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    Intel Core 2 Duo T8600 -> Intel Core i5-4460
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    MBP 2010 -> GA-B85M-D3H
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    4GB DDR3-1067 -> 8GB DDR3-1333
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    GeForce 320M -> MSI R7 370 2GDST
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    MBP 2010 -> Define C TG
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    240GB SSD + 4TB External -> 250GB SSD + 1TB internal + 4TB External
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    Generic replacement power brick from "Kanadian" -> Corsair CX450M
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    13.3" 1366 x 768 -> BENQ GL2460 -> Freesync 24"
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    loud annoying laptop thing -> Intel stock cooler + 2x Cougar fans
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    Mac keyboard -> Kailh Blue mechanical keyboard
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    K120 -> Devastator mouse?
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    MINISO Classic Over-ear headphones
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    OS X 10.11 -> Windows 10 Pro
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    Richmond, BC, Canadia
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    Pokemon, tech, AMD, amd.com, the colour red, the colour orange, the colour black, pc building, buses
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    I like power supplies and buses.
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  1. Need Advice Building Pc (1000$ budget)

    8700K is tied with 1700 in content creation, with the 1600 being tied with last gen i5s gaming.
  2. NO. Why 1500X? Pretty much no difference from cheaper 1400 with OC. Also fire hazard power supply. To OP: get a higher budget
  3. Transit

  4. 15 days too early man.

    1. JDE


      meh santa hats are nice

    2. ARikozuM


      Doing Movember and I'm about to shave this cactus I call a beard 15 days early. 

  5. Documenting s***posts by me #1


  6. Yeah, just insert them and fire it up it also works with a AMD and a NVIDIA, but driver issues stuff things yeah...
  7. are you not trans now or something?

    1. Implosivetech


      its a long and complex story

  8. PSU Tier List Updated

    It's DC-DC. I'm saying people will confuse it. It's a different platform, but people probably will get confused. Should be changed.
  9. PSU Tier List Updated

    If this is the case, the G should be in Tier 4. Should be changed to "S12II/M12II/M12II EVO" because the S12G exists, which is only a non-modular version of the G.
  10. Don't even try with that PSU.
  11. I've play minecraft on Windows, use unofficial builds of OpenJDK and it's fine for me
  12. Meshify C is made by Fractal, not Phanteks