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    Tech War III right now... Kaby Lake vs Ryzen!

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    At AMD headquarters bowing to Lisa Su (Actual: Richmond, BC)
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    Ummmm... AMD, AMD.com, r/AMD and PC Building.
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    I like AMD. Yet still rocking Intel processor :P
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    Bowing to AMD

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  1. Why not a Ryzen 5? With a 1400, it can easily fit into the budget, and you would still have room for a pretty satisfactory graphics card.
  2. But, you lose the 6 core and go down to a dual core.
  3. ^^ Go for this. Endorsed by me.
  4. As in, the new bill.
  5. Don't want this to become a politcal disscusion but, I think Obamacare going out will be more expensive. Read the bill. Or watch a video about it, like I did. wat
  6. ftfy BTW which VS are you talking about?
  7. 1700 will blow the 7600K out of the water when streaming and rendering.
  8. 7700 has better gaming, 1700 has better EVERYTHING else. It blows the 7700 out of water in multithreaded tasks like streaming and rendering.
  9. You need to quote people. 1700X. Rebrand of 7700K that's $100 more expensive and motherboards more expensive.
  10. Why Intel i5? Not worth it, even for gaming.
  11. Thanks. PM me.
  12. Even the LTT Staff hate night theme users...




  13. Ok, thanks. What color should I use?