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  1. Exaco

    Fiio E10K Headphone Amplifier/DAC

    FiiO K3 ( Portable ) is currently probs the best budget dac/amp combo for not so power hungry headphones ( would drive HD650 etc ). DAC-X6 ( Non-Portable ) is the best powerful DAC/AMP combo ( good budget option for Planar headphones and something like DT 770, 880, 990 250/600ohm ).
  2. Exaco

    Best headphones for Music and Gaming

    Imo HD 598SR ( Basically slightly better version of HD558 without foam behind the driver ) or Massdrop HE4XX. HE4XX is better than 598SR ( and better than HD 650 for some ) in every way but amp is a must and after import tax ( if AU has these when buying from US ) it will be way over your budget, probs around $200-230 USD for headphones only and then u will need like 100AUD for amp such as DAC-X6.
  3. Exaco

    The Truth About "Studio" Headphones

    Well he's still miles better and more accurate than the mainstream reviewers such as these tech youtubers or sponsored ones ( probably because they always say only good things even about crappy products ). If you want to see the worst reviewer check out: https://medium.com/@Xander51 ( Some reviews from him is just ridiculous while others is just fine ).
  4. Well it makes no difference anyway, the same official stores uses these OEM keys. The only difference is probably that they get thousands/hundreds of them instead where avg user can buy single key. Also u can even ignore the activation and use the Win10 ( technically legally ) without paying a cent for it.
  5. Why would i do that in first place? The taskbar is awesome! Puts alot of ur currently using shit on it instead of flooding the Dock like in MacOS. Also i bet its possible to get rid of it. "This goes like this Linux > windows > Any other OS > maybe you forgot some OS > mac os" Honestly i agree, but cmon MacOS isn't that bad Linux > Windows > MacOS > Any other non-linux OS. Also idk what u mean by Nvidia bad on Linux, but for some reason many ppl move to Linux from Windows just for the purpose of utilizing all their Nvidia cards. ( Miners, GPU rendering artists etc ). Idk if its the case on this day, but before Windows allowed only 12 GPU's or less, thats why many ppl moved to Linux. Also i've heard that many top level film studios uses Linux and i bet u would find alot of Nvidia stuff there.
  6. Let me counter that.. Why MacOS looks like my iPhone then? I want a fkn computer where i can do anything i want including messing with the OS not a mobile phone on 25+ inch screen. MacOS UI/design is just ridiculous. You remember the BlackBerry OS? MacOS just feels like that compared to android ( as if android were windows ). What i am saying is that MacOS feels cheap and super basic. ( well, maybe thats the point so even my grandpa could use it ). "MacOS is superior to Windows 10 in all ways but specific software compatibility." NO. Have you ever used Windows 10 for longer than 1week? Fun Fact: MacOS even doesn't support the apps that was made for MacOS if its just SLIGHTLY outdated. Fun Fact 2: My friend works with iMac Pro and Maya and he keeps cursing it, because it keeps crashing for no reason, so good compatibility there. Fun Fact 3: Linux is the boss which is slightly better than Windows and miles better than MacOS. About the similarities i don't care, honestly the legendary Windows 7 is garbage for me compared to Win10, Win95 is even worse. "What has windows 10 added that is actually "good" over windows XP?" That would be long list. It's basically completely new OS with some legacy tools left. Imho Windows is like sandbox you can do whatever you can think of and make it function in any way or even completely redesign it to your liking, while MacOS is what it is and ure not allowed to modify its functionality. MacOS dock doesn't even have separator, while mine in Win10 has ( 3rd party app - RocketDock ) and it makes alot easier when you want to sort app categories e.g. internet, softwares, media etc. Dark theme? No problem:
  7. Yes you can, but if its not hackintosh then you simply overpay alot by ridiculous amount - getting less performance for x3 the price. Unless you can live with weak CPU and low amount of RAM ( MacBook ) + eGPU then mby its not that bad.
  8. You don't need the DVD/USB + Support since you wont call Microsoft anyway for helping you to install DirectX or find where Control Panel is. You can get OEM key for like 3-6$ ( which is fully functional windows just has no call support ). @Sauron "As for CUDA, you can do mostly the same things with OpenCL. Not to mention very few editing programs do much with gpu acceleration anyway." For a bigger picture: OpenCL: AMD ProRender ( very few ppl uses ). Indigo Renderer ( very few ppl uses ). Adobe products + anything w/ GPU acceleration ( btw Nvidia also has OpenCL ) Blender Cycles + Eevee ( popular, but not much used in professional works ) CUDA ( Exclusives ) Octane ( widely used ) Redshift ( widely used even in film ) V-Ray GPU Next ( widely used, not as much as Redshift imo ) FStorm ( used mostly among Architects ) DaVinci Resolve ( one of the most powerful editing/compositing softwares since Fusion got introduced, so it basically became Nuke+Premiere in one ). OptiX Denoiser ( very popular, also included in many softwares ). *Upcoming Arnold GPU ( currently its Industry standard imo as CPU renderer, but GPU version is in development ). Anyway there's many Mac users in this industry and almost all of them use Nvidia cards with their MacPro's, iMac's etc.
  9. Get the HE4XX from Massdrop + Amplifier such as JDS Labs Atom or Schiit Magni 3 ( Magni has 2x more power also you could get one of these gaming sound cards as DAC just in case, but i doubt u will be able to tell much difference if any at all ). HE4XX may be better for gaming and maybe for bass ( thanks to planar technology ). You won't really need DAC with 4XX, so amplifier alone will do the job ( especially if you want to use V.Surround ). Sennheiser 6XX is more for music imo, they're more intimate, calming, warmer n stuff, while 4XX is more raw ( better representation of real/original sound ), clearer and has better soundstage which helps for gaming. Many people consider 6XX neutral and 4XX "fun" but i kinda think the opposite, since 4XX is clearly more flat than 6XX. Some material 4 ur own research:
  10. Exaco

    Which headphones.

    I bet Bose QC35 II would be best. There's not much to choose from based on your needs, unless you would go to the IEM/Earbud world
  11. Thats Startup in task manager, just disable all shit u dont use 24/7 and it will be fine.
  12. Honestly i've never seen onedrive notification in windows. Probably thats why ( still takes less time to configure everything than fix MacOS popups )
  13. Tbh i can relate to that these notifications is love/hate relationship ( Discord is most annoying sometimes, just for example while im typing this i got like 30 beeps already ), sometimes annoying and sometimes really useful. Anyway this can be simply fixed by disabling them or partially disabling them based on category. Other than that Windows don't have much of pop-ups at all.
  14. None of these will ever replace 3DS Max, because Max is just superior for some things especially VFX and Architecture. Cheetah3D is something i've never heard about and im pretty sure nobody uses it, otherwise i would've heard about it. Tbh most 3D artists don't even use Windows, they're with Linux including Apple's company Pixar - they use Linux.
  15. Yes, convicing me that MacOS doesn't suck. It's just another type of Android vs iOS or Audi vs BMW.. But honestly i was curious why people use MacOS and what they see in it so maybe i could start using it myself ( a bit tired of using Windows for straight 16years or so just wanted something new, but according to the responses the MacOS didn't got much better ).