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  1. I'm using the RM750 on mine atm. Had it for about 8 months without the first problem.
  2. On a waist level oak table. It's never going on the floor.
  3. There's enough space in the front of the 750D for airflow. My temps inside the case are around 70F. I also have the Corsair H110 installed in mine and it's a 280MM rad.
  4. Yeah I love my NZXT Hue. Looks great in the 750D. No glare with how I have mine arranged.
  5. I love my 750D man. I haven't had a problem with it in regards to airflow. Mine's also a positive pressure system so hardly any dust. Ambient temps in mine are around 70F.
  6. I've tried both and neither worked. Just a strange problem is all. Never had a problem upgrading versions before.
  7. Anyone having problems installing the new iTunes to a windows 7 PC? I haven't had a problem with this before this newest version came out. Anybody? I can give further info if needed.
  8. It only did it for that small period of time. Just got done playing BF4 for a couple hours. and it maxed at 64C.
  9. Also the only thing I've changed is the fan speed profile on Afterburner. It's not OC'd at all.
  10. Hey guys. I have an ASUS GTX 660 in my machine and saw a strange problem last night. The screen was blinking on and off in roughly 5 second intervals. Afterburner showed my temp at around 60, at idle. It stopped after about the 5th time and ran fine the rest of the night after that. Anyone had a problem similar?
  11. Yeah I love my 750D. It's a great case. I have an H110 in mine and the cable management is very nice. With flat black cables it's beautiful.
  12. Yeah I love mine. Can post pictures if need be.
  13. Yeah I have the 750D and love it. The front panel has room on the sides to allow air in through the fans. Runs very cool and my GTX 660 runs at about 25C when the AC is running in my room. Case is amazing.