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  1. Brand new costs still alot around $420, but i've found used ones for around $230~, so probs thats the best option.
  2. Hello guys, i'm interested in VR headset for Boneworks and upcoming Half Life: Alyx, but seems like the headsets goes for fairly high price.. So is there any atleast half decent headset that has dual controllers and is under $200?
  3. I'm just curious how and why the f*** that i7 used to be ~1K USD? +700$ just for more PCI lanes and +32GB RAM support? RAM is worth selling tho, the model is quite decent you should be able to get around $200 for all x8.
  4. Probs we just need to configure Win10 correctly by disabling all useless stuff. I'm also having some issues and i'm not sure if it's Win10 issue, my crappy DRAM-less SSD has slower write than my 5400RPM HDD, OS sometimes hard-freezes during gaming ( didn't noticed it on heavier loads such as rendering using GPU+CPU ) even with stock CPU/reduced RAM mhz ( memtest86 was fine for 7hours w/ 3400mhz, now im sitting with 2800mhz to test if the freezing happens ).
  5. Maybe you know what the reason could be for random Win10 freezing especially when using Discord/Opera Next? The freezing is like the Discord/Opera stops responding for like 5sec i still have moving cursor, other stuff also becomes somewhat laggy for the same ~5secs. R5 2600 @ Stock / 2x8GB 3000mhz @ 3000mhz ( preset ) DRAM 1.35V / 240mm AIO + 4case fans all set to Silent mode / A400 480GB SSD ( very bad write speeds slower than WD Green HDD, read normal ), TX850M With 3.9Ghz @ 1.3v and 3200Mhz RAM preset @ 1.35v i used to have "Hard freezes" under load basically everything stops responding including cursor but sound still goes normally and sometimes it unfreezed after like 3mins, but usually i had no patience and restarted the PC.
  6. Seems like your FPS is locked to 140, what do you expect? If the cap is at 140fps then GPU doesn't push its limits and so doesn't utilize to the max, try to turn off Gsync/vsync/fps limit etc and see what happens. Also R6 isn't demanding game for a GPU, so it's normal to have below 99% usage.
  7. The 650Ti power draw is very smiliar to 1660. I would get new PSU just because the Green label CX isn't very good. 1660 = Max 150W ( PCIe16 - 75W, 6pin - 75W ). i5-3470 = ~96W Max ( w/o OC ) = 246W so there's 184W headroom for HDD/SSD/fans/rgb/usb etc with your CX430 I would go w/ 550W to be safe and to have better efficiency.
  8. Yeah the bottleneck will be huge in some CPU bound games. 450W should be enough. 51W CPU + 120-150W GPU ( both 1060 and 1660 is pretty much same in terms of power ).
  9. Hey guys, so overnight i left rendering some stuff, woken up and i found my PC completely off, then i turned it on to see if it's alive and immediately turned off by long pressing power button. Later i've turned it on and found that all my apps was still open which is bit weird since i pretty much shut down it completely which was supposed to be same as normal restart. Later i've checked the Event viewer and it said the PC went to sleep because it was "idle" which is not true, unless the rendering froze for some reason and it went to idle. Then i checked my power plan settings and hibernation is disabled, so how come it went into hibernate mode ( fans off, lights off )? Hybrid Sleep is allowed, but in hybrid sleep the fans and lights are still on atleast when trying to manually put it into sleep mode by setting all timers to 1min or using the sleep option. Just curious because that was exact same first sign of upcoming PSU death ( finding PC off after leaving it on overnight ) which happened two times in last 3-4months.
  10. Yeah, to me personally i even found it hard to tell differences in HD 598 vs HE4XX even they're completely different cans, the sound profile seemed super close of both, quality was about same too, only later i've started noticing that HE4XX puts out small details better and the bass is better on 4XX and all major differences was in gaming such as more satisfying listening ( less tiring when there's alot ppl shooting at the same time ), way better imaging and soundstage on 4xx.
  11. The cloud 2's is very close to these Custom One's in terms of sound profile but Custom One's imo is superior in every way. Cloud 2 just has terrible treble and positional balance, you probably will instantly sell cloud's after COPP's. And yeah i don't think there's reasonable difference in these beyer models, for audiophiles they might be major but for us we probs would not be even tell which ones is which if blind tested. I would not call myself an audiophile, but here's few things that you would notice immediately with better sound in headphones: clarity/detail, smoothness and most importantly superior soundstage & imaging especially if it's open back cans and overall it would sound more immersive/realistic.
  12. Yeah pretty much same situation here, but we atleast have service that ships stuff from US and it's pretty much customs-free. Anyway im pretty sure they have very decent comfort, currently i use HE4XX with exact same headband and similar but crappy pads and i would say the comfort is on par with HD 598 ( which is btw probs one of the most comfortable headphones on the market ) so these ones should have great comfort too, mby just bit heavier. Also i'm afraid the COPP's are bit worse than DT770 sound-wise, you should've got the Custom Studio which i think is bit better than DT770 250ohm ( it's like all the flaws of DT770 is fixed, but still not rly the DT 1770 level ). However you could probably use the Custom One for a while and return them, then get Studio's or even keep the COPP's if it's perfect also i don't think they all have massive differences
  13. I would've went with this ( probably used since its over budget ) https://drop.com/buy/massdrop-x-hifiman-edition-xx-headphones
  14. Here's sample ( bad mic )https://mega.nz/#!AdRQkKhB!5doQZGAmY...v-ikxYPncKIuRY It's pretty much the same sound that u would hear in electric box etc, just not as "aggressive".
  15. Hey guys, i have TX850M and it makes some electrical buzzing sound, not rly loud but easy to hear, is it normal or potentially faulty PSU? Also my AIO is set to "Silent" mode in bios, sometimes it makes whistling noise, especially like a minute after load or under medium load is it normal?