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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    msi z270 krait gaming
  • RAM
    dual channel hyperx fury 8gb each 2400
  • GPU
    sapphire nitro+ rx480 8gb oc
  • Case
    corsair 600c
  • Storage
    intel 600p 256 gb; seagate baracudda 2t
  • PSU
    corswair rm750i
  • Display(s)
    samsung c24cf390fh
  • Cooling
    cirsair h110i extreme
  • Keyboard
    roccat skeltr
  • Mouse
    roccat kova
  • Sound
    jbl e40bt
  • Operating System
    windows 10

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  1. Cool, and i dont seem to have 4 pin on my psu, do i need a spacific cable or something? Thanks!
  2. By the way mate, I am just making sure that not only that the psu wattage rating is good for my desired setup, but that the cable is sufficiant, cause i saw that there is an additional 4(or 6 im not sure) pin connector on the mobo
  3. Like, i knoenyou are right, and the FOMO is eating my out, but at the same time i really wamt to upgrade my pc while i can enjoy it, and the waiting is killing me.. But i will probably wait a month or so to see if anything new comes by
  4. I would say up to 900 usd give or take, of course lower is better, and i am highly restricted by the local retailer here, so whatever price you see online, round it up and add about 50$ to it, thata my local price.
  5. Hey, So i have decided to spoil myaelf with a system upgrade. I am looking to upgrade my cpu, and wanted to hear your feedback / advice on how i ahould do it... I currently have: Cpu - i5 7600k oc to 4.9ghz Motherboard - msi z270 krait gaming Gpu - msi gtx 1080ti armor oc Psu - corsair rx750i Memory - kingston hyperx furry dual channel (total 16gb) 2400hz stock Cpu cooling - corsair h110i (older model) So, not to be a d**k about it but money is not really the problem.. I mostly game and do some programming, running vms and such. I was thinking of the amd ryzen 9 3900x, but im warrid my cooling is not enough / my psu wont be compatible... Also, i dont mind upgrading the ram as i herd it is recommended tocbe highest clock possible on amd Thanks!
  6. I went with the dell!!! Thank you both so much you guys!! @Mephi00 @dizmo P.S The dealbreaker for me was the two day shipping... And the 200$ less
  7. Thanks! I have gtx 1080 ti, i57600k oc to 4.9 and 16gb or ram... I hope i can About the 120hz, i belive they both come out of the box 100hz and can be oc to 120hz... And both come with gsync
  8. Three main things pop to my mind right away: I am not very familiar with it, but i know that there is an issue with the bios version and ryzen... Im not sure what models and what chipsets (like x570 or x470 etc) but you should look into it Your nvme is faulty. If it is one of the P.O.S.T checks of your motherboard to check the nvme drive, and it is faulty, it might be that you are failing p.o.s.t and it wont boot because of it. A configuration problem. It might be possible that for example, the m.2 slot you plugged the drive to is set to be optane or something, and because it is not optane, the motherboard doesnt know what to do with itself. Another option is that it is configured out of the box to be raid something on the m.2, and that is what screwing you over. I would suggest that for a starter you read the manual of your motherboard to see if you missed a step or if it says something about the correct slot or something If that doesnt work... "Jump" the shit out of it... Meaning take a metalic screwdriver and while the system is plugged, the psu is on, but the system itself is OFF touch the tip of the screwdriver to the two small pins that are near the small battery that looks like a coin, it might say cmos near the pins, if you are not sure, i promise you it will say exactly wherw they are in your motherboard manual. Good luck! And wellcome to the pc master race
  9. So, i have decided to go from my 3 24" 1080 60hz (oc to 70hz) to an ultrawide 2k ips (cause i deserve to spoil myaelf a bit...) Before you say go with the lg, i live in israel, and there are no retailers selling ultrawide 2k here from lg cause ... I dont even know anymore... Anyways... It came down to two monitors that are available here... The acer x34p and the dell aw3418dw... I have seen lot of people say they are the same and just go with the cheaper... But there are some differences: The dell has 3 years warrenty and the acer has 2 years The acer has 10bit (8+frc) and the dell does not The aces has speakers and the dell does not The dell is 700₪ which is around 200 usd less then the acer Can someone please help me decide, or even better, decide for me and "take the fault" of deciding? Thanks
  10. It started happening to me with the new nvidia driver... I just played a bit with the refrash rates and disabled freesync and now it works fine
  11. unfortunately, the retailers in israel only sell the LG 34GK950F-b version, which is the same specs, but 1080 ... so i am still on the same problem, but this panel does looks amazing!!! thanks for the recomendation!!!
  12. thats a very interesting option i have considered but have not found something that answer to my "demends" so far... but yes
  13. hey, so i am in the market for a new monitor. i am running an overclocked I5-7600k to 4.9GH along with an overclocked 1080ti 11gb... i mostly play fps but recently started getting into third persons rpg like assassins creed and such... i want something that will give me a good image (so atleast 2k) and be very fast and responsive (144hz at minimum...) i was thinking about the gigabyte fi27q or the asus vg27aq... any other recommendations? or should i even wait for a month so new monitors will be released? thanks p.s. im currently running with three cheep samsung monitors in vnsurround, they are overclocked to 70hz and are each 1920X1080... so anything really will be an upgrade... budget is up to 800 usd but i wish it to be more like 600usd tops... i also am in isreal so i am VERY depended on the limited retailers... thanks!