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    Programming, PC building
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    I'm currently studying computer programming in a vocational program, and I am extremely interested in PC building as a hobby!


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    Sandy Bridge i3
  • Motherboard
    Some Intel Desktop Board
  • RAM
    4GB DDR3
  • GPU
    Intel Integrated
  1. I found an i7 on craigslist for a decent price, and I'm thinking of picking it up. Right now I have some Intel desktop board that has a Sandy Bridge i3 in it, but it has the same socket as this i7(which is an Ivy Bridge). Can I use it in this board? (Speccy screenshot below for the board)
  2. You should probably go with a new laptop- im sure theres an i3 laptop in that price range thats respectable (or maybe even an i5 one)
  3. Definitely not the oldest, but I have an old Dell Dimensions rocking a P4 and 1.5 GB of ram. Theres an Nvidia card in there but I have no clue what its called. I also have an old laptop that has some single core Athlon- an Acer one- that I repurposed into a linux based gaming box running Batocera. Old PCs facinate me, tbh.
  4. Uh...no. No it doesnt work like that. The PC and PS3 are two totally different things, running on totally different processor architectures, etc.
  5. We're all pretty advanced in the HTML5 family as-is(honestly not that hard imo, I'm certified in it already), so he wants us to try out some of these to help us easily make sites when we need to. I still like doing it myself in HTML/CSS/JS, but I see the value in trying out builders. I hope Django will end up being worth it, cause its been a pain so far >>;
  6. Do you guys think Django is a good platform? I have to code a site using something like Wix, Weebly (etc), but my software teacher said if we want to use something more advanced Django was also an option. I've never really touched Python before, so I'm slowly trying to understand it. Is it going to be worth it- is Django any good?