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  1. Creating a program to send me tracking updates

    Like this? https://www.parcelmonitor.com/ or https://www.aftership.com/ (it's paid but there is a free tier)
  2. LGBT community

    Ouch. I have those hours when a big project comes on.
  3. LGBT community

  4. Show off your setup!

    Nice! That cave looks cosy!
  5. sub forum request for old hardware and software

    I need help with my papyrus and quill ....I think there are compatibility issues.
  6. Show off your setup!

    Made a little VHS B-Roll of the build:
  7. 1050ti will be marginally better than the CPU as a GPU renderer.
  8. Confidential CPU

    Review samples are actually better than retail usually.
  9. LGBT community

    I think im bringing Electro Luminescent wiring back. Just moded my case with it
  10. Show off your setup!

    Bought some electro luminescent wire and modded the case Think it looks even better now!
  11. LGBT community

    Um .... er ...... sure ... you know how insurance works, right? Low risk and high risk pools that balance each-other out? You get a lower premium as a low risk pool member, sure sounds great on paper, the fact is, you are still paying for other peoples healthcare. Your money doesn't go into some secret bank account only available to you when you get sick. When you get sick and need healthcare, everyone from the other pools pays for it .... it's an illusion of choice. Greatest con in history. I have attended 7 fintech and instech events recently as my company does AV stuff for them ... it's all about profit.
  12. Thanks! Been suing it for a week almost now .. love it. The video thumbnails are great too!
  13. LGBT community

    That's because its an extremely racist secular country. Islamic, Hindu whatever if your skin aint alabaster white you dont belong. Islam and terrorists has nothing to do with it.