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  1. Mautobu

    BYO....Chair? and other BYOC questions.

    @CPotter Thanks man
  2. I've got a Herman Miller Aeron and I'd like to sit on it for the whole weekend as I'm old and have a problem with a lot of chairs. Is it cool to bring our own chairs? I reckon it'll make moving my PC a lot easier too, since I can just sit my gear on top of it. I imagine alcohol is not permitted on-site. Any suggested late night hangouts nearby where (adult) nerds can get a drink? As long as we're responsible, are we allowed back on-site after consuming these tasty beverages? Peripheral registry is not a thing from what I understand from the LTX stream posted on floatplane. Is there a bag check where I can temporarily leave my gear while I explore the exhibition floor, so I don't have to lug my gear around? Are there antivirus requirements so I don't get a bug while I'm at the LAN? I couldn't connect my ticket to my dreamhack profile when I first bought it. Admittedly, I haven't tried again since. Is there an estimated date for a fix on that? Where is the LTX 2019 questions megathread? @CPotter please.
  3. Mautobu

    Where is everyone staying? Looking for places.

    4 of us went for an AirBNB about a 20 minute drive from the venue. $230 altogether for 2 nights for a 1 bedroom.
  4. Mautobu

    What rig will you bring to the LAN party?

    HP Mini 311 with NVIDIA ION.
  5. Mautobu

    LAN party pc storage

    PAX, and I assume other larger BYOC lans, have a bag search and peripheral registry. Your mouse, headphones, etc are all tagged with serialized stickers when they go in and only come out with proof of ticket or whatever.