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  1. Best way I found is to have both cards in but set my initial output to my RX 580 as if it's 1080ti I wont be able to get to boot menu and then just swap the display port cable over between the cards I want to use
  2. For playing games in Windows? Its too much effort to take the gpus outs but it all works if I just swap over the Display port cable and Catalina not sierra
  3. Hi Has anyone got any ideas how I will boot using my 1080 ti and RX 580 in windows and RX 580 for Mac OS? I am able to boot with both installed but 1080 ti just shows a bunch of error logs and RX 580 I am able to login. Should I just run another cable from my primary monitor to my RX 580 or are there any tweaks I can do do even get a basic output from the 1080 ti XD
  4. Just been thinking to do this with my UNRAID NAS, I have full 10Gbps networking through SFP+, however all the games will be stored on platter drives, which will only allow for 100MB/s-120MB/s total speeds on either 5400rpm/7200rpm.
  5. Hi Is there any markets in Kuala Lumpur that sell used PC parts like YongSan Electronics in Seoul Korea. I know that Low Yat Plaza has lots of new pre built things but I am looking for individual parts like Graphics Cards and CPUs. Thanks
  6. Okay so I might have sorted my issue a bit. Ram was not set to 3200mhz, uneven mounting pressure on cpu caused high temps randomly and overclocked to 3.8ghz gonna give that a go then tighten up timings etc
  7. Okay so just checked temps cos last time I checked they where like 40c but now i'm getting over 100 when I overclock so I think I need new thermal paste same stuff since I got the CPU
  8. How do I watch videos on YouTube then if the GPU my monitors plugged into is disabled?
  9. That's crap... makes more sense to render on the GPU that the display is plugged into to me.
  10. Hi all... I have a 1080ti & a RX 580 in my rig AMD for my Hackintosh but when I am in Windows I want to use my RX580 to play YouTube videos and stream my 3 CCTV cameras on my two seperate monitors and my 1080ti for when I want to play games, however I have noticed that when playing games my FPS is hurt and I am using a 120hz 1440p ultrawide and not hitting 120fps. I have tried settings on low and don't even get 120fps. Could it be my CPU I have a Ryzen 5 1600? I can see in task manager that both GPUs are working. thanks
  11. Good point there, everyone has unlimited in the UK so I don't realise.
  12. Hi I've worked out a simple way to record your Nest Cam locally without incurring extra fees through Nests subscription service. The only thing I think it would be better with is splitting up video files into 4gb ones or something similar. What you will need; Web Browser to see source code, VLC. Alternatively you could do it on a Virtual Machine on your Hyper Visor of choice, for me it has to be UnRaid. Make your camera shareable publicly, Navigate to the public link for the camera, View the source code of the camera's output stream (or use the Inspect Tool and click the video), The URL you want will look like this "", Go to VLC Go to "Tools > Preferences (Ctrl + P) > Input / Codecs > Files" and set your save location HDD or NAS, Click "Media > Open Network Stream (Ctrl + N)", Paste in your link from before > Click Play, The video window will now open so you need to Click Playback > Record. Another issue is the Video will write to the save location and won't be playable until you stop and start a new recording. If anyone can aleviate any of the issues let me know and I will edit accordingly.
  13. Would this idea work with my server? With a NVME to PCIE x1 adapter in the server.
  14. Actually this riser possibly has everything that I need?
  15. I can swap the riser to a thunderbolt 3 riser easy. Then the issue is thunderbolt to pcie?!?!?