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  1. Hi guys! As the title says I'm buying my brother's Switch off him. I really want to play Smash Bros Ultimate today so I was just about to buy it in the e-shop when I realised that the game will be connected to his account. And there's the problem. Basically I've been googling for an hour or so with no results on how accounts and digital games work. My brother has both Rocket League and Mario Kart 8 del. and I want to have those games linked to my Nintendo account too. The only 3 solutions I can think of are: 1) Changing his Nintendo account's email to mine and basically taking over his account. But that would mean I'd have to delete that email from my own Nintendo account which I have other things on. 2) Find some way to transfer those games to my Nintendo account and create my own user on the switch itself linked to it. 3) Creating a new email address exclusively for that account. I'd like to hear you guys' opinions on the topic. Quick answers would be appreciated because like I stated earlier I really wanna start playing smash.
  2. So we have a 2 tb WD Mycloud NAS at home that we store all our family photos and videos and I've recently been thinking about moving a part of my game library there. The problem is that I can't access it in the Network-part of my files. I used to be able to double-click on the icon and find a bunch of folders like: Photos, videos, other. However now I'm just redirected to the Mycloud website where they offer me to store my files in the cloud ,but I want them on my local NAS instead. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if anyone knows how it works. It seems to me that MyCloud has seen a quite recent update and no longer functions like it used to. Hopefully my explanations are understandable and I appreciate all responses Thanks in advance!
  3. To clarify I'd like to point out that I'm at the moment using 2 adapters. 1. NTSC to PAL 2. RCA AV to SCART Btw, it still doesn't work if I plug everything in to the front RCA AV connectors either
  4. The TV in question is a sanyo ce21a2 and upon reading the reference manual (the first result on Google) I found that it supports colour systems: PAL, NTSC 4.43, and N.A.P (NTSC Amusement by PAL). I'm assuming that my GameCube dol- 001 (Japanese) is outputting a NTSC or N.A.P signal that my TV can read, but not those exact ones. Or maybe it is, as demonix00 said, that the colour can only be displayed through SCART and that the 3rd party adapter I have isn't sufficient enough. I'm guessing there isn't much to do really, seen as there can't possibly be a way to know if the signal is NTSC 4.43. But I'm still confused that the converter didn't work anyway considering that it should be changing the signal to PAL which my TV should recognise anyway. Do you have any solution ideas demonic?
  5. Hi again guys! The converter didn't do the trick and I'm still without colour. Can someone please try to explain to me how I get a Japanese GameCube to work on a Pal TV? Thanks again
  6. Thanks guys for the confirmation. I'll try that. Appreciate the quick response Merry Christmas!
  7. So I'm having some troubles with a GameCube that I bought recently. It is a Japanese GameCube (NTSC) and has a NTSC analog cable that connects to my old PAL-TV (I live in Europe). I've bought two games, but they only play in black and white; in other words without colour. I'm wondering if this is because the rgb signal from the NTSC GameCube isn't being correctly read by my PAL-TV. Can someone teach me how this works and if there is a solution? I was thinking of getting a NTSC to PAL converter, but I'm a rookie in these waters and I want to know what I'm dealing with. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks a lot, I realise that. Thanks for the quick replies and all the advice. I just downloaded and ran malwarebytes, things look fine. Looks like the gods gave me a second chance
  9. hold on. I managed to get into my downloads folder and delete the zip and the extracted folder. the message has stopped popping up now I now have access to my desktop. I think it might be gone!
  10. I can try, what do you want me to so exactly? it might take some time
  11. Otherwise I guess the only thing to do is to reinstall windows through safe mode. Right? Also, I never allowed the program to make changes on the computer. It must be my school then. Can a virus encrypt a hard drive even though it hasn't been opened. Sure it was unzipped, but it never ran
  12. it says that I can choose other settings, should I do that?
  13. where do i find the key. It says key-id: and then a long sequence of numbers and letters. I cant type letters, only numbers. It says: more information on how to find your key can be found on: go.microsoft...
  14. it says that its protected by bit-locker, what is the bit-locker key?