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  1. Hello all how are you? I am a bit stumped here as I applied liquid metal (thermal grizzly conductonaut) and changed out the thermal pads to .3 FujuPoly Extreme pads. I used acrylic conformal coating and super 33+ tape so I do not believe there is a short as i double checked with a black light to make sure that everything was protected before i put on the tape. This worked fine originally but, I was worried that .3 would not be thick enough, so I opened up the laptop again, and applied the same type of thermal pads but a 1.0 on top of the .3. After I did this the laptop would boot up fine but after 10 min or so it would freeze up and I would have to reboot, however, temperatures are fine. I got worried that maybe 1.3 was too thick so I am waiting on .5 pads, I regret second guessing my self. Also, only half of the keyboard is lit up, but the ribbon cables look tight. Any ideas on what could be going on?
  2. Wow thanks for the fast replies. I have an idea could I use one drive for Windows and one drive for Linux. I’m taking a class and I and it would be helpful to run the m.2 as Linux. I believe the laptop is just one screw to open up the back so even if I had to manually take out a drive for this idea to work that would be ok. However is there a way to run two separate OS on the two different ssd and choose what ssd to boot to?
  3. Hello I am buying a new laptop (dell i7577) that has a primary SanDisk X400 128gb m.2 and a crapy hhd. I have a evo 850 1tb ssd. My question is what drive should be my primary if I’m looking for speed when it comes to gaming and general snappyness. From the specs it looks like the m.2 is slightly faster but the evo has RAPID mode. Any suggestions? Thanks