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  1. I'm not sure what they did on LTX2018, but in LTX2017, they gave away multiple graphic cards. By multiple I mean that includes Titans, 1080Tis, 1080s, 1070s and etc. They also threw a bunch of merch shirts and stuff. I got a Geforce flash drive, it was left alone on the platform after the event was over for some reason, and *after some begging* Brandon just gave it to me :)
  2. When I went to the LTX 2017 I was kind of hesitated since the price of the flight was about 600 USD from Virginia to BC. But I made it in the end :). No more hesitation this year! Working for a reputable airline now, just flew from China to US for 600 USD round trip, in business class! Please do not host this event on Mars, other than that, I’m happy with whatever you guys come up with!
  3. Thank you for helping me earlier, what happened to your account (you may reply after the ban is lifted, it that happens).



  4. OK, I believe that 17MB is some sort of config for the RAID... I'll check if that's something that I may recover from
  5. Appreciated, I'll see how that goes.
  6. Thanks man, I'll check them out
  7. Agreed. I'll seek for some professional help
  8. I think I accidentally deleted the partition table of the RAID if that make sense... it's the first 17MB on the drive Any thoughts on reconstruct that?
  9. Have you ever heard of anything that may recover this kind of loss by any chance
  10. I really hope that I may recover the footage Do have OS on 960EVO and got a intel 750 for any new footage. Probably never gonna try RAID ever again...
  11. Hi there, thanks for the reply. I got like 300GB gaming footage on there... Just need that, the remaining 500GB temp files I don't care at all
  12. Hi guys, I just changed my mobo and upgraded the cpu, and the RAID I had is not working properly now. It display as: (the two crucial 525GB ssd should be in RAID0) And in the device manager, it display as two uninitialized partritions. Any thoughts? Thanks a lot in advance
  13. Hey guys, just wonder if any of you ever done data transfer via a USB 3.0 or 3.1 cable between pcs. I want to have two PCs next to each other and encode videos at the same time using the same file. Any thoughts on that? Thanks!