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  1. Yep, when they stop the fight because you're up against the ropes and not blocking the punches, that's not a fix. That's literally the rules of boxing.
  2. It's the water that's already in the river plus the rain that's not just falling in Houston but from everywhere upstream as well.
  3. World of Warships is mighty keen
  4. The Living Daylights and probably From Russia With Love are my favs. Moonraker is good for a laugh, along with A View to A Kill. By the way you forgot The Man With the Goldengun on your list, not that it's a particularly good movie or anything just thought I'd point that out.
  5. Probably Mayweather will win but I don't care, they're both garbage human beings.
  6. What like $55,000 CASH? Are you nuts?
  7. If you own a lambo there's a 100% chance that you also have a micropenis.
  8. We got about 99.4% coverage where I'm at in Eugene OR. Work had a big party and we sat outside to watch it. This is the only picture I got but it's the most lit eclipse photo on this thread so far IMO.
  9. I believe the filter you mentioned in a circular polarizer and no unfortunately that won't be sufficient for safely viewing the sun.
  10. I doubt it'd harm your lens, but it might burn your shutter. I also wouldn't look through the viewfinder as that would definitely cause some damage to your eyes, especially since Vancouver isn't in the path of totality.
  11. Goodwill, St Vinnies, Ebay all day, amazon marketplace maybe. The usual places you might buy old things.
  12. If it's a 100% total eclipse, you can look at it with the naked eye no problem but you have to be careful to look away or put on your eclipse glasses before the sun pokes out from around the moon or your retinas will get fried. If it's anything less than 100%, even if it's 99%, you need to wear the glasses the whole time because the bit of the sun that's poking out is not bright enough to cause you to instinctively look away but it is certainly bright enough to cause retinal damage. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, we'll be having 99.4% coverage here and I've already got my eclipse glasses. Btw, if you don't already have a pair then good luck finding any.
  13. Generally yes with some exceptions. For instances in the United States naturalized citizens can run for Senate or Congress or any position really except for the Presidency because there's a constitutional requirement that the US president has to be born a US citizen. I have no idea how it works in other countries though.
  14. I see copies of Need for Speed 1-3 all the time at goodwill and flea markets for like a buck.
  15. PS3 is a pretty solid blu-ray player and it's got a solid back log of games that you can get for next to nothing.
  16. Correct. 80 refers to the combined number of protons and neutrons. Strontium has 38 protons and in the case of this particular isotope, 42 neutrons.
  17. I liked the Witcher 3 a lot but there was one thing I had a big issue with. The witcher contracts felt like a waste of my time. The idea of accepting a contract to figure out what kind of beast is tormenting a village and finding a way to kill it is a pretty neat idea, it seemed like a good way to add some optional puzzles into the game. Having to use some detective skills to piece together a crime scene, etc. In practice though they all boil down to this: turn on the witcher senses, follow the footprints until you find blood or something, Geralts' inner monologue he has throughout the game will tell you exactly what kind of monster you're dealing with and then he'll mention exactly how to kill it, you do that thing and it's done. Collect your money and move on. Zero thought involved.
  18. Crime has actually been on a steady decline since the mid 80's. I think the perception is that it's increasing and that there's a pedophile on every street corner. Besides that I think most kids these days would rather just play some dumb game on their iPad rather than go outside.
  19. I will never buy an Alcatel phone ever again in my life, worst smart phone I've ever owned. To be fair though I think they're dead and gone already anyway.
  20. Read a book. Maybe day drink. Eat a sandwich or something so you don't pass out from hunger before the mail man comes.
  21. Cheeseburgers. As for Canada, I dunno, poutine?
  22. Why do you care what other people think of your thermos habits? You do you booboo, fuck the haters.