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  1. Thank you for the confirmation I have been wanting.
  2. go big or go home. Price isn't the issue. It's whether I should suffer the lack of free-sync for better performance.
  3. Buying two of them was an impulsive buy kinda. Literally no games I play support crossfire. I wasted my money. So undervolting would lead to better performance? I'm unfamiliar with this.
  4. I am looking to upgrade from two rx 580s to a single vega 64 or gtx 1080. I can get a gtx 1080 cheaper right now on newegg than a vega 64 card, and it has better performance (in most cases). However, I am rocking two free-sync monitors, one being 144hz. Is it worth losing the freesync for the better performance or should I pay a little more and get worse performance for the free-sync capability?
  5. ended up being a driver issue. AMD driver's drive me (no pun intended) crazy.
  6. I tried and nothing changed. I will say now that I am getting at least half a second of smooth picture on the display and then it freezes for about a second and then continues.
  7. So I recently purchased the MSI optix G24C monitor off of Massdrop. After mounting an adapter for a VESA mount (which Massdrop said it natively had and is a whole other issue) I plugged the monitor in to the wall and into the display port on my MSI Armour Rx580 8gb graphics card. It went through the motherboard logo fine and booted into windows. This is where the problem begins. Now, my other monitor and my new G24C are expiericing insane jumpy ness or lag, whatever you want to call it. I’m talking like peaking at 1fps and showing a frame an average of every 2 seconds or so . It doesn’t go away. Even after I manage to type in my password and look at my desktop, it still lags like crazy. Here’s what I know: it’s not windows lagging but it is a windows problem. Just based on how the computer is running I can tell that it isn’t windows just running slow. I managed to open CPU-Z (which is really hard) and everything looks normal. After booting into Linux Mint, the issue goes away. Also, and most notably, if I unplug the new monitor and just run on my 34” Acer ultrawide, everything is smooth. Yes, I have my display drivers updated. I was running an Asus 24” 1080p 144hz G-sync monitor with the 34” ultra wide and it worked fine. Also, if I run just the new monitor by itself, it has the issue. I went into Radeon settings and nothing looked out of the ordinary. I just don’t know what to do and I don’t think Massdrop will accept a return Specs i7-7700k AsRock z270 killer 16gb Corsair vengeance 2400mhz 2x MSI armour rx580 8gb in crossfire 850watt EVGA fully modular psu I boot off of a 120gb PNY ssd Personally I believe it is an issue between some windows driver and the monitor but I don’t know what to do.
  8. Ok thanks, what an educational experience. My guess is that we will probably go with the i7 now and then I can say I told you so if Ryzen Hype turns out to be true.
  9. Confusing me right here. From my quick internet search, IPC just appears to be some sort of behind the scene process and in that case, wouldn't more cores mean a better IPC?
  10. So you think Ryzen would be a better option for a strictly VR PC?
  11. I am in a class at school the deals with a wide range of technology subjects and we recently received a grant to purchase a grant to purchase an HTC Vive and build a custom PC. This PC will be used to run a few VR apps that are educational and can be used in the classroom so no games and all of this will be on the HTC Vive. Some members of the class and I made a list a few months back listing all the computer parts that we would purchase but since Ryzen and Kabylake just came out, it was outdated. As we updated the list I suggested one of the new Ryzen processors instead of going with a 7700k since I know the performance of the new Ryzen processors was quite adequate compared to some Intel CPUs (Note that we do have a limited amount of money so keeping the cost down with performance is key). When I suggested this I was quickly turned down because of a various number of reasons some I didn't fully understand and didn't want to debate to sound stupid. Some of the reasons include: the school would image the computer and it apparently would not work with the AMD CPU since all other CPUs in the school are Intel, Intel processors had more IPCs which is apparently key when it comes to VR games, all games were designed for Intel processors so they could be glitchy and crash on AMD, and also there is a stigma among the members of the class members when it came to AMD because their friends had AMD rigs and they were very unreliable. I assume that the one member of my classroom that was heavily arguing me on this had yet to look at the specs of the new Ryzen processors and was just set in his ways. I do not have a preference for either or mind being wrong on this issue but I want to pick the best CPU that will preform best and last for a long time for the purpose we need it for and I don't have the technical knowledge to really prove anything sadly. So are these reasons valid and Intel's 7700K is a better choice and should we stick to that processor or is there a better option? Thanks for enlightening me with your knowledgeable responses Also, it might be helpful to say that we are using an 1070 for our GPU.