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  1. Hopefully we aren't too far away: https://www.shiftnrg.org/ There are multiple other decentralized web projects as well. Their DNS/IP blocking ain't gonna do shit then. They can still ask search engines nicely to comply though
  2. wrrls0

    Age of Empires 4 confirmed! And 2 and 3 remakes

    Its almost like they don't want my money
  3. wrrls0

    Which wifi router?

    Ethernet Powerline Adapters I would suggest the these as I am currently using them due to thick lead walls in an old house. I'd suggest the AV1200 over the AV2000 as I have heard they sometimes have issues with cutting out. The fact that your wired connection to your router is worse than your wired connection to your modem seems to be extremely weird though so you may require a new router either way.
  4. Root it, install titanium backup if possible and take a backup of the ROM. Then install a recovery, TWRP if available as its simple to use. Install custom ROM and Gapps if not already on the ROM. Don't go expecting apps like android pay and pokemon go to work after the root though
  5. I'd embrace going back to the days of decentralised web browsing, but not at the cost of the government spying on everything we do.
  6. How did you obtain the PC, if you were only having a single issue I'd recommend that you sort it yourself, but due to your experience and the multiple problems you're having I'd recommend that you return it (wipe the drive first and re-install winblows).
  7. You Could simply create a Ubuntu bootable media device and choose to test the OS rather than install it, but with a clean install of windows 10 if it still has issues its more likely to be a hardware fault. Normally when its the port it would have a red cross through the adapter to show that its not detected a cable rather than the yellow warning sign. Try replacing the Ethernet cable with a known good one. Also how is your physical network configured? Are you connected to the router using a direct connection or are you using power line ethernet adapters, any smart or normal switches involved? If you have a laptop try plugging the ethernet cable you're currently using into the laptop and see if it obtains and IP
  8. just use -i if you want it to warn you before deleting files.
  9. To me it definitely sounds like a software issue rather than a hardware issue. As suggested previously above re-installing windows would be a good test. Another thing you could do is try another OS like ubuntu and see if the ethernet works under that.
  10. wrrls0

    Poll: Audience Details

  11. Remove your Ethernet driver through device manager. Once you have removed it use scan for new devices (I think its in the action tab at the top). Windows 10 tends to have a pretty good driver store. If it fails to install it automatically and just shows as a yellow warning sign on the driver then follow the link below to download and install the driver: http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/lan/LAN_V20_1_2019_0_WHQL.zip?_ga=2.241193856.387001074.1498116759-1454949626.1498116759 Let us know how you get on. Also if possible check that the cable is fully connected in both the back of the PC and on the router or switch and make sure its flashing either yellow/ orange or green.
  12. while lubuntu is a good choice it recommends 512mb of RAM for something as simple as libre office so running a team speak server may be a little demanding. The only way to know would be to try it though. If you find it is a little too demanding you could try damn small linux. I did a similiar setup around 10 years ago but I have no idea if the later team speak servers will be compatible. Its system requirements are 8mb of RAM so a little less.
  13. Its an IPv6 address that you've been given. I highly doubt your standard router (if you haven't changed it) will be configured correctly to give out IPv6 addresses. Try disabling IPv6 and disable/ re-enable the network adapter: control panel > network and internet > network and sharing centre > Change adaptor settings (left hand side) > locate your network adaptor (most likely the one with the yellow warning sign) > right click and properties > in the box in the middle (should have a scroll wheel) untick internet protocol version 6 and make sure version 4 is ticked > press okay > right click the same adaptor and disable, then re-enable re-run Ipconfig for us and post results.
  14. I use something called servers alive by woodstone: http://www.woodstone.nu/salive/ very good piece of software. Gives a free version for up to 10 monitors (Good for testing it). If you need anymore its relatively cheap when you look at the features it allows, or you could obtain it by other means. It allows for integration into a website built on its own language which is very simple if you want a dashboard to flag you when a test fails. Here is the simple dashboard I use I have cutout a lot of the page due to this being a production environment, but it gives you a good idea of how it can look. It allows for SMTP, SNMP trap, IM (jabber and gtalk) alerts and a few others. You can use it to monitor a whole range of things by default. If you find something that you can't monitor by default you can always use a script to create a file if the thing you would like to monitor drops out and do a check for that file instead. From the screen shots of https://www.nagios.org/ above it doesn't look it is as in depth (with all the graphs and so on) and may be better for windows monitoring over linux, but worth a look into.