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  1. Boeing planes don't drop below 7c
  2. At 35,000 feet air pressure is 23.591 kiloPascals, for water to boil at 7c (cargo hold temp) the pressure would have to be 1 kiloPascal, the plane would have to travel at 120,000 feet for water to boil at 7c. No man made plane has made it past 75,000 feet.
  3. The Noctua is ball bearing based, it could be bad lubrication. You can use sewing machine oil to fix it. Also, don't forget, your also have a fan on your GPU and PSU.
  4. Good luck!
  5. So, remember gasses compress/decompress, liquids don't (technically speaking). Most airline passenger planes cargo holds do not get pressurised, so at 35,000 feet gas EXPANDS. Now in an AIO you would hope that there is very little air in the loop, so it should be safe enough to transport. It depends on what sort of tolerances there are. The plastic tubing should also be able to expand very slightly if things get a bit bloated. Technically speaking there shouldn't be too much of an issue.
  6. Three, I am with Three yes
  7. I have Unlimited Voice, Unlimited Texts and Unlimited Data for $41 USD (here in UK) + EU roaming that uses my UK allowance
  8. Fair enough Lol, Youtube Conditioned me into thinking we they say WE ARE LIVE, it means they are live on youtube.
  9. They have? The "WE ARE LIVE" confused the hell out of me, never seen them using that title
  10. Yeah I just realised that, confused the hell out of me, a teaser on YouTube for another site... ugh
  11. Is this an error? EDIT: I completely missed the point of that video, is this a teaser? How confusing.
  12. Bears have NOTHING to do with Furries. Bear cubs, are younger bears. Did none of you get your information packs upon joining the homo ranks? Sheesh, i need to check in with the council. Type Build Hair Age Example Celebrity Notes Otter Thin or athletic Lots Any age Scott Caan Part of the extended bear community Wolf Lean, muscular Semi-Hairy Any age Joe Manganiello Sexually aggressive; Silver or grey wolf is an older wolf Bear Big, often with a belly Lots Any John Travolta Very masculine Cub Husky Lots Young or younger-looking Jack Black Sugar cubs and muscle cubs are sub-types Chub Real big Maybe Any John Goodman Distinct from bears Pup Slender No Young Joe Jonas Energetic, cute, and naive Bull Super-built Maybe Any Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Twink Slender No Young Justin Beiber Self-centered, usually between 18 and the mid-20’s Twunk Muscular but slender No Young The muscular version of Beiber A more muscular Twink Gym Bunny Sculpted Maybe Under 50 Shemar Moore Fitness associated with gym, not sports Jock Muscular and athletic Maybe Any David Beckham Fitness is associated with sports Gym Rat Very lean and well-built Maybe Any Addicted to working out
  13. Those are names for body/personality types and sub cultures of gay men. Have nothing to do with the Furry kingdom.