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  1. Ive been using this mouse for about 4 months now and everything was fine until one day the scrollwheel stopped working. Middle button works okay. First I thought that something broke inside or something like that. But when looking thru CUE I noticed that if I force update my mouse firmware it works for ONE scroll only. Same goes after a restart. I can scroll once, thats it, stops working afterwards. Tried different ports, reinstalling CUE, updating. Nothing works. Any Ideas?
  2. I thought the same, that both layouts come together.
  3. Just disabled it with some adding/removing slovenian input methods. Im pretty sure it will come back after a restart,because I recall doing the same last week and still got it. Weird AF.
  4. https://imgur.com/a/6sy7j see, there is 2 swedish, one with a swedish layout, another with slovenian.
  5. https://imgur.com/a/4JrtK In the corner you can see slovensk(slovenian) and svensk(swedish) but in the control panel it does not show up, even if you go to advanced swedish it still says swedish as the only input language.
  6. Problem is , there is only swedish and english, there is no slovenian swedish.
  7. Hello. For some reason everytime I restart my computer I get an extra keyboard layout. I have english and swedish, and then out of no where comes swedish with slovenian layout. How do I turn this off , because it is quite annoying to scroll thru an extra layout with shift+alt. Any ideas why this is happenening?
  8. So shall I upgrade my CPU first or the GPU? I feel like my CPU is more outdated than the GPU. Also I can get 1060 3gb version for the same price as the rx480 4gb. Which would be a better option?
  9. The AMD thing was fishy, but it was more on MSI I believe. When looking into forums I found that a lot of other MSI 270x's died an early death. Anyways, I just don't think that AMD cpu's are that good, I might be wrong. But at this price range, about 300$ (without mobo) is there anything AMD can give that is a good opponent?
  10. Would my 960 run games at decent frame rates until next year fall? I am playing only 1080p, as I do not see a reason to upgrade my monitor as of now. Also, any MOBO's, is the z170 pro gaming good?
  11. I am currently running AMD athlon x4 760k and a 960. I'm looking into getting my CPU upgraded. Looking into i5 6600(k). Was wondering if it is worth doing with the 960, because lately I'm seeing less and less FPS in newer games. Any other suggestions? Also would like a MOBO suggestion besides the CPU. Preferring Intel, as I lost my trust in AMD when my 270x died 1 day after warranty. Also, would I see an improvement by upgrading? Just noticed a sale in my local shop: ASUS z170 Pro gaming + 6600k for 400$ , which is a good deal(note: Prices in Sweden are higher)Thank you.
  12. Read a couple reviews on both of these headsets and cant really tell a big difference. My Siberia v2 right side just died today, looking into something that is under 100$. I found these 2 to be the best options. Is there anything that differs them besides the design? Or maybe some other suggestions?