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    gaming, anything physics and Chemistry related, biology (so mainly science in general) boats. lots of boats.
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    born 25th of March 1999 in Amsterdam, living in Heiloo, North/Holland, the Netherlands.
    male, doing a bachelor marine officer. want to got onboard of any cruise ship/multy purpose vessel
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    currentle working parttime in a supermarket and doing a fulltime bachelor


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    AMD Zen Ryzen R5 1600
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    ASRock AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX CMK8GX4M2A2133C13
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    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 WINDFORCE OC 3G
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    Thermaltake CORE V1 (custom painted)
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    Samsung 960 evo 250GB + 1tb WB Blue (raid)
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    BitFenix Whisper BWG850M
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    Benq XL2720Z
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    AMD Wraith Spire
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    Cooler Master Masterkey Lite L set
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    Cooler Master Masterkey Lite L set
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    custom 3.1 setup
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    Win 10 Pro
  1. How big of a capacitor to use in my cpu socket?

    Too bad about the caps.. i think you are right. I allready have the replacement socket, so i'll try to find a motherbord with just a screwed socket, and intact caps. Thanks for the reply!
  2. How big of a capacitor to use in my cpu socket?

    thats the problem. ceramic capasitors like these small ones are not labled and undocumented by the manufacturer (MSI)
  3. How big of a capacitor to use in my cpu socket?

    meh, i'm talking about the very small ceramic capacitors that are inside the LAG socket. they're size 0805 (2.0x1.3mm) and dark brown.
  4. How big of a capacitor to use in my cpu socket?

    yes indeed. but my goal is to succeed haha. i'll look into a capacity meter, one that can measure such small capacities
  5. How big of a capacitor to use in my cpu socket?

    how would i kill myself..? its not like a power supply or something. the reason the socket was taken off, is because too many pins were bend, and the other owner wanted to replace it. too bad he f*cked up. really no danger by doing this. its low voltage, small capacity. if i would be opening a psu, sure. but snall SMD's like these are not a bit dangerous. maybe to swallow.
  6. Crystal 570X fan setup

    the commander pro is for fans and rgb.
  7. heyhello, i got my hands on a free motherboard, with a missing cpu socket. now i can replace that, thats not the problem. the problem is, that the previewous owner moved a lot of the ceramic capacitors in the middle of the (LGA1150) socket. a lot are missing alltogether aswell. i dont have a capacity meter, how can i know what capacity capacitors i must install? i know one a bit different isn't that bad, but in what range should i be? i am experienced with microsoldering, replacing is no problem. best regards
  8. Crystal 570X fan setup

    i would say 3 in the front, and when you have the money 3 more in total
  9. New build, need help with components

    i would go up for a dark rock pro 4 with that overclock.
  10. Upgrade cpu or gpu

    Upgrade cpu, 100%. You're on a very old platform now. Newer cpu architectures and faster ram on a newer, more stable motherboard with possibly a newer psu would help you significantly
  11. 650 watt is plenty... i think it might indeed be your motherboard.
  12. At first, the obvious, did you reinstall your drivers? Is there a active overclock?
  13. VR headset or 3x curved monitor?

    Heyhey Motion sickness is not a issue for me. I am just looking to see what gives the best experience. Ill go for 3 (or 4, one on too) curved monitors, since multiple people will use it. Ill go for a 1080ti (or 2, if sli scaling is okey ish) Will be sick
  14. VR headset or 3x curved monitor?

    Hello dear people of the forums, I am buiding a VR racing simulator with my father and we're not sure if we should choose a vr headset or 3 curved monitors. Money is not that much of an option, since we'll just save up for it. We'll mainly play F1 2017. What kind of resolution would you sudgest for the monitors? What VR headset would be the best option? We will be making and welding the simulation chassis ourselfs so that will be okey. Also, does anyone know how well F1 2017 scales in sli/crossfire? Of will a 1080Ti be enough to run 3 1440p ultrawides?
  15. if all you do is gaming, get a 8600(k) or 8700(k). will almost definantly perform better in games, unless games are suddenly optimized for more than 6 (hyperthreaded) cores