some bad experiences early.
  8. In my experience there are a few things that can cause this kind of non-random restart. Heat, if your MB or CPU is getting significantly hotter while gaming than while rendering then it could be a heat shutdown. This would be if you are running right at the edge of thermal shutdown all the time, which seems unlikely since you said that you get to 100% CPU while rendering. Low or fluctuating power situation from the 12v line on your PSU, basically if the PSU can't drive the voltage as high as the MB expects it the whole thing will shutdown to protect components. I would guess this is what is happening, since as I recall the 470 has a higher power draw than the 1050ti. I would guess that your old PSU is failing and it is showing up when you start stressing it in game. Bad drivers crashing, but I would expect to see this prior to running the game since Win10 and browsers actually use the GPU which is unlike earlier versions of both.
  9. Yea, if you ping something other than localhost (even your own real IP) you should see traffic on the switch port that you are plugged into and on the port of your computer. If not you may have more wrong than the cables - if you have something with a physical Ethernet port try plugging it in to the switch and see if you get lights on that one. It could be that the port on your computer is bad.
  10. Sorry, this sounds like a bad cable to me. Things you can check, 1) does your switch see your pc? (i.e., if you ping from your pc out do you see activity on that port of the switch?) 2) if 1) is okay then check at the wall plate - that is plug another device in there and do the same ping test to see if you get activity on the port. 3) if 2) is okay then go out unplug the outside cable and pug in a short cable and another short cable to the back side of the f/f wall plate if that doesn't work it's the wall plate, if it does then it's the m/m cable - probably.
  11. Avoid debt if at all possible, save your payments ahead of time and when you have enough saved up then buy your computer.
  12. Detroit, South Side of Chicago, Downtown Cleveland, Far northern Michiagn...you can find those kinds of places anywhere.
  13. Might as well be Kalamazoo, I am about 5 miles out of Kzoo but work in Lansing.
  14. It really depends on where in Michigan, I went to collage in the UP and that was cold. I now live in south west Michigan and I wore a windbreaker for the last 4 winters because it never got below 15 F or so, not super cold, just chilly.
  15. I would avoid the off brand ones like the plague. I am using a Corsair H60 on one of my machines right now and it has lasted a year so far. On the other hand I am not pushing it very hard - it's on a 3770 (non K). In a case with good airflow and extra fans added. I haven't had any leak problems so far, but my other machines all have air and I am problem going to go to a better air cooler when I do my next build. I just had a gift card that matched up to the cost of a H60 about a year ago so I thought I would try it.