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  1. you dont HAVE to, but the ones at the top are very important because of you cpu cooler's weight
  2. i personally LOVE the dark rock 4, and its more then enough for the 2600. personally i have the dark rock 4 pro on a 2600x, and peak temp on prime95 is about 65c with xmp at full throttle
  3. weight smaller than 15,6 inch shouldnt be an option without a dedicated GPU. i do not have any links
  4. Well, since a dedicated gpu is not nessesairy (rip english) i would like it to be light and last atleast a 8 hour work day, mainly office and 2d cad
  5. Would like to know this aswell. Could i be tagged in tge answere?
  6. Hello LTT bloggers, I am looking for a laptop with thunderbolt 3, that supports external graphics, that has a great touchpad, is not apple, maximum 15.6 inch, has the looks to be used in official high up meetings, and a processor that has a minimum of either 8 threads or 6 cores. I want to be able to connect it with only the thunderbolt 3 cable on my desk. But i cant find anything like that thats sold in the netherlands! Any advice?
  7. no problem. you can "safely" run 230v 16A over a 3x1,5^2mm line, so less then 1A at 12v should be absolutly fine.
  8. really could be anything that uses power now.. hard one. maybe the mobo or the ssd. what about the bios? how are the temperatures?
  9. when does this happen? immediatly after pushing the power button or just after some time? do you have a seperate psu you can troubleshoot with? bios reset/flash?
  10. Well.. just got my 2600x. Holy shit. Playing far cry 3 (yes 3) it just boosted all the way to 4.5GHz STOCK. On a 120mm, 35 euro AIO.
  11. asuming you have a RGB header on your motherboard, just any strip that fits there, like from cablemod
  12. does not really matter for the 1050ti. i allways look for a card with 2 fans, because 2 slow fans are more quite than 1 thats fast
  13. 1050ti, because the 2gb of vram of the 150 will be obselete in a few years
  14. hi a ssd has nothing to do with your gpu. a ssd is MUCH faster than a HDD, and will strongly enhance your load times. for the i7 4790, i would reccommend a gtx 1060 6g or a 1070.
  15. in my oppinion you should get a 1060 6G. it will be bottlenecked, but with a future cpu upgrade (what you WILL need) it should be at its top performance. also check the second hand market, maybe you can get a 1070 for the 300 bucks (in the netherlands its possible)
  16. when you bring your pc to factory mode, you can choose to wipe all drives. bios updates will not be affected. windows automatically downloads almost all drivers you need when you "look for updates" in the settings
  17. coil whine mostly occures in a specific range of power draw.. its different for every unit
  18. 80+ gold and 5 years warrenty, could be worse could be better. if you find it for cheap i would say go for it
  19. sounds like coil while. maybe in your 5v passive rail?
  20. i went for the entho pro m TG special edition. imo its by far not as good, but when the p350x is available here i will change it up.
  21. you should apply a little bit of silicon like others say.
  22. only thing i worry about is that 450w psu. it sure is enough, but some headroom wont hurt with such pricy components. as for your question, yes 3x 1080p will work just fine. a 1070ti can drive 4k quite well, wich is 4x 1080p when looking at the amount of pixels. you may want to look up triple monitor support for your games tho