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    IT support for Cartoon Network EMEA


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    Ryzen 1600
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    Gigabyte AB350 Gaming3
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    16GB of something
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    MSI GTX 970
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    Samsung 840 and a pair of HGST 3TB spinning rust
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    A mess
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    A bog standard logitech business keyboard
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  1. I've been wanting to say something for a little while now, and I've sat on my thoughts until now. But the video "FP Exclusive - Teasing Dale the Sleeper" is what finally drove me over the edge. @LinusTech mate, you in particular, have this bad habit of apologising, for frankly nothing. "I haven't done an update for you guys in a while" You kidding me? The last update was what, less than a week ago? Is that even considered a long time? I kinda feel like you've got these sky-high expectations for yourself and what you and your team "should" be producing for us, to the point where you're actually being unreasonable with yourself and putting these unnecessary demands on your 'required' output. You've got a wife mate, and kids, I understand if something is gonna be a day late or even just a few hours late - That's cool with me - deal with your stuff; it's okay. And @nicklmg, you as well, end up apologising to us because adobe media encoder threw a sheep bleat error and an upload will now take "another hour or two". So what? An hour or two? Is that meant to be some massive hindrance or upset for me and all the other Floatplaners? (Did you ever decide on a noun in the end?) Don't get me wrong - I understand that you want to be transparent and communicate well with us - and that's great - But I don't think that you owe us an apology for adobe errors and editing issues. I for one am glad you take the time to make your content the best you can - That's why I continue to watch after a year and a half of having found you all. Both of you - I understand that you're trying really hard to put a super professional face on what was originally a small upstart youtuber operation, making yourselves into a full-fat media organisation that's capable of operating and delivering without the support of the youtube infrastructure and userbase, but it really does feel like you're all far too often harsh on yourselves over comparatively tiny little upsets about delivery and updates. I didn't pay £50 (or whatever it was) for Floatplane because I DEMANDED that content be provided on an ultra-strict schedule with ABSOLUTELY NO DISAPPOINTMENTS. I paid the money because I like the content you produce, I like you guys, and I wanna help you all succeed and keep making this stuff. So what if a video is a couple of hours late? So what if it's been a few extra days or a week since you gave us an exclusive update or lead hours/days on a video before it's published to youtube? I'm still gonna watch it on floatplane even though it's sitting in my youtube queue because I get the privilege (yes privilege, not right) of it being ad-free and higher bitrate. I work in TV myself, so I understand the harsh reality of schedules and deliveries... But with nobody to answer to except us (and frankly the Floatplane crowd seem a hell of a lot nicer than the youtube crowd) then I don't think you've got as much to panic over as you think you do. Take it easy - if something's late; then we'll wait. And yeah okay, if all the panic and worry is over meeting advertiser-set deadlines about air dates, then my whole point is kinda null and void, but I figure at least for the sake of the Floatplane crowd (who I hope will back me up in this!) it's worth saying - Don't worry; we'll wait. Much love Sphelx Komodo