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  1. Well this seems like an terrible way to screw someone’s huge storage. 46mb to over 4 petabytes! https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/597vzx/the-most-clever-zip-bomb-ever-made-explodes-a-46mb-file-to-45-petabytes
  2. Malak

    GPU issues on Gigabyte Aorus b450 M

    Thanks for the reply! I’ve reset the bios a few times already... no change. As for the integrated graphics, I was under the impression that the 2600x doesn’t have them. What should I look for in the bios for that?
  3. I've just built a new system, but there's a weird gremlin somewhere in the works that I just can't seem to get rid of. Parts list Mobo: Aorus B450 M CPU: Ryzen 2600x RAM: Aorus 3200 mhz 16gb SSD: M.2 Crucial MX500 GPU: GTX Titan (From like 2013 I think) The mobo has two PCIE slots, 1x16 and 1x4. If the GPU is seated in the x16 slot, the system boots, but doesn't output to the GPU. If it's seated in the x4 slot, the system boots, but I lose physical access the the USB 3.0 header on the mobo, as the GPU is kinda long and I assume, I lose some performance from the GPU, I guess...Maybe? Would this be something weird with the M.2 SSD taking up the PCIe lanes or something? Any advice about how to get the x16 slot working with the GPU would be greatly appreciated! I've had a bit of a fiddle around in the Bios, but all I really managed to do it make the who system fail to see the SSD.
  4. Malak

    Small Form Factor build

    Yeah... I know Ill probably end up with an MSI Mortar and a Ryzen 5 or something... they're pretty cool and the extra fan headers will be good for my cooling system..
  5. Malak

    Small Form Factor build

    I know... but RGB...
  6. Malak

    Small Form Factor build

    But it's dying now and I use it for work pretty much everyday
  7. Malak

    Small Form Factor build

    I have a hue+ But I want lighting on the board... i dunno why... just RBG forever!
  8. So, my 4 year old PC is dying and I'm hoping to replace it with a RYZEN system... As the PC sits in my living room and is part of the decoration, I must RGB EVERYTHING!!! I'm also super restricted in terms of space, as I live in a tiny flat in Hong Kong... So its gotta fit in my Thermaltake Core V21... So, as far as I can work out, there are essentially NO AM4 motherboards with proper RGB board lighting, in the m-atx form factor, other than maybe some BIOSTAR thing that I really want to stay away from... On the other hand, I can walk down to the shops and pick up the ASUS STRIX z270 board and a Core i5 7600K... It'll cost me about USD 100 more, but I REALLY wanna go with the RYZEN just for a change... How come its taking so long for motherboards to come up to fit the AM4 socket? Its driving me nuts!
  9. Malak

    The Water Cooling Gallery

    Soooo... My first ever attempt at a water cooling loop... I'm dubbing it 'The Communist'... Its a lot of red. Utterly pointless as my cpu isn't unlocked, but a great learning experience! i54570 gtx Titan Generic Asus mobo Generic RAM Cheap pump/block/ reservoir/radiator/fans I got from Chinese EBay (taobao) Built in my Core V21
  10. Malak

    Automated Expedia/Kayak Search

    I gave up on Python... I think scrapy + beautifulsoup might do the job, but it's so hard for me to get my head around the steps... I've managaef to get vba to open a bunch of instances of ie and then through scanning the HTML, find the data I want... now im trying to get it to populate an excel spreadsheet... its not elegant, but I think it might work...
  11. Malak

    Automated Expedia/Kayak Search

    Thanks! I'll see if I have any success...
  12. Malak

    Automated Expedia/Kayak Search

    Ahhh...That sucks.
  13. I've got NO idea how to code, but I want to know if something's possible...and how hard it would be. The question is gonna seem weird, but check it out and let me know...please... While searching for flights for my coming xmas vacation, I searched for RETURN flights from Hong Kong to Prague, and got quoted HKD$3600. I then searched for MULTI-DESTINATION Kuala Lumphur -> Hong Kong a couple of months before then the same dates for Hong Kong -> Prague -> Hong Kong.... It quoted me HKD$4500. Big deal, right? You pay HKD$1,000 for the KL-HKG flight... But the issue is the airline... That first quoted price is on Aeroflot (Russian Airline) and the second price is on British Airways. If I search just for HKG->PRG->HKG on British Airways on the same dates, its like HKD$5,600 per ticket. So, by starting the trip in Malaysia, I end up on (in my opinion at least) a nicer air line, with a quick weekend away in KL for less than the price of the return ticket. The issue is, its a pain in the butt to try and cycle through a bunch of cities around Asia in expedia/kayak searches, trying to work out which combinations end up with the best prices. Is there any way to write a program that could run searches and keep track of the results, if I input a bunch of destinations?? If not, how would I go about writing one? I kinda tried using VBA with excel, and managed to get IE to open, but it wouldn't fill in any of the search boxes and I ended up with a massive migraine. Any ideas?? Thanks!
  14. Yah... he's like 6... so Lego batman??
  15. Thanks guys!!! Looks like I'll put it on eBay and build a whole new system then... I'm gonna scrap my old i5 4570( I think) and do a ryzen build for myself... so he might inherit my i5 when I move architecture. I'm based in Hong Kong, so the New Egg prices don't quite match up... but they're close enough I think. If anything, stuff is actually cheaper here... Again, thanks for the advice!!