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  1. In the long run yes, I'll buy a CPU. But that will probably in a year or later. Currently I try to get a basic overview of the market, especially how Ryzen-CPUs compare against each other and against Intel when it comes to performance. Not just the basic "which is the best CPU (for me)" but rather an overview on what I can expect when I read a certain CPU number, so that I don't have to look each specific CPU up when browsing used pc(-part) offers.
  2. So I found this scatter graph that plots CPU performance and price: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_value_available.html#xy_scatter_graph However there's no zoom function and the faster/more expensive CPUs cause the graph to be quite hard to read because all other CPUs are essentially bunched up in the lower left corner. Does anybody know another resource of similar graphs? It doesn't need to use the same benchmark for the performance axis, anything that represents actual performance in some way would work.
  3. For some games wine might work just fine but for most games I had a lot of problems and fiddling around getting them to run the first time. Did I just use the wrong packages or settings there? When I install Windows in a virtual machine I might have the benefit of being able to run my Linux programs in the background and thus reducing the amount of Windows programs running but I still have to install Windows and deal with all that driver shit that (for me) for some reason never really works. Also I'm not sure if my CPU will be a bit tight bottleneck in that setup.
  4. Hi, I'm new here so I'm not sure if this is the right spot to ask or if I'm the 10000th guy to ask this. If that's the case sorry in advance, please just point me in the right direction. tl;dr: (how) can I play "Windows only" games on Linux without having to deal with this massive pile of shit called Windows? Today I wanted to play Far Cry 3 with a few friends so I booted up windows and started steam to check if I need to download an update and my original plans were to play 10 minutes later. Then followed 4 hours of problems with windows and now my friends went to bed and the only reason I'm still up is to prepare my machine so I can play tomorrow without having the same problems again. I don't want to have my pc freeze or crah 3 times while I'm trying to download and install the drivers for the PCIe device I installed (which just works when using Linux). I don't want every single one of my programs to wait until I start them to tell me about updates - on Linux I have all my updates (well except the programs of which the maintainers are too dumb for that) in one Place. I also don't want to have to run every single one of my programs in the background just to be able to see if there's an update. I don't want any more problems with drivers that "need" to be updated immediately in order to just play the fucking game that already worked quite a few times with the old driver version. Now I'm not saying that I don't have any problems with Linux. But the problems I have with Linux do not require immediate action when I just want to do something else. In a WAN show a few weeks ago Luke mentioned, that I could use Unraid to run Windows and Linux at the same time and then use Steams in-home-streaming feature to play Windows games on a Linux machine, however I think this might still require me to deal with all the shit that Microsoft throws at me for using their OS while only having the benefit of being able to run my Linux programs parallel to the game. I know that some games run just fine with Wine - some older ones run even better that on Windows 10 - but most don't and my not that big PC (i5-4460k+gtx750ti) is not able to handle the performance overhead that comes with running most newer Windows games with Wine. I am not interested in the latest AAA-titles but for games like Far Cry 3, Mirror's Edge, Space Engineers I still need to boot up Windows and I'd like to avoid that. Regards, Max